4 Ways to Refresh your Home Exterior for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to welcome family and friends into your home to celebrate the season and make cherish memories. Here are four ways to add some holiday flair and refresh your home exterior, increase your curb appeal and get ready for the entertaining season:

1. Clean Your Home Exterior

Before you put up the Christmas decorations, clean your siding and windows to make your home exterior sparkle. We recommend washing your vinyl siding with mild soap and water and a soft cloth or long-handled, soft-bristled brush to keep it looking its best. When you clean your windows, don’t forget the exterior frame, sash tracks and screens

2. Make Repairs

Your home exterior protects you and your family from the elements. Ensure you make necessary repairs to your siding, gutters, roofing and decking before the first snowfall. While cleaning your home exterior, check for telltale signs your siding needs to be replaced such as rotting and peeling boards. You may consider upgrading your siding in the new year. In the meantime, repair your siding and fill in any cracks and gaps.

3. Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting 

Now that it gets darker earlier, reconsider your outdoor lighting, which can add safety, security and ambiance to your home. Ensure all bulbs are working and you have enough lighting near high-traffic areas such as paths and stairs. Then light up your home with twinkle lights this holiday season. Use affordable backyard string lights to enhance your patio or al fresco dining area. Drape string lights over a pergola or along garden walls to create a luminous and magical canopy that can be enjoyed year-round.

4. Revamp Your Front Door

Make a great first impression when you welcome guests into your home this holiday season. Repaint your front door and swap out the door hardware for an easy DIY project, or replace your entry door altogether. Equip your home with smart technology by installing a smart lock, a touch keypad, and a doorbell with a built-in camera. Hang a festive wreath to add the finishing touch.