4 Tips for Planning your Home Exterior Projects in 2022

With the new year comes new home exterior trends and projects. Whether replacing your siding or installing new windows, take the time to plan your home exterior project thoroughly to help meet your deadlines. Hit those dates and achieve your goals by following these four tips:

1. Get in Early 

Plan your exterior home project well in advance and consider how the weather may impact your installation. Use the Gentek Visualiser to help choose the right siding, doors, windows, and colour palettes for your home. Once you have selected your products, place your order as soon as possible to avoid delays.

2. Obtain Accurate Data

The saying, “measure twice, cut once,” should apply to every project. Ensure you have accurate data, the required amount of materials, and access to the current pricing. Order extra material to help prevent slowing down your project unnecessarily. 

3. Choose the Right Contractor & Supplier

Hire the right contractor for the job and invest in brands that have your best interests in mind. Choose a leading contractor who will be your direct contact for updates on supply and product availability. Your contractor will be realistic about what is achievable within your timeframe and provide insight into additional costs you may incur. A project manager can then help your project stay on track and within budget. 

4. Break Up Your Project 

If you want to undergo a large-scale project such as replacing your windows, consider completing the exterior project in stages. Start with the front of the house for instant curb appeal, then gradually replace the windows on the remainder of your home. With this method, your budget will take less of a hit. Alternatively, if you want to start small with a significant impact, upgrading your front door is a great place to start.