John – Difficulties Deciding on Colours and Tone


John asks,

I have been having difficulties deciding on colors and tone. I recently painted my raised ranch a light beige. I wasn’t sure what color would be good for the base of the house. As you can see in pics, I have 3 different colors on the front base. A dark brown, a white, and a matching light beige. I’m trying to decide if I should do the whole bottom of the house the same color or make it a few tones darker. Some people say white, some say darker, others say match it to the top. Should I do white on the side? I appreciate your expert opinion. Thx!!

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Using White is an easy option for the home. It will bring together the siding and the trim on the home but is not that bold a colour and does not add much to the overall look of the house. I would suggest that you go with a colour a few shades darker than the siding colour. There is already a visual break in the wall of the home where the siding ends. To enhance and add some more dimension to the home, I would go with a darker colour than the siding. Dark enough so there is a bold break between the colours. If you were willing to put some money into it, installing a stone or faux stone on the bottom would add a more up to date look to the home. I know budget is usually the deciding factor in most cases, so you would need to do what fits your budget.

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