4 Reasons Modular Homes Are Gaining Popularity

Nowadays, it would be difficult to identify a modular house in a lineup. Modern-day modular homes are custom-made, factory-built, delivered to the lot in pieces and assembled on a solid foundation. As a result, modular construction provides several benefits. Here are four reasons why modular homes are gaining popularity in Canada:

1. Construction Costs

Today’s modular homes offer an affordable alternative to building a traditional house. Less labour, time and material waste all contribute to reduced construction costs. Modular manufacturers will often purchase materials in bulk, further reducing costs.

2. Timely Construction 

Due to a controlled environment, prefabricated houses can be built faster than stick-built homes. With no risk of weather delays or supply issues, the installation and assembly process for modular homes can be done in weeks compared to months, enabling homeowners to move into their new homes sooner.

3. Design Flexibility

Modular house plans can be fully customized to your preferences, enabling you to design a home that best suits your needs. Modular homes provide flexibility to enlarge rooms or add space. You will often have the choice between standard or premium building materials, from siding and energy-efficient windows to countertops and plumbing fixtures.

4. Quality Control

Modular homes offer a hassle-free build thanks to the ability to control materials, labour, cost and timing. The quality control of modular homes is easy to maintain within factory settings equipped with precision technology for durability and consistency. 

If you want a custom home, consider the benefits and ease of building a modular home. Gentek Canada is a proud partner of Quality Homes. Gentek’s Sequoia Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding is offered as an exterior finish on modular factory-built Quality Homes in Ontario.