Building a house by ourselves


Karine asks

Hello. We are currently building a house by ourselves and are about to start on the exterior siding. We are hesitating between vinyl and engineered wood. Colour will be the major influence on our choice. We are looking at a grey house, a rather dark grey, like Midnight Surf. A “granite” grey, not a light grey. We have an IKO Charcoal Grey roof and white doors and windows. In the front, we will have four white Craftsman-style square columns, on charcoal grey-coloured, almost black, brick bases. The areas where we are finding it difficult to make up our minds are the trim on the doors and windows and the soffit. I would like to repeat the charcoal grey colour of my brick by using it also on my door and window trim, as well as on the ventilated soffit. The rest of the capping would be white. I’m still unsure, as I notice the opposite, black window and white trim, is often done. This is holding me back. What do you suggest? All white or should I take a chance on something else? Thank you for your help.

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My suggestion would be to go with the white windows and grey trim, either Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore. Midnight Surf has a blue undertone to it that I think will look a little off. You could also go with black on your window trim and soffit and go with a dark grey door. I would stick with the white windows so the house does not get too dark.


Replace my red siding, as well as my grey roof


Renaud asks:


I would like to replace my red siding, as well as my grey roof. The roof will be done in GAF shingles, in Pewter Grey, not as dark as charcoal. To replace the red, I am torn between white and another grey, either lighter or darker than the roof. Any thoughts on this? What can you suggest? The contractor uses your products: flashing, fascia and tin siding for the gables.

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I would suggest you go with a darker grey tone to replace the red siding. White or a very light grey will just look washed out with the colour of the brick. To renew the look of the stone, I would like to see you go with Gentek’s Windswept Smoke for the siding and replace the red soffit and fascia with white to bring it all together.

Colour of sequoia vinyl siding


Katie asks:


We are trying to decide what color of sequoia vinyl siding we should use with the existing colonial brick and brown roof on our house. We were originally leaning towards a grey tone rather than a beige or brown tone, however in the last few days we are starting to think that a green or blue color may actually work better with the colonial brick and the brown roof. Can you help us?

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Taking into account the colours in your brick, I think Gentek’s Windswept Smoke would look good on your home. You mentioned that you want to stay away from the grey and brown tones, so my next choice would be Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbor which brings out the green tones in the brick.  I think this would look fabulous.  I like the green tones more than the blue for your home.


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Replacing eavestrough, soffits and facing.


Amardeep asks:


Hello, We just replaced our roof with a dual black shingle and will be replacing our eavestrough, soffits, and facing next. The window trim will remain white. We were thinking of using windswept smoke for everything. Would this look okay or do you have have another suggestion? We are not sure if we need a different colour for the siding above garage and main door to have more contrast. Could we leave our garage and front door white if we went with windswept smoke? Thanks!


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I like the idea of Windswept Smoke for the eaves, soffit and fascia and I would then replace the siding above the door with Pebble to bring in another colour.  As for the garage door, I do not like to make a bold colour, like white in this case, because I do not want it to be a focal point of the home. I would suggest you go with Windswept Smoke for the garage door so it blends into the house. White will make it a stand out too much and the eye will be drawn to it over the other great parts of your home.   I would suggest Pebble for the siding around the door and then go with a dark grey door, like Gentek’s Iron Ore to make it a focal point.  These grey tones and neutral browns make a great look when combined with the red toned brick on your home.


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New Roof – now want siding, soffit, windows and doors


Susan asks:

Have a new roof and now want to replace siding, waves, soffit, windows, and doors. Sable siding and windows have been recommended with pebble door. Not to confident that this is the right choice and need help!


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I do like the combination of Sable with Pebble on your home, but Sable is only available in aluminum siding.  If you are looking to do vinyl siding, I would either suggest Pebble siding with Windswept Smoke soffit, fascia, windows.  I would chose a black or dark grey door in this case.  You could also flip it around and go with Windswept Smoke siding with Pebble for the soffit, fascia, and windows with a black or dark grey door.  These tones will look good with the stone/brick on the home.

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Color suggestions for siding?


Paul asks


Color suggestions for siding?

Paul 1 Paul 2 Paul 3Answer:

The reddish/brown brick on the home as well as the red roof leads me to a neutral colour like Gentek’s Pebble or Windswept Smoke.  I would suggest you go with Pebble siding and then use Windswept Smoke as the accent colour for soffit, fascia, eavestrough, shutters.  I would then suggest a black front entrance door to finish it all off.  If you would like to go a darker colour I would turn the above scheme around.  Windswept Smoke as the siding and then Pebble as the accent colour.  Either of these combinations look great with your brick and roof colour.


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facelift to my 80\’s home


Fabio asks:

I would like to give a facelift to my 80\’s home using contemporary colours and materials. I\’ve struggled with design options and colours and hoping you can help me out. I\’m looking at replacing the Aluminum siding, Window Shutters, New Roof, garage door and front entrance enclosure. I find the side and rear of the house very drab and would welcome any suggestions you might have . Thank-you

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The current brick colour is neutral which gives you a lot of options.  My first choice would be to bring out the grey tone in the brick.  I would replace your siding with Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke.  Pick the one that is closest to the grey in the brick.  This would add some moders appeal to the home, because dark greys are very popular right now.  I would then go with a medium to light grey for the roof, change the shutter to Gentek’s Sable along with the soffit, fascia and eaves.  I would replace your front entrance enclosure to black or dark grey and your garage to Sable. By adding these darker colours, you will eliminate the washed out 80’s look of the home and end up with a more modern looking home.


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Pale shade of Grey



Ben asks:

All our windows are already white and we would like to add wood beams on the gables and also wood columns. We would like a pale grey tone.


Ben 2Ben 1Answer:

If you are wanting to go with a pale grey colour for the siding on the home, I would suggest you try Gentek’s Pearl for the horizontal siding on the home and then create some visual interest in the gable with Gentek’s Storm Shakes to complete the look.  The grey tones would look great with any darker wood tones that you use for the beams in the gables and the columns. I would finish it off with Storm colours shutters and doors.  I would try an even darker tone for the front door, like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore to make it pop and become the focal point of the home.


Window trim and siding colors


Amanda asks:


Hi Looking at help with picking the right window trim and siding colors for my house. Was leaning towards gray siding with white trim? Thanks!


Amanda 1Answer:

If you are partial to grey siding, I would suggest you go with Gentek’s Windswept Smoke in Board and Batten siding and trim it in white.  The link below will show you this colour combination in use. I think it looks great.  Windswept Smoke does have some brown tones in it so it will blend with the brick colour you have.


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Windows and Doors.


Marie Claire asks:

Hello. As I’m planning to replace my windows (which will be white) and my outside door, I would like to get your advice on the colour for the door, as well as for the shutters and the garage door. For the door, I’m torn between the colours black and Iron Ore. I remain open to other suggestions. Should I use the same colour for the shutters and the garage door as the one on the outside door? Since I would like to eventually replace the exterior siding, what colour can you recommend? The roof is grey. Thank you.


Marie-Claude 1Marie-Claude 2Response

I would go with Black for the front door to make it a focal point and Iron Ore for the shutters and garage door. When you look to replace the siding on the home I would suggest you go with Windswept Smoke to bring it all together. You have a lighter colour brick and with the darker siding and accents you will get a very modern look.