3 Siding Colour Trends to Help Attract Buyers

There’s no doubt that curb appeal can help your house stand out from the crowd. While the condition of your siding and the efficiency of your windows can pique buyer interest, siding colour can help make your home look more inviting and appealing in-person and in listings. Here are three siding colour trends to consider before putting your home on the market:

1. Neutral Colours 

Light, organic, and neutral colours are often favourable in the housing market and are on trend in 2022. A neutral colour palette will make your home look modern and welcoming and enable the prospective buyer to visualize the house as a blank canvas. Stick to soft, warm earthy tones such as light brown, beige, and green to appeal to a broader audience. Organic colours also pair well with natural textures, such as wood and stone. 

2. Bright Colours 

In the right neighbourhood, bold colour can work in your favour if it compliments the colour schemes of homes in your surrounding area. While bright exterior colours can be striking and add a splash of personality, they are not for everyone. A good middle ground is a brightly painted front door for big impact that takes minimal effort to fix if it doesn’t match the new homeowner’s style. 

3. Black Accents 

While dark exteriors are trending in 2022, we recommend keeping dark shades to a minimum and using black accents instead. Pair black accents with white siding and soffit for a clean and modern look. Keep the new homeowner in mind, as dark shades will require more effort to paint over if they decide it’s not for them. 

View our inviting siding colour palettes and combinations for your home with the Gentek Visualizer tool to improve your curb appeal and help attract buyers.