The Stone Collection: “Seeing is Believing!”


Many people love the look of natural stone on a home’s exterior. But there are some drawbacks – it’s expensive, heavy and difficult to install. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the look – and a long list of other benefits too!

Rockwood Creations Stone Collection panels perfectly duplicate the texture, beauty and elegance of natural stone. Our panels are cast from real stone to give your home or business the authentic look of a mason’s work without the time, cost or hassle. In fact, anyone with basic carpentry skills can accomplish almost any project with our products.  The lightweight construction allows for easy installation and also eliminates the need for costly load bearing walls and substructures resulting in a substantial savings over the cost of using actual stone.  Our high-density, CFC free, polyurethane products feature a “closed cell” structure that does not absorb water.  This prevents rot, cracks, and splits which are common with other similarly marketed products.

Here are some key benefits of The Stone Collection panels:

  • Interior or Exterior Use
  • Lightweight yet strong for easy installation – panels are installed in minutes
  • UV-resistant formula ensures long-term attractive appearance
  • R-Value of 5 insulates against energy loss year-round
  • Maintenance Free
  • 25 Yr. Limited Warranty

Our proudly Canadian made products can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Whether you are residing your house, adding a decorative look to your den, creating a backdrop for your photo studio, or building a storage shed, steel building, movie set, restaurant, theme park, housing development, or simply to enclose your outdoor patio, Rockwood Creations products are the way to go!  Get the satisfaction of completing a project on your own, at a fraction of the cost of conventional masonry!

Should we use stone veneer to complement our home’s vinyl siding?


Jill asks:

Hi: We are building a new home (exterior view of the plans is attached). We plan to use a dark green vinyl siding with dark shingles. We are very interested in complementing the look of our Mission-style home, located on a lot backing onto green space, with stone. Do you have any thoughts on where you might use stone veneer to complement the siding on the front of our home? We’re going for a cottage-like look for this home in small-town Newfoundland. Thanks for your thoughts!



My only suggestion as to where you can place stone would be to replace the areas that are drawn as brick with stone.  This would complement the siding that is one the front of the home.