Window colour decided on Gentek’s Iron Ore


Jason asks:

We are building a new home and have already ordered our window colour which we decided on Gentek’s Iron Ore. We were also thinking of using Iron Ore for the Eave’s, front door and garage. Do you think Gentek’s Windswept smoke board and batten style siding would be a nice contrast? The front lower third will be a natural stone with grey highlights and we are thinking of doing a natural wood stain for the front porch posts.

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If you are looking for a contrast, I think using Windswept Smoke would work, but I would suggest that you try to incorporate some other lighter neutral colours into the home as well.  Both of these colours, Iron Ore and Windswept Smoke are quite dark.  When you chose your stone, make sure it has some brown or neutral tones in it to add some other colours into the mix.’










Renovating a home


Kathleen asks:

Hi, we need a reno on our new purchase. We need to keep the siding and shingles. We want to remove the white door (it was a side entrance and not needed) update the front entrance with stone/craftsman pillars and large window. Also upgrade the roof to remove 2 skylights and put in a false dormer-maybe a triangle with window? Not sure of color for front door – thinking white pillars with rock bottom third – not sure what colours to complement the sage green (xl 90) siding. Thanks!









My suggestion for your home would be to add stone at the bottom 1/3 of the home for sure. I would get a stone with a neutral tone, like Versetta Stones Plum Creek Colour ( in the Tight Cut profile would blend well with the Sage coloured siding. As for the door, I would go with a dark grey colour like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore.  For the pillars, white would work for sure, but you could chose a colour out of the stone blend as well. It all depends on the colours that are available to you.



Changing door and windows

Question :

Claudine asks :

Hello, we want to change the door and windows. However we do not know what colour choose. Can you help us? Next summer we will also change our roof (the colour will be therefore changed) so you can suggest any colours that will enhance the beauty of our home. We would like to give him renewed youth. Thank you.



This is a very nice looking home. To give it that updated look, I would suggest that you change the brown to grey.  Replace your windows with either Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore and the door as well. I would paint your front deck either grey or more of a neutral colour like Gentek’s Pebble which would blend well with the stone and the grey. When you change your roof next year, replace it with a grey toned shingle. Dark colours are very modern looking and especially grey.  By using grey, you will bring out the grey tones in the stones and create a very modern look.  The grey will also look fine with the wood on the dormers.

Changing siding, brick and windows


Joanne asks:

We are changing the siding, brick and windows on our home. We need help in selecting a colour for the siding and brick and a style for the windows. Would you have any suggestions for us? Someone suggested Gentek #51 Clay for the siding colour with Jeldwen Cream Mocha colour for windows, fascia and soffit and Phoenix Fusion Stone in the colour Cambria. What would you think of this? I cannot visualize it.



With your current brick colour, Cayon Clay would like good, but I might suggest something a little darker like Pebble or Dark Drift siding from Gentek. Darker colours are the trend in homes right now and the dark brown and red brick combination is very attractive.

JeldWen is a competitor or Gentek’s I will not be able to comment on their colours, but I can say, that whatever colour of siding you chose for your home, you can get Gentek High Performance Regency Windows in the same colour as your siding, soffit and fascia. These colours are all part of the Colour Clear Through program from Gentek. If you were to go with a different manufacturer of windows, the colours will not be matches. The link below will provide you with information about our Regency Windows. Only Gentek can offer you the ability to match your siding, soffit, fascia, eaves and windows in the same colour.

As for the Stone, Fusion stone is not a product that Gentek distributes so I will not be able to comment on their colours as well. Gentek does sell a similar product called Versetta Stone which has a colour called Sterling which would blend well with the Pebble or Dark Drift. The link below will allow you to see the brick styles and colour blends available in the easy to install stone product:

To throw you another option, dark greys like Gentek’s Iron Ore and Windswept Smoke, are a very popular and attractive trend with the current red brick on your home. As with the above colours, you would be able to get matching windows, siding, soffit and eaves.


Installing siding and shingles


Brenda asks:

We are hoping to install new siding and shingles (and perhaps eaves) on our house that slants on a double corner lot. Our home is long 57 feet and we have two (jut out) peaks. We like a medium dark-looking house with white windows and white doors and white garage door. We would like to use some rock veneer and have something for the peaks on the house and the garage. Any help with style or color (for house, shingles, peak, etc.) would be appreciated. We are thinking of a gray or taupe color and would like some stone siding in a darker color. We are unsure what to do with the two peaks – same colour as the rest of the siding – vertical instead of horizontal, etc. Besides colour, where to put stone siding and peaks – we are also wondering what to put along foundation. Windows and door will remain white as they are quite new. Suggested shingle colour is also appreciated. Thank you so much.



If you are looking to have stone on your home, you would need to chose that colour first. I would suggest that you put the stone on the bottom half of the wall and use vertical siding on the top half. Once you have chosen your stone colour, you should chose a tone in the brick for your vertical siding. If you are going to have white windows, I might suggest a grey tone to your stone and siding, lighter grey stone (with darker undertones) and a dark grey like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Storm in a vertical siding.

Gentek distributes a product called Versetta Stone. I have provided the link below for you to see their product. I would suggest a stone colour similar to their sterling colour:

The white of your windows will blend much nicer with the grey tones than the neutral tones. Whichever colour of stone you choose, pick a colour from there for the rest of the walls, this way, the products will blend together.

Improving Curb Appeal


Katrina asks:

We just moved into our house and I’m looking to improve the curb appeal a bit by changing the garage colour and window trim and window colours. We may even replace our wooden windows for vinyl with an accent trim colour. The vinyl siding of the house is VERY white so I am having a bit of difficulty figuring out what trim colours would go nicely with the vinyl and brick. As our windows are wood we are able to paint both the window frame as well as the trim/casing. Any help with colour suggestions would be great!



Right now with red brick, dark grey or black are very popular modern looking combinations. I would suggest you use Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke colour for your garage door and window colours, as well as trim. If you were willing to change the white siding, I would suggest this as well.

If you feel that is too dark for your taste, another popular combination with the red brick our Gentek’s Pebble colour. This is a more neutral tone but would still give you a more modern look than the dark brown. The pebble would blend well with the white siding as well because it would not be such a stark contrast as it is with the dark brown.

Modernizing the Exterior of Your Home


Len asks:

We wish to replace our siding, soffit and eaves troughs. We currently have a roof with IKO Dual Brown shingles and the bottom is a unique colour of orange brick. Please note the white vinyl windows as well that are not going to be replaced. The current siding is an aluminum ivory that was installed in the early 80’s. We wish to modernize the look of our home and will still be current twenty years down the road. Would you include shutters in a new design? Please provide colour and style recommendations for our single story raised ranch. Thank you for this service.


A very modern look right now is to put a dark grey with this red colour of brick. You could use Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke and I would use our 7” Board and Batten profile. As well, I would use the grey for the eavestrough and trims. For the shutters, I would suggest you use Pebble or another neutral brown colour, which will blend in the colour of the roof.

Red with dark grey or black is very popular right now and since they are neutral colours they should look modern for many years.

Neutral Siding and Dark Trim


Charlene asks:

I had previously asked a question about what siding colours you would recommend. We have since found this photo of a home that we really like. What do you think are the siding and trim colours? Also what color shutters would you put with it? Thanks.

Jan 12_Charlene


This is a great combination and very popular right now. Going with neutral walls and dark trim looks very modern.

If you were going to add shutters to your home, I would suggest that you go with the dark grey colour (Windswept Smoke).  This would tie everything together.

Hope this helps.

Choosing Siding and Trim Colours


Charlene asks:

We are trying to choose siding colors and trim colors. We are putting stone on the far left side and stone skirting on the garage and also stone skirting on the porch pillars. We are doing a timber frame trim in the eaves of the far left peak and the one next to it. I am leaning toward more gray tones in siding. I have thought of triming with the windswept smoke color. We considered storm, canyon clay but then I have also thought of lighter colours with darker trim. We are doing the vertical board and battan. I want it to look cozy, not too dark and gloomy but not boring either! I need your help.



I would suggest that you use the windswept smoke, but trim it in either Pebble or Dark Drift. This is a very modern looking combination that would blend well with the stone you have chosen.  If you feel that is too dark, I might suggest you go with the pebble siding with Iron Ore (or Windswept Smoke) as the trim colour. Both of these combinations give you a warm feeling and will blend well with the stone.

With what I can see of the roof, it looks like it is a dark grey, for this reason, of the above, I think the Windswept Smoke with Pebble trim would look the best.

Good luck, and we would love to see some shots of your renovation when it is complete to share with our readers!

Changing Windows and Siding


Samer asks:

I am replacing all my windows and I am struggling to choose a colour. I like grey coloured windows, but I am not sure if it will blend with my house. I will also change the brown wood siding. The stone will remain the same. Any suggestion on window and siding colour? Thanks.



If you are going to be replacing the wood siding, I would suggest that you replace the siding with a dark grey like Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke. These colours are both available in the Board and Batten profile, which you current have on your home. I would also stick with that profile.  I would suggest you go with windows in Gentek’s Pebble colours. This will nicely blend the stone colours into the siding.


Sable and Pebble is a very popular colour combinations for Gentek.