2018 Home Exterior Trends You Should Know

The exterior look of your home is just as important as the interior design. You want to make sure your exterior looks welcoming, has beautiful curb appeal and makes a great first impression. Keeping up with home exterior trends ensures your home’s continued value and guarantees you’re prepared if it suddenly comes time to sell.

The new year is always a good time to make changes and renovate your exterior to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. This year calls for personality and customization, while keeping practicality and durability in mind. From blending textures to colour trends, natural finishes and large, gorgeous windows, here are the five 2018 home trends you should know.

1. Go Bold with Colour

Bold and dynamic is the way to go in 2018. Think: contrasting, yet complimentary colours such as a white trim like Gentek’s Ice White, a navy blue siding like Gentek’s Old World Blue, and red door in a shade like Burgundy. Make your exterior unique, so it stands out to friends and passersby. Create a mixture of similar light and dark shades and choose an accent colour to make your home pop.

2. Durable, Sustainable Siding

The siding you use on the exterior of your home should be stylish, durable and low-maintenance. Fiber cement siding checks all the boxes, and comes in an array of colours and textures so you can get the look you want. It’s sleek, strong and non-combustible, and will elevate the exterior of any home.

3. Blending Textures

While texture has been a big trend in the interior design world, it’s now extending to the exterior as well. Use contrasting textures to create a dynamic look for your home. You can blend siding of different widths, or use different styles of the same siding to enhance the textured look.

4. Natural Finishes

An authentic, natural approach to building materials is making big waves in 2018, so you can get the natural look without heavy paint and eco-unfriendly materials. Gentek’s Sagiper siding offers the look of real wood, while being highly durable, and resistant to UV rays, water absorption and humidity.

The Dizal siding also provides the look of real wood, using state of the art high-definition inkjet printer to create photographic reproductions of textures and colour variations onto a heavy-duty aluminum panel. While real wood is hard to maintain, these options can give you the look you want with materials that are extremely low maintenance.

5. Large Windows

Large windows look beautiful and let tons of natural light in, which enhances both the interior and exterior of your home. Your living and dining areas should have lots of natural light, and big windows are key to making this happen. Whether you want vinyl windows or aluminum windows, check out Gentek’s selection to find large windows that will compliment your home and give you an exterior look you love.

If you’re looking to upgrade your exterior in 2018, try these 5 tips to elevate your home from the outside in.