4 Design Trends to Incorporate in Your New Build or Renovation

In 2022, home design embraces nature, functionality, and sustainability with the homeowner’s comfort in mind. If you plan on building or renovating this year, consider these four design trends to redefine your home. 

1. A Connection to the Outdoors 

After spending more time at home for work and school, it’s never been more important to unwind and disconnect. Create calming environments with increased natural light, ventilation, and plants. Install patio doors to open up your space and create a seamless transition to outdoor entertaining. 

2. Materials & Colours Inspired by Nature 

Incorporate a natural element into your new build or renovation. Use wood as a feature in your entrance or on a large scale, such as siding. Stone veneer is another excellent way to add a rustic feel. Take inspiration from 2022 exterior colour trends and choose natural hues of grey, yellow-brown, green, and blue for your home. 

3. Multi-Functional Spaces 

Home offices are a huge asset in 2022. If building a new home, dedicate a room for an office free from distractions. You can create office space at home in many ways, from converting your garage to building a modular backyard studio. While a home office can work as a multi-purpose room, your backyard can also serve as a multi-functional space that enables you to entertain and unwind outside. Create more outdoor spaces for these purposes and build a pergola, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. 

4. Sustainable Design

Sustainability should be at the forefront of your build or renovation. Make eco-friendly decisions that benefit both you and the environment. Vinyl siding is a sustainable choice, available in multiple colours and finishes, including simulated wood grain. Choose ENERGY STAR certified products and take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Grant. You could get reimbursed up to $5,000 when you purchase qualifying windows and doors.