4 Tips for Planning Your Spring Projects Before the Snow Melts

Winter is the perfect time to start planning for warmer months ahead. While you’re stuck indoors looking out the window at the frozen landscape, start thinking about what you want your home to look like in the spring. Your yard is likely the largest space on your property, and it presents an opportunity to emphasize your home’s charm and unique style. Follow these tips to help plan your spring projects:

1. Assess Your Current Landscaping 

As the weather permits, take a walk around your property and note what you like and don’t like about the space. Decide what you would like to achieve with your facade and landscaping. Do you want more exterior space to relax and entertain? Do you want to make your home stand out by giving your exterior a refresh? While many spring projects may be purely ornamental, use this assessment to determine the need for upgrades to your siding, windows or roof.

2. Consider Your Budget 

Setting a budget can help you reign in your spring wishlist by knowing what you can afford. Are you hoping to make minor changes that can be completed yourself, or do you need a professional to complete a larger overhaul such as replacing your siding? If you have the skills, completing DIY projects will save you money. Have a precise figure in mind for your budget and know your limitations so you can move on to the planning stage. 

3. Prioritize Your Projects

List your desired projects in order of priority, and be realistic of what you can achieve. Landscaping can be done in stages over a couple of months, while other projects, such as repainting your exterior with a new colour palette, can be done within a week. You may consider something as simple as adding a water feature and plants that provide privacy, or perhaps you want to add a backyard pergola or incorporate stone into your home’s exterior–both of which are projects that require more resources. Determine your must-haves and work within your budget, in terms of cost and time. 

4. Do Your Research 

With any project, it pays to do your research. Understanding options and relevant information will help determine what products, plants or brands you want to invest in. Consider the ongoing maintenance your spring project may ensue, from weeding to siding touch-ups. Ensure you know what times are best for the plantings you want to incorporate into your outdoor space. Visit your neighbours and ask them about their landscaping and recommendations.