4 Tips for Keeping your Home Warm this Winter

A warm home is essential to keep you and your family comfortable and sheltered from the cold during the winter months. Keep your home warmer this winter and save some money with our helpful tips that focus on four essential areas.

1. Heating System & Air Flow

Replacing your air filters regularly will help improve air quality and create a more efficient heating system during the winter months. Enhance the flow of heated air in your home by ensuring furniture doesn’t block air vents. For optimal energy efficiency, most HVAC professionals recommend setting the thermostat to 20-22°C while you’re home and reducing this to 16°C while sleeping or out of the house.

2. Windows & Doors 

Apply new weatherstripping around doors and windows where you can feel a breeze to create a tighter seal. Alternatively, if you have the budget, invest in replacement vinyl windows and doors, which can help keep the heat in and the cold out. Gentek Regency 400 Series replacement windows maximise energy efficiency and have an insulating air space between the glass panes that serves as a thermal barrier.

3. Attic

Heat can escape through the roof of your home. Sufficiently insulating your attic can help prevent costly air leaks and winter ice dams from forming on the roof, and it can help provide year-round comfort while saving you money on electricity bills. It can also prolong the life of your HVAC unit as it won’t have to work as hard to warm your home.

4. Siding

If your siding needs to be replaced, consider investing in insulated siding. Compared to traditional vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding has an additional layer of rigid insulation permanently adhered to the product that provides thermal protection. This extra insulation layer fights thermal bridging by blanketing the outside wall studs, which account for 25% of heat loss. While insulated vinyl siding has many benefits, its energy-saving technology can save you money and make your home feel warmer.