Make a Feature Wall of Versetta Stone

Looking to make a statement in your home? A feature wall is the perfect way to do it. Feature walls, also known as accent walls, are one of the best ways to liven up your space, adding colour, pattern or texture to one wall in any room. They draw in the eye, becoming the centrepiece of the room, and can either be bold or subtle, depending on the look you want to achieve. One of the most gorgeous options is a stone feature wall, and you can get the look by using one of Gentek’s most loved specialty products: Versetta Stone

All About Versetta Stone

Versetta Stone is manufactured stone veneer that offers the authentic look of traditional stone masonry. You get the beauty of real stone without the high cost and installation time. Versetta Stone is mortarless and cement-based and its panelized design is installed with mechanical fasteners so your contractor can simply recreate the craftsmanship of stone masonry using nails or screws. 

While it’s often used on the exterior of homes to create a beautiful stone look, you can also use Versetta Stone inside to create a stunning feature wall. Inspired by countries around the world, it’s available in an array of colours and textures unique to each place. Versetta stone precisely replicates natural stone through its patterns and stone shapes. It’s cast in molds and hand coloured with iron oxidized pigments to create the subtleties found in nature. The rugged texture and purposeful irregularities offer a well-worn look that gives it even more authenticity. 

How to use Versetta Stone for an Indoor Feature Wall
There are plenty of ways to create a feature wall with Versetta Stone. Here are our top 5 favourite feature wall ideas!

1. Around Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is a visual statement piece on its own, so why not highlight it even more by surrounding it with a stone feature wall? Bring the Versetta Stone all the way up to the ceiling for ultimate aesthetic appeal. 

2. Behind Your Bed

The wall behind your bed is one of the most beautiful places for a feature wall. While bedrooms can sometimes go neglected since they’re not seen by every guest that comes over, it’s nice to do something special to enjoy for yourself. A stone feature wall is extremely elegant, bringing in some country charm. 

3. Kitchen Eat-In Area

A stone wall is one of the best ways to create a seamless look between the indoors and outdoors, and what better place to do this than in the kitchen. Give your kitchen eat-in area the look and feel of a gorgeous outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round.

4. Going Up Your Staircase

Your staircase is an area of the home that can easily go ignored, but consider making it a statement piece for your home. A feature wall going up your staircase is sure to draw the eye of even the most aloof guests.

5. Your Living Room

Your living room should be one of the coziest spots in your home, and a feature wall made of Versetta Stone will add the charm and personality you’re looking for. Add in oversized, comfy furniture, a rug, rustic coffee table and lots of candles for a homey living room that you and your family will love spending time in.

Versetta Stone is one of our most popular products for a reason! Get your hands on it and create a gorgeous feature wall today! 

Looking for advice


Joey asks:

We are thinking we would put the hand-split cedar shake siding ( installed on the front of the house where there is currently the Tudor-style wood trim.  On the back, we think the hand-split cedar shake in the peak of the addition, board & batten style in the middle and trimmed separation.  We are going to have stone installed on the bottom part of the addition, so the board & batten will do the top half and then the hand-split cedar shake in the peak.

Joey 2








Joey 1








Joey 3










I agree with your use of siding options for the new home.  This is a very common configuration of the walls.  The board and batten siding will create a classic look on the home that will not look outdated in years to come.  The stone on the bottom of the home will create some different textures to the home.

Changing siding due to heat damage


Amelie asks:


We are changing the siding due to heat damage from forest fire please help me find a new colour and add some bricks. I do like dark brown thanks.

Amelie 1 Amelie 2



If you are going to be changing the siding, why not give the home a new look.  If you like dark brown, I might suggest you go with Gentek’s Dark Drift vinyl siding and add some stone that has brown tones in it.  There are many possibilities out there, but Gentek does sell a stone product called Versetta stone which has a colour called Terra Rose or Plum Creek which would look good with the Dark Drift. Click here to see the colour offering for Versetta Stone, including Terra Rose and Plum Creek.


Here is your closest Premium Renovator. Please consider contacting them. McMillan Siding and Soffit inc.


We are building a new house


Emmanuelle asks:

Hello! We are building a new house. Our windows will be charcoal (no. 523). The Shadow Stone will be steel grey. I can’t decide what colour to choose for the fiber cement siding. Can you help me? Thanks.



It sounds like you are leaning towards neutral tones.  Your grey windows and stone would look great with a neutral colour like Gentek’s Pebble.  You can get this in our full line of vinyl sidng as well as our Sierra Steel siding which would give you a high end look without the maintenance of fiber cement.

New construction – stone and vinyl.


Nikki asks:


This is a new construction and I don\’t like the looks of the attached design – any ideas? We will be going with stone and vinyl siding.


Nikki 1Answer:

My suggestion for your home would be to go with stone on the bottom, vertical Board and Batten in the middle portion of the home and then use a shake product in the gable.  The Board and Batten profile will bring the eye upwards and give the sense of increased height for your home.  I think putting the vertical profile on the top, like in the attached design, actually makes the home look shorter than it is.  I would continue this look on all sides of the home to create a unified look.

Welcome suggestions!


Diane asks:

Interested in your suggestions considering 1st photo of our house and photo 2 as an example of colours and \’stone accent\’ we like , and photo 3 as the design look we like, but not the grey color necessarily. We will be replacing doors, windows and siding in the coming months, and welcome any suggestions.


Diane M 1 Diane M 2 Diane M 3Answer:

The design you are looking at is a very popular design currently.  The stone would look great on the bottom portion of your home. If you are not liking the grey tones (which I do like), you might consider picking a colour like Gentek’s Pebble for the siding and then a stone that has some brown/neutral tones in it to bring it together.  You could then go with windows in Windswept Smoke and Iron Ore for your front door to bring it all together.


These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them. Kingston Aluminum Products and  Windows Plus Home Improvements

New Siding

Karen asks

I am planning to have new siding installed. I replaced the windows last fall and they have a wide 4 inch trim around. I thought board and batten siding would look good, however the contractor said with b&B on an older house (1978), there may not be any blocking and therefore nothing to screw siding into, (walls are 2×6 construction) He suggests I stick with the same siding style currently on the bungalow. The roof is brown – What colours would you suggest? I was planning to trim out the side corners of the house, replace sofftit and eavestrough. Below the deck is concrete blocks parged. I had thought to put faux stone, however he felt that was not a good idea. What would you suggest please?

Karen 3 Karen 1 Karen 2




I cannot speak to the installation of the siding on your home but I do like your idea of Board and Batten. If that can not be done, I would go with a traditional Bevel siding like Gentek’s Sequoia D4 or D5 siding such as Pebble or Wicker and if you can install a stone product on the bottom, I might suggest Gentek’s Versetta Stone product in Plum Creek colour. The brown roof, your white windows and Pebble siding would all blend well with the Versetta Stone product to finish off the home.


These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

Guard Aluminum Products

Danny – I Would Like to Add More Detail, Colour, and Texture


Danny asks,

See attached picture. In the picture the detached garage on the left has been photo-shopped in place. This detached garage is still under construction. When completed I will want detached garage, attached garage and house to complement or match each-other. Once detached garage is built I will be finishing it with siding and also changing the siding on my house to match. At the same time I am also prepared to change shingle color. I would like to add more detail, color, textures, or add another element such as specialty siding or trims to break up all the boring single color siding on my house. I will be keeping the white roof eve trim. Any suggestions? So far, I like dark colors old world blue and chestnut brown but I am open to anything? I also like the dark purple color I’ve seen around. My neighbors house is a dark grey so I cannot use that as a primary color. Please help with some suggestions that will update and give my house some street appeal.


Danny 1


There are many options you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home. My first instinct is to tell you to install stone on the bottom portion of the home. I would go up as high as the railing on the front porch. Once you chose the stone you like, you can then chose from there a colour for the siding. Most stone has many different tones in them so you will have many options. I would chose something like Versetta Stone’s Sterling colour as the stone and then either Windswept Smoke or Moonlit Moss as the vinyl siding colour. This would give you the added texture of designer element you are looking for. As well, you would be able to keep your roof colour and white for the eaves.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is Avalon Home Improvement. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Sheila – We Are Siding Our House


Sheila asks,

We are siding our house and thought we would go with pebble for the siding and wind swift smoke for the soffit and trim. We would like to do some stone or brink in the porch. Could you give any suggestions for the brick or stone? We are going with white windows and was wondering what colour to go with the new front door. Should we leave the railing on the porch white? The roof is a landmark ar driftwood. Any suggestions would be great.

Sheila 2 Sheila


I like your choice of Pebble and Windswept Smoke. Adding brick to the front porch would be a nice way to add some texture or splash to the front of the home. My suggestion would be a product called Versetta Stone in either Terra Rosa or Sterling Colour:

You can get it in both a Tight Cut or Ledgestone profile, either would look good in this situation. These two colours have a blend of your siding and trim choices which will help it all blend together. As for the front door, I would go with a black door to make a focal point of the home. If you are going to replace the shutters, I would suggest you go with either Windswept Smoke or black.

Terra-Rosa-ledgestone (Sheila)Sterling-TightCut-Large-Pop-Out-Swatch (Sheila)

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Brown Carpentry, Joe Poechman, and Grey Bruce Siding and Aluminum Products Ltd.. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Donna B. – Wondering About Some Versetta Stone for Accent


Donna asks,

We are changing siding and wondering about adding some versetta stone for accent but not sure where to place it. I can’t seem to find many samples of a simple bungalow. Also, we just had windows replaced and shingles are only a couple years old so kind of tied to the browns which I’m a little disappointed about. I was wondering if your design software would give me an opportunity to try different options.

Donna B.


If you wanted to add some Versetta Stone to your home, I would install it at the bottom of the home, up to the bottom of the windows. From there I would install Gentek’s vertical Board and Batten siding to create some height on the home. There are many colour combinations you can use to incorporate the white windows and brown roof. I would suggest something like the tight cut profile in Terra Rosa for the Versetta Stone and then use Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Juniper Grove in the Board and Batten siding. You could then use Monterey Sand or Canyon Clay as the accent colour to tie it all together. This would create a clean look for the home.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Everlast Eaves and Exteriors Ltd.Regina Window Sales & Exteriors, and KWS Windows and Doors. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.