3 Spring Landscaping Ideas for People Who Hate Gardening

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about bringing your yard to life. Landscaping can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to go all out to up your curb appeal. If your dream yard consists of more than just healthy green grass, use these easy spring landscaping ideas to enhance your yard without the fuss.

The main goal is to spend less time working on your yard and more time relaxing in it. Even if you hate gardening, there are still ways to elevate your yard in a low-maintenance way. Add simple landscaping that compliments your exterior and makes heads turn.

Here are 3 spring landscaping ideas for people who can’t stand gardening.

1. Use Mulch to Add Colour

If you want to add colour to your yard, but don’t want to plant flowers, mulch is an excellent option. It’s one of the simplest ways to add colour, texture and contrast against a green lawn and is easy to put down and spread wherever you see fit. It’s low maintenance since you don’t have to mow or water it, and you only need to replace it come spring.

Mulch comes in an array of colours, from coffee bean, to cedar-toned, red, black, and gold. Choose the one that fits your home best and watch as it enriches your landscape. Plus, it will fertilize your plants if you choose to grow any, reducing weeds. Keep in mind, you should keep it away from wood and siding since it can rot wood and attract insects. Or, if you choose to put it up against siding, make sure you have a siding such as Gentek’s Sagiper siding that is impenetrable to insects.

2. Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is one of the simplest landscaping tasks there is and it will keep your yard looking lush for years to come. Once you’ve planted your tree, the upkeep is very minimal and it’s a great way to add dimension to your home exterior.

There are plenty of trees to choose from; the key is picking a tree that adds interest to your landscape with colour, shape and texture. Try a Kwanzan flowering cherry tree, red leaf Japanese maple, or a crape myrtle to check off all three.

3. Add Potted Plants

Potted plants add versatility to your yard without the hassle of gardening. They make your landscaping much more low maintenance, and are an easy way to add pops of colour to your outdoor space.

Choose pots in different sizes and colours to compliment your home exterior. You can move them around depending on what you have going on in your yard. Throwing an outdoor soirée? Move your plants to the patio so your guests can enjoy. If you want easy landscaping and aren’t fond of gardening, use these 3 spring landscape ideas to add dimension and versatility to your home!