10 Ways to Transform Your Patio



As we make a beeline into summer, plans for hosting outdoor gatherings are high on everyone’s mind. Not to mention creating a backyard oasis to spend the sunny days. And what better way to celebrate summer than with an upgraded patio?

Take a look at 10 ways to transform your patio this season!

1. Patio Door

The right patio door adds elegance and style to your outdoor living space. Gentek supplies an array of garden patio doors to elevate your space and bring your patio to the next level. Create a seamless transition from the indoors out for a gorgeous transformation.

2. Update Your Materials

Change things up by updating your patio materials. It’s important they’re durable and weather resistant to withstand every season and still look amazing come summertime. One great idea: Install some new siding on the back of your home exterior to create a new look and complement your backyard patio.

3. Change the Colours

Your patio can easily be transformed with a new colour palette! Painting your patio (or parts of it) is a simple yet impactful way to make your patio look like new! Gentek carries Dulux, colour match exterior paint, available in their most popular colours. This way you can match your exterior home accents perfectly to your Gentek siding!

4. Tier It

A two or three-tiered patio is a great way to make a statement. Each level can serve a different function, from entertaining to cooking to dining. Use patio furniture to create the divide and add landscaping to each level for a more enhanced style.

5. Add an Island

Have you ever thought of adding an island to your patio space? It’s a great way to bring the indoors out and create a budget friendly eating area for warm summer nights you can’t help but spend outside.

6. A Pretty Pergola

If you want to transform your patio into a secluded getaway, add a pergola. A pergola adds charm and style to any space while keeping your patio private. It provides shade and relief on hot summer days and you can add a string of lights to brighten up your patio at nighttime.

7. Exterior Windows

If you have a gorgeous patio, not only do you want to be able to see it through your windows, you also want exterior windows that compliment it. From Regency windows to Amherst windows, Gentek offers an array of gorgeous windows with minimal upkeep so you can flatter your patio in the most stylish way.

8. Plants

Plants and flowers are another simple way to change up your patio with a big impact. Adding greenery can take your space from boring to luxurious in a matter of minutes. Whether your patio vibe is bohemian, Moroccan, Oriental or zen, the right plants will enhance and transform your space.

9. Patio Furniture

If you’ve yet to invest in patio furniture, just wait until you see how it transforms your space. When choosing furniture, decide what your patio will be used for most (reading/hanging out, eating or entertaining) and pick patio furniture in line with its biggest function!

10. A Little Pop Goes a Long Way

Whether it’s with your patio furniture, flowers, deck or railings, add a pop of colour to transform your patio. Especially if you have a simple black, wood or white patio now, a pop of colour here and there can go a long way!