4 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal This Spring

Spring is here! Now that the weather is warming up and the snow has melted, it’s time to get outside and freshen up your home’s exterior. Here are four ways to enhance your curb appeal this spring and attract attention for all the right reasons.

1. Renew Your Landscaping 

Winter can take a toll on your lawn, trees, and garden beds. Plant colourful perennials and annuals for bright blooms through summer. Trim and shape bushes and hedges, and define your garden beds with fresh mulch or stone borders. Remove any dead tree branches to minimize falling debris in the coming months. Keep your front lawn looking vibrant and fresh with fertilizer and lawn seed. 

2. Upgrade Your Entrance 

Make your home more inviting with entrance upgrades. If it looks dated, consider painting or replacing your entry door for added style and insulation. Lay a new stone or paver pathway that leads to your front door. Redecorate your front porch with seasonal planters and a decorative door wreath. Add front porch seating with bright cushions and throw rugs. Consider the latest exterior colour and siding trends if you plan to upgrade your siding

3. Clean Your Siding & Windows

Give your home’s exterior a spring clean by rinsing your siding to keep it looking its best. Most siding can be hosed down and cleaned with mild detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and water.  However, it’s a good idea to first check the manufacturer’s recommendation. This is also an excellent time to inspect your siding for signs of damage. Additionally, clean your windows inside and out to make them sparkle. Don’t forget to clean the window frame, sash tracks, and screens, as well as the glass. 

4. Install Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting can enhance the security and style of your home. Illuminate your front path, driveway, and steps for increased visibility. Highlight unique front yard features with landscape lighting. Add a floodlight or sensor light to brighten your home and deter unwanted guests. Add trendy lighting to your front porch that suits your personal style.