4 Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Now that summer has arrived, get in early to boost your curb appeal and prepare your outdoor entertaining area for the warm months ahead. Here are four tips to help get your yard summer-ready:

1. Clean Your Home Exterior

Get the biggest tasks out of the way first and clean your siding. Check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to determine if pressure washing is safe. Otherwise, wash your siding with mild soap and water using a soft cloth or gentle brush. Then, clean your windows inside and out, including the frames, glass, sash tracks and screens.

2. Refresh Your Deck

If your deck looks worn after winter, give it a clean and consider refinishing it with paint or stain, if applicable. Take this opportunity to upgrade, beautify and maximize your deck this summer. For an easy upgrade, add shade, string lights and planters. If you don’t have a dedicated area for summer entertaining, complete a backyard project this season and build a pergola, which can suit any size of yard.

3. Spruce Up Your Front Entrance

Breathe life into your front entrance with new planters, a summer-inspired doormat and new lighting. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint for a quick and easy seasonal upgrade. If the front door is in direct sunlight, choose a lighter shade of colour. If not, go all-out with a trendy black.

4. Clean Outdoor Surfaces

Pressure wash brick and stone paths and patios to make them look new. Cut back any overhanging foliage from high-traffic areas. Don’t forget to rinse down your outdoor furniture, and take advantage of the sun for a natural air dry. 

With these four tips, you’re well on your way to enjoying an outdoor summer. Escape from the heat when you head back inside and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient windows and doors.