Are You into the New Transom Window Trend?

If you’re up to date on the latest home décor trends, you’re likely in the know about transom windows. Transom windows are windows that serve as an accent above a main window or door. They appear in outside walls over doors or windows to provide more light or give more access to an outdoor view like a patio, veranda or garden.

Transom windows are available in many varieties to suit different home styles from traditional to modern, mid-century and more. They’re traditionally known as being fan-shaped, adding contrast over a rectangular window or door, but now you’ll see many rectangular in shape as well. The fun lies in choosing the style and design that will best fit your home.

Transoms are available up to 9’ wide for Gentek’s sliding patio doors, so if you’re remodeling your space, get in on the transom window trend while it’s hot!

Benefits of Transom Windows


Transom windows are mainly used for decorative purposes, allowing you to add dimension and comfort to your space in an appealing way. If you’re looking for a subtle, yet effective way to upgrade your space, transoms are a great way to enhance your home aesthetic. Use them accentuate your patio door and add some interest to the interior and exterior of your home.

Natural Light & Energy Efficiency

Over a patio door, you can get extra natural light shining in through your transoms. Transom windows are almost always placed above your sightline, so there’s no need to cover them or put blinds up like you do on your main windows. This allows natural light to illuminate your home when you aren’t keen on leaving your windows open.

Transom windows are often put in rooms that don’t have too many windows around the door, making it easier to see your space when the interior lights aren’t on. They also allow light to shine in when the sun is higher in the sky. Other windows may stop being useful at this point, but transom windows extend the hours of daylight your home gets.

Letting this extra bit of light into your home will also help save energy since you don’t have to use your interior lights.


Along with being placed above your sightline, you can install transom windows that are capable of opening and closing. Transoms provide security since you can lock your door and still let air in. You can even leave them open to increase airflow when you’re not home, since they’re usually too high and too small to climb into.


If you love the feeling of a nice breeze, but don’t love the idea of keeping your patio door open, transoms are a great alternative. If you install transoms that open and close, you can increase airflow into your home and around a room that doesn’t have enough ventilation.

Are you into the new transom window trend? What aspects do you love most about transom windows, and why?