4 Reasons to Choose ChamClad Siding for Your Home

Add a modern touch to your home exterior with Canadian-made and designed ChamClad Siding and Soffit. Here are four reasons why you should consider ChamClad specialty siding for your home: 

1. Eco-Conscious Beauty 

ChamClad is an environmentally responsible product made from 100% recycled rigid PVC and is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant. Choose from a variety of realistic woodgrain, metallic, solid, and anodized finishes with a V-Groove or U-Channel to transform your architectural design. 

2. Strength & Durability 

ChamClad panels are lightweight while maintaining rigidity and strength. This specialty siding product is resistant to warping, scratches and graffiti. A UV protective coating helps prevent discoloration and fading, and our extensive fire testing ensures the highest level of fire protection.

3. Maintenance Free

Unlike some siding alternatives, ChamClad is a maintenance-free product with minimal upkeep, saving you time and money. The water-resistant surface removes the risk of bacteria and mould. Natural rainfall will help keep ChamClad looking its best. 

4. Easy Installation 

ChamClad Architectural panels are easy to install due to their lightweight design, including hidden fasteners and a clean finish. No special tools or caulking are required. 

Exclusively distributed by Gentek, ChamClad is a versatile product that can also be used on internal walls and ceilings for a stunning visual effect. Reach out to one of our leading contractors to add ChamClad to your home today.