4 Siding Trends to Spruce up Your Home in 2022 

Boost your curb appeal in 2022 with the latest siding trends. If your home exterior requires a facelift and you have the budget to upgrade your siding, incorporate these four trends to draw attention for all the right reasons. 

1. Eco-Friendly Products 

Reduce your carbon footprint with environmentally conscious siding. You can determine if a siding product is eco-friendly due to its recyclability, locality, and energy efficiency. Vinyl siding tends to tick the boxes as a sustainable building material that can be recycled. Otherwise, fiber cement is made from recycled materials and consumes fewer resources than some siding alternatives.

2. Must-Have Colour

Spruce up your home with the top four exterior colour trends for 2022. Neutral and organic colours are on-trend, influenced by major paint brands’ colours of the year. Alternatively, add timeless sophistication with greys and whites with black accents. Add depth by contrasting light and dark colours from our monochromatic and dramatic colour palettes. Use bright accents to make a modern chic colour palette pop if you’re feeling bold. 

3. Steel Siding 

In 2022, steel siding will get a category of its own, recognized for its superior durability and sustainability. Plus, steel siding can work as a powerful shield to protect your home. Quality steel siding offered by Gentek has the added benefit of beautifully replicating wood. 

4. Mix and Match Siding 

Create a unique facade using different styles of cladding. Blend colour, texture, and board widths to add interest and appeal to your home. Achieve this look with a mixture of board and batten, Longboard premium soffit and siding, and stone veneer. ALIGN Composite Cladding is also a great choice to achieve a wood-like appearance without the maintenance of other siding options.