5 Backyard Projects to Get You Ready for Summer Entertaining 

Summer is the season for outdoor entertaining. From porch hangouts to dining alfresco with your family, turning your backyard into an outdoor oasis is a fun and exciting project. The more stylish and comfortable it is, the more time you’ll want to spend out there. If your yard could use a few upgrades, check out these backyard projects to get you ready for summer entertaining. 

1. Add a Patio

If your backyard is currently filled with grass, building your own patio is a simple way to create a seating area. Bring elegance to your backyard with natural patio stones or stone pavers. It’s a great way to upgrade and enhance your outdoor space, even if you have a small backyard. Once the patio is in, you can add pieces like an outdoor sofa and chairs to make entertaining a breeze. 

2. Build a Pergola 

You can never go wrong with a beautiful pergola. Not only does it add a focal point to your yard, it also provides shade on sunny days. A pergola creates a perfect space for a dining table and, if you’re handy, they’re not too complicated to build yourself. Make sure to pick a plan based on your expertise. Once the pergola is up, add plants or flowers for enhanced beauty.  

3. Plant a Vertical Garden

Got a green thumb? If your yard is short on space, try your hand at the vertical garden trend. Planting upward allows you to have fresh herbs, stunning plants and all different types of flowers. A vertical garden along your fence will bring more life to your backyard and provide a fun visual statement for your guests. All you need are potting soil, seeds, and some beautiful planters, and you’re good to go! 

4. Roped Outdoor Ottomans 

If your backyard is in need of more seating space, use old tires and ropes to make stylish outdoor ottomans. Wrap the tires in rope to make a seating surface, then coil rope around them for a nautical look. This project also allows you to recycle tires that may be taking up space in your garage.

5. Outdoor Light Poles

If you’re going to be entertaining when the sun goes down, consider installing outdoor light poles to add a touch of elegance to your backyard. It’s as simple as placing wooden light poles in planters and hanging string lights across your yard or patio. You may choose from plenty of lighting styles to give your yard a charming and comfortable feel. Consider accenting a seating area or outdoor dining space. 

As soon as the temperature warms up, get going on these backyard projects so you’re ready for summer entertaining!