2021 Exterior Home Trends

There’s nothing more exciting than a home renovation. Whether it’s a few small changes or one major remodel, an updated exterior breathes new life into your home. Every year new trends hit the scene, allowing you to choose new styles, features and colours that will take your home up a notch. While it’s a good idea to stay away from trends that you may regret in five years, some looks are the perfect blend of trendy and classic that will ensure your home stays in style for years to come. Take a look at 5 exterior home trends that are taking over in 2021.

1. Dark Accents

Going bold with your exterior is definitely in for 2021. The move towards darker, more dramatic exteriors has been growing over the past couple years, with completely dark facades taking on a life of their own. If you’re not ready to commit to a fully black exterior, consider a lighter exterior with dark accents. White siding with black window frames, charcoal roofing, and dark doors (front and garage) will add a touch of drama while still looking modern and sophisticated. 

2. More Windows 

Windows can make a major difference to your curb appeal. Investing in new windows, or adding more windows will not only elevate your exterior, but brighten up the inside of your home as well. Adding extra windows will modernize your home, making it look trendy yet classic. If you decide to add new windows, make sure they match your original architecture. This will ensure they look like they were always meant to be there.

3. Add a Pergola 

Adding a pergola to the front of your home adds instant charm and curb appeal. Not only does it provide shade, allowing you to spend more time outside, it’s a great way to give your exterior a facelift without doing much work to it at all. Attach a pergola to the front of your house, extending your living space and serving as the perfect transition between inside and out. It will help define your patio area, giving you a beautiful space to enjoy. 

4. Statement-Making Garage Doors 

Garage doors are no longer an afterthought, sitting on the sidelines while the rest of the home stands out. If you’re planning to replace your garage doors, it’s time they make a statement. Look for quality garage doors with architectural details like windows and paneling. Choose a style and material that complements your home and consider a contrasting colour from your siding if you really want your doors to make a statement. Don’t forget garage door accessories like lighting and hardware for stylistic finishing touches. 

5. Straight Lines Over Curved Ones

In 2021, curved lines are heading out the door, while straight lines make their way in. While arched windows can still look great on certain homes, switching them out for straight-line windows will instantly modernize your home, ensuring it stays on trend for years to come. 

Ready to bring your home into 2021? These exterior trends are modern yet classic to ensure your home looks amazing now and in the future.