Help me choose my siding and trim colours


Kerry asks:

I am looking to get siding for my house, and I am thinking of getting a cranberry coloured door. I am unsure of what color I should choose for siding and trim. Help?

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If you are looking to go with a red door, I think you have a couple of options you could choose for your home.  Going with a darker earth tone like Dark Drift or Pebble would look really good with the red door and your dark roof.  The white windows would look good with this as well.  If you wanted to go with a bit more colour, you could go with Gentek’s Midnight Surf, a dark blue colour that would really give your home a modern look. In your situation I would also consider going with a board and batten profile to give added dimension other than a traditional horizontal profile.

Help us choose our trim, eaves and fascia colours


Jamie asks:

Hello, I recently purchased a historic home that needs some major updating. The brick was badly weathered from poor maintenance, so I had it cleaned. The colour of the brick is yellow and I am having a very hard time choosing trim, eaves and fascia colours. I had originally chosen SLATE, but feel that there is not enough yellow tone in the colour. I am now considering SABLE, but am still uncertain. Do you have any alternative suggestions for this yellow brick house?

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I would definitely consider Sable but I would also consider Wicker for the trim.  This neutral tone would blend well with the yellow brick and the stone at the bottom of the home.

Help us with our trim, soffit and fascia


Jackie asks:

Hi there. We are renovating the exterior of our home and have chosen Gentek’s vinyl Board and Batten siding in Pebble. Our new windows are white. Our new black door will be black. We are looking for suggestions for trim/soffit/fascia. We are also adding an overhang. Perhaps you could also suggest colour for the pillars and garage door. I have also included a photo of the original stone colour, which we are keeping. The roof is a brownish colour. Since we haven’t purchased the siding yet, is there another colour you would suggest other than Pebble?

Thank you for your input!

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I like Pebble and your choice for the Board and Batten siding. I would suggest you go with Sable as your trim colour.  This colour will look great with your current brick and roof colour.  Pebble and Sable is a very popular combination.

Here is a picture of the combination:


Help us choose our siding and trim colours


Kylie asks:

We are trying to pick new siding (vinyl) and trim for our house (aluminum). Do you have any recommendations? The roof is dark (not black but dark grey) and we are looking for something that will coordinate well with our red brick. Thanks!



It is very popular to put dark browns and black with red brick.   I think Gentek’s Espresso or Dark Drift would look good with your brick and roof.  If you did not want to go so dark, Pebble would look good as well.  If you wanted to change it up a bit, Gentek’s Board and Batten vertical profile, would look good here as well.

Help us choose our siding, trim, soffit and eaves colours


Kris asks:

My wife and I cannot come to a compromise when choosing our siding colour, trim, soffit and eaves colours. I need help! The roof is a greyish, IKO Beachwood. Can you help with a few different options? I would like to only use Gentek’s Sequoia siding and all other material to be Gentek as well.



There are many options here you could choose depending on your tastes. To go with a very neutral look, you could choose Dark Drift siding to replace the yellowish siding and the white above the garage door. I might also suggest you go with a Board and Batten siding in this situation to give it a different look.  For the trim, I would chose Sable or even black for a modern look.

You could stay a bit more bold and go with Venetian Red for the siding and again Sable for the trim. The white windows would blend well with this. I would also like Moonlit Moss with white trim on this home.

Good luck with the renovation.