10 Pergola Ideas for Shade (And Flowery Beauty)

Love the idea of a pergola but stuck on how to incorporate one in your yard? Don’t fret! We’ve compiled ten pergola ideas to add shade, character and beauty to your backyard space! Whether you love to entertain, relax or cook in your yard, here’s how to add the perfect pergola for your lifestyle and home design!

1. The Sitting Area Pergola

Having an outdoor sitting area is the dream, but when the sun is beaming down it can be hard to sit outside for too long. Combat the sun’s harsh rays with a gorgeous pergola that will make spending times outdoors much more enjoyable.

2. The Garden Pergola

If you love gardening and want to show off your green thumb, a garden pergola is a gorgeous way to do it. Whether it’s a walk-through garden or a garden with a seating area around it, a pergola is a great way to compliment it.

3. The Pergola Bench Swing

A bench swing is a charming addition to any yard. Up the charm even more by installing a stand-alone pergola bench swing to shield you from the sun on bright summer days. It will be the perfect spot to relax and read or catch up with a friend.

4. The Kitchen Pergola

Whether you have an outdoor kitchen or have always wanted one, a pergola is a great way to provide shade while you’re cooking. If you love to entertain and have room on your backyard patio, an outdoor kitchen island with a pergola attachment is perfect for you!

5. The Mini Pergola

Not all pergolas have to take up a ton of space. If you like the idea of a pergola for shade, but don’t want such a big structure on your patio, a little pergola above your patio doors offers shade for your windows and doorway. Plus, it adds personality and charm!

6. The Relaxation Pergola

If you’re craving a shaded area to relax in after a hard day’s work, and want to make sure it’s as stylish as it is functional, create a relaxation space with a pergola in your yard. Add in some chairs and deck out the pergola with beautiful flowers and vines for the ultimate shaded space.

7. The Classic Pergola

Another option is a pergola that stands right up against your house to not only provide shade for your patio, but also block the sun from shining in your windows. This pergola design doesn’t have to be permanently attached to your home, but it’s a classic look that offers style and function.

8. The Entertaining Pergola

For those with a large backyard, you may want to add an entertaining area to your vast space.  A large pergola is ideal if you’re planning on hosting parties and family events. Whether it’s a barbeque or cocktail party, your backyard will be everyone’s favourite summer hangout!

9. The Firepit Pergola

Put up a pergola around your firepit to enhance the charm of your outdoor retreat. Add big comfortable chairs with throws, and string lights around the perimeter of the pergola to make the space even cozier.

10. The Garage Pergola

If you don’t have room for a pergola in your backyard or on your patio, but still love the look, consider installing a small pergola over your garage. This will add character to your home and allows you to add even more flowery beauty to your exterior.

A pergola is one of the best ways to add personality, shade and style to your home. Use one of these ten ideas if you love pergolas as much as we do!