At a loss for picking a colour for the doors




We will be installing new windows and doors (including garage door). I’m at a loss for picking a colour for the doors – including garage door. The vinyl siding is, I believe, Gentek Maize. The roof is green. The brick is “red”. Soffits are white as are the gutters and downspouts. Can you help?

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If you wanted to go with a colour for your windows, I would suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Almond or Wicker.  Either of these colours will look good with the Maize siding as well as the red brick. I would also suggest that you change the shutters to match the window colour. As for the front door, I would suggest something darker like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift to make it a focal point. For the garage door, I would stick with a dark colour like you have now, so it does not stand


Would you add an accent colour?


Iqbal asks:


  1. What siding, soffit, facia and eavestrough colours would you recommend for our home?
  2. Would siding, soffit, facia and eavestrough in one colour – canyon clay work with white windows?, if yes, what front door colour would you recommend?
  3. Would you add an accent colour, and if yes, where?




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For your home, I would recommend that you go with Pebble for the siding and Sable for the Soffit, Fascia and Eavestroughing. Wicker would look okay, but the look would not be much different from your existing look.  Pebble is a bit darker and would give a different look.  As for the front door, I would go dark like Black or Dark Grey to add in some accent colour.

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Colour of stone veneer


Marni asks:

Wondering if you have a idea for a colour of stone veneer to go with aviator green & wicker. Looking to put some on new attached garage about 1/3 of way up.

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Any stone which has green/grey and neutral tones would go with these colours. It does not have to have the exact colours in it, just those tones.  There are many types of stone out here that would include these colours.




Replacing all our windows, siding, front door and garage door


Denyse asks:

We are planning on replacing all our windows, siding, front door and garage door for the front of our house. At the moment they are all in Cedar wood. We would like to have maintenance free options. We would also like to have best option in colours. Thanking you in advance.

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To give the home a new look, I would add in some lighter colours. For the siding, windows and the garage door I would suggest you go with Gentek’s Wicker in their Sequoia Select vinyl siding.  Vinyl siding gives you the maintenance free material you desire as well as the colours that will look good on your home.  As for the front door, maybe try something bold like Gentek’s Iron Ore or even black to create a focal point.


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Match our pebble trim and garage doors




We are currently in the process of picking a new siding color to match our pebble trim and garage doors. Would deep moss look good and if so what color should we go on the windows and front door? Thanks


Amanda 1 Amanda 2Answer:

Moonlit Moss looks great with Pebble accents. I would definitely chose it for the siding. As for the windows, why not try Wicker and Dark brown like Gentek’s Espresso for the door.




Barb asks about updating the colours on her home.


Barb Asks

We are looking to update and lighten the colors on our home. The brick is only on the front of the house and will remain as is and the IKO Earthtone Cedar shingles were recently redone. We would like to replace the soffits, fascia and eavestrough with one of the Gentek lighter warmer colors such as Wicker Cafe, Almond, Tan etc Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated for harmonizing colors that would work with the brick as we will be painting the wood siding, trim and windows. We were also thinking of replacing the garage door with a carriage house type and have not made any decision on the front door yet.Barb L 3.1 Barb L2.1 Barb L1.1



My suggestion for your soffit, fascia and eaves would be Pebble or Wicker. I would then replace the garage door with the same colour. As for the wood siding on the side of the home, I would suggest you paint it a colour like Gentek’s Sable. Sable will blend well with the Pebble/Wicker and the red/brownish brick of the home. The Pebble garage door would bring it all together.  If you are wanting to replace or paint it, I would suggest black or Gentek’s Sable colour.


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New Siding

Karen asks

I am planning to have new siding installed. I replaced the windows last fall and they have a wide 4 inch trim around. I thought board and batten siding would look good, however the contractor said with b&B on an older house (1978), there may not be any blocking and therefore nothing to screw siding into, (walls are 2×6 construction) He suggests I stick with the same siding style currently on the bungalow. The roof is brown – What colours would you suggest? I was planning to trim out the side corners of the house, replace sofftit and eavestrough. Below the deck is concrete blocks parged. I had thought to put faux stone, however he felt that was not a good idea. What would you suggest please?

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I cannot speak to the installation of the siding on your home but I do like your idea of Board and Batten. If that can not be done, I would go with a traditional Bevel siding like Gentek’s Sequoia D4 or D5 siding such as Pebble or Wicker and if you can install a stone product on the bottom, I might suggest Gentek’s Versetta Stone product in Plum Creek colour. The brown roof, your white windows and Pebble siding would all blend well with the Versetta Stone product to finish off the home.


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We would like to replace the exterior siding on our house, but we don’t know which colour to choose


Lucie Asks:

Hello. Our project is as follows. We would like to replace the exterior siding on our house, but we don’t know which colour to choose. This past winter, we had problems with our sanitary drain and we had to get rid of the balcony you can see in the pictures. Last year, we replaced our roof and the contractor did a bad job on the eaves, leaving it shaking. So, when rebuilding the balcony, we will add a small roof with two columns and a handrail, both in black aluminum, and some glass panels. I would like to change my front door and my garage door to black. Is this a good choice? What type of siding and colours can you suggest? Should I have it all in the same orientation or should I also have some vertical sections? What colour should I use on the window frames? Thank you very much for your helpful advice.

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The colour of the brick on your home gives you many options in terms of colour. I would suggest that you go with a Gentek’s vertical Board and Batten siding for the entire home.  The vertical Board and Batten siding will give a bigger sense of height. If you break up the wall are with two different profiles, you will break up the wall and take away from the height.  As for colour, I would suggest Windswept Smoke for the siding and Wicker as the accent colour for your window trim, soffit, fascia and eavestrough.  These darker richer colours will give your home a modern classic look that will be timeless.

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Replacing the windows and board and batten


Kelly asks:

We are in the planning process of replacing the windows and board and bat on our 24 year old house 2nd floor. We have already ordered Gentek windows in color Wicker Cafe #638 through Steve Johnson. We have matched new garage doors to that color. We are now struggling with choice of colors for the vinyl siding. Could you please give your opinion on a color? Thanks.

Kelly 1Answer:

I think that a great choice for your siding would be a grey tone like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke. This colour is grey but it also has a brown undertone to it. Along with the red/orange brick, Windswept Smoke and Wicker will blend well and give a modern look.

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Recommendations for siding


Charlene asks:

Hi there we have just finished an indoor renovation that we put a small addition on which led to not enough lovely blue siding which is 24 years old. To make it work we put grey/black blend nova shakes in the peaks of the house. We have a cape cod style home. I really like the shakes, we have now decided that the blue siding has to go. What color of Gentek siding would you recommend to go with the shakes? Can I go with a brown tone or grey? Thanks so much.














The colour of siding you have chosen is very nice and in my opinion would look very modern with a brown tone like Gentek’s Wicker or Canyon Clay.  These are very neutral tones and will blend well with the blue tone of the siding. Grey would be my second choice and if I was to go that route I would chose Gentek’s Storm or Sable. Both of these colour have a brown undertone to them which would blend well with the existing siding.  But again, my first choice would be Canyon or Wicker.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Bechthold Home ImprovementsLet them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.