2019 Decor Trends That Are Still In 

With every new year comes new trends in home design. Subway tiles and exposed lighting were some of the top trends in 2018, whereas 2019 was all about velvet furnishings, copper accents, and palm imagery on walls. The good news is, homeowners who remodelled based on many 2019 trends can give themselves a pat on the back, for they won’t have to think about changing their home decor any time soon.

See this list for five decor trends from 2019 that we’re happy to see stick around.

1. Layered Landscapes

Attractive landscape designs focus on scale and height of different items you’re trying to assemble. Beautifully landscaped gardens feature tall plants in the back, medium height plants in the middle and low-lying varieties in the front. To create a layered landscape inside your home, use the garden analogy. Look for a standard seat height of 18”, look for accent tables and lighting that scale to this height of seating. Include tall lamps that actually shed light upon the space, taller cocktail tables and bookshelves that add to a heightened and well-layered environment.

2. Natural Textiles, Natural Everything

2019 decor trends featured a lot of textures that emphasized the relationship between nature and humankind. Massive plants in the interior, forest green tones for interior and exterior paint, exposed wood in furniture, and emphasizing daylight that make it feel as if we’re bringing the outside in. Natural textiles were also very popular last year. Textiles such as wools, linen, alpaca or cotton, are all healthy, cleanable and more sustainable items, as we start to see a shift away from items such as leather.

3. Geometric Patterns

When layering patterns in your space, it’s best to combine prints in different styles and scales. Patterns can really set the tone of the room, so you want to make sure your colour motifs are on point. Geometric patterns on accent pillows, throws, and small walls boost visual interest, surprising and delighting homeowners and guests that observe them in interior spaces.

4. Bold Patterned Backsplashes

When remodelling, homeowners often prioritize certain rooms and spaces that they use the most often. That is why year after year, homeowners remodel their kitchen to suit their lifestyle and stay on top of the latest design trends. One of these latest trends is to use a boldly patterned backsplash to make more of an impact in your kitchen. Bolder colour choices and graphic tiles will make your backsplash pop!

5. Custom Oversized Nightstands

Design trends in 2019 featured the return of custom oversized nightstands, as larger headboards also made momentum back into homeowners’ bedrooms. Sticking to trends of minimalism in your interior, oversized bedside tables provide lots of storage assistance for all of your clutter and also help create balance with the dominating headboards.

Try some of these trends and you’ll be surprised by their ability to turn simple ideas into timeless and tireless items in your space.