Choosing colours for a shop


Eugene asks:

Hi, I’m building a 1000sq.ft. shop in my backyard and I would like to match the colours of the shop to the house. Our house has a unique colour of brick, clay trim and windows (I believe), and brown shingles but they’re due for replacing and I’m open to changing the colour of the shingles. My initial thoughts on the shop are to do board and batten siding with shake gables, but I’m not stuck on those styles. The big question is however, what colours to choose for the siding and trim of the new shop so it matches the house and looks good. I built a composite deck last year and had a tough time choosing the colours for it, so I thought I should seek some advice from a professional on this project. Thanks for your time. Eugene.



My advice would be to chose a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Wicker or even Sandalwood. It would be best to try a chip up to the brick, but from what I can say, there is a slight pink tone to the brick. I would also use a dark grey colour like Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke with the Pebble or Sandalwood. If the shop is only going to one floor, I would go with the Board and Batten in the Pebble/Sandalwood and a Perfect Shake or Cedar Shake in Windswept Smoke in the gable and as the soffit/fascia and eavestrough. This would tie the colours together with the brick in your home. I would not go with any type of brick, unless you can get the same brick. Adding another pattern/texture would be too busy.

Choosing siding colour


Lana asks:

Hi there, I am doing a total transformation on this house and am stuck on what colour of siding to put on. I was thinking either moonlight moss with wicker Cafe trim or dark drift with Snow White trim. Not sure if that would be too dark for this style of a house. What would be your opionons? I was also was thinking of adding shakes to the top. Thanks.



I would suggest that you go with the Moonlit Moss and Wicker trim. This will give a more modern fresh look. The trend is away from light colours like white and the white with dark drift might look dated sooner. The home is very tall and the darker tones will bring down the size of the walls visually. To add some dimension to the home, I might suggest that you put a shake in the gable in Wicker.

Siding and front door colour change


Jodie asks:

We are looking to change the siding, windows and front door. What colour should I choose for the siding? Our eaves trough is Wicker (which is staying), and the soffits are white. We will put in white windows, and intend to do build-outs on the windows and corners, in Wicker (unless white is a better option?) What colour would you recommend for the siding? If you care to offer a colour for the front door, I’d love to know that too!



For your home, I would suggest you chose either Pebble or Storm for the siding. Either of these colours will blend well with the brick and create a nice contrast with the wicker you have already chosen. In this case, I would keep the windows white, but trim them in Wicker, to bring everything together. As for the front door, I would go with Wicker as well. This will tie everything together.


Changing siding colour


Linda asks:

We are going to redo our ugly siding. What colour would go best with the yellowish brick. Having a hard time deciding! Will also be doing the eaves etc. should it be the same colour as the siding , white windows,or brown door door? Thank you.



Linda, I would suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble, Wicker or even Dark Drift. From the picture, it looks like Pebble might be the best blend but you should compare the colour chips up against the brick to choose the best one. As for the soffit and fascia, I would suggest you go with something like Monterey Sand or Almond. All of these colour will blend well with the brick colour and your roof. I would replace your shutters with the same colour as your soffit and fascia. As for your front door, I always like to add some drama to the home with my door colour, so I might suggest you go with a black door.

Choosing colours for windows, doors and soffits


Kathy asks:

Hi, our house is over 20 years old. It is a cedar home. We are purchasing new windows, doors and replacing the soffits, fascia and eavestrough. At the moment everything is blue. We painted a couple of the windows a wicker cafe color to see what it would look like. We are having a very hard time deciding. This is what I thought we would get for colour. All the window trim, door trim, eavestrough, soffit and fascia to be the wicker cafe color with the door a sico grayley color or we could do the window trim, door trim the wicker cafe, the door the grayley and the soffits, fascia and eavestrough a dark brown. We are so confused please help us with colors that would make our house look attractive. Kathy.



Katy, I like your choice of Wicker for your home. Wicker looks great with your beautiful cedar shakes. I would go with Wicker for all of the soffit, fascia, trim, I would not introduce dark brown to the home. This would make it look busy. The cedar shakes are so attractive that you do not want to draw your eye away from that. Adding a third colour would take your eye away from the blend of the cedar shake and trim. The dark grey door would look good to add a bit of colour but not too much.

Choosing colours for a fixer-upper


Heather asks:

Hi there, we bought a fixer-upper and are now struggling to choose the colours for the eves-trough and shingles. To add to this struggle, our new windows showed up with a yellow creamy exterior colour. There was a miscommunication, as we were expecting an off-white colour. We have contemplated painted the windows, but are hopeful to find a way to like them. The fascia is also a creamy yellow colour. We also chose the clay colour on the new front door, but I’m not sure it goes well with the windows. We like monochromatic types of schemes and really want to get rid of any chocolate brown. We removed the chocolate brown shutters. As you can see the home also never had a proper front porch either – something to work on in the future. Thanks for your help.



If you like the monochromatic look, I would suggest that you change the eaves and shingles to Gentek’s Pebble or Wicker colour. It is hard to tell in the picture, but one of these should blend well with the colour in the brick.  As for the shingles, you should be able to find a shingles that has Pebble as the dominant colour in the blend. To keep with the monochromatic look you want, I would replace the door and garage doors which Pebble coloured doors as well. This should give you the clean look you desire.

Constructing an addition


Joanne asks:

Hi, I have a field stone and we are constructing an addition (garage etc). It will be Maibec board and batten. We are hoping to keep the siding and trim muted so the house remains the focal point. We have chosen Maibec Pepperwood and are struggling with the Gentek trim colour which will be applied to the old house and the new. We are thinking Wicker, or Canyon Clay as we want it to be lighter than the Board and batten. What would be the best trim colour, in your view?



I love your choice of Pepperwood in the Maibec product, my suggestion would be to go with Monterey Sand rather than Wicker or Canyon Clay. I think both of these colour look like they are in conflict with Pepperwood. Monterey Sand blends better with the siding and the stone better than either Wicker or Canyon Clay.

Replacing Siding on Dormers


Shelley and Gary ask:

We are planning to replace the dormers siding with Novishake Cedar Shake or Perfect Shake Panel or Staggered Edge Shake. We want to know which one you would recommend for these three dormers. We also want to know what colour you would suggest for the dormers and the siding of the house. We were going to replace the siding of the house later in the year. We considering 8’ Cedar Shake to replace the siding rest of the house. We would like the colours to blend or enhance the stone. Should the dormers be a slightly darker colour then the rest of the house? Thank you in advance for your advice. Shelley and Gary.

Shelley and Gary


I would suggest that you replace it with the Perfect Shake Panel. The other two may be a bit busy with the stone. If you would like them to blend better, I would suggest you go with Almond or Montery Sand. These colours would blend well with the lighter/yellower tones in the brick.

I would like to say, I do like the neutral tone that you have already in the dormers. I would suggest Pebble or Wicker in the Perfect Shake, if you would like to go with something that contrasts.

I hope this helps.