Dawn has a question about siding.


Dawn asks

We are having our siding, soffits, fascia, eavestrough done by Thomas Tellier here in Sarnia. I was wondering if I could send you a picture of the house that has siding colours we like and you could tell us what we need to use for everything. We wanted the house to be venetian red with all trim soffit facia and trough Autumn gold it is not available in vinyl for soffits, corner pieces etc? Please tell us what to use to get us a close to that as possible. We also considered green with cream trim but couldn’t find a dark enough green siding colour.

Dawn K



Gentek does have a couple of colours that would work with the Venetian Red – Amber or Harvest Wheat – but neither are available in vinyl soffits, but Harvest Wheat is available in aluminum soffit. If you wanted to stick with vinyl soffit, I might suggest you go with Gentek’s Almond colour instead.


These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

Sarnia Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd.

Sara – My Husband and I Are Building a House


Sara asks,

Hello, my husband and I are building a house. We are thinking of windswept smoke for the siding and pebble for the trim. We will have a post and beam front entry. What do you recommend?



I am a big fan of Windswept Smoke and Pebble together. I might also want to suggest, you could use Gentek’s Sable colour as your soffit, fascia and eaves with these two colours. I would suggest, to add some Wow to the home, you go with a red door – a colour similar to Gentek’s Venetian Red. With this colour combination, you could go with a lighter grey or mid grey roof colour.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Clement Aluminum and Vinyl and Guard Aluminum Products. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.