We’ve selected the Dover Grey vinyl siding


Christy asks:

We’ve selected the Dover Grey vinyl siding for our exterior and we will be replacing all the windows with white trims. Any suggestions to a complimentary colour we can use (siding or shake) and where? Any suggestions would be helpful, if you can please get back to me as soon as you can that would be great, as they are working on the exterior this week.


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With Dover Grey I think you can try either Storm or White as your accent colours. It would tie everything together.  As for the stone. I would suggest you do stone around the garage doors and around the large window on the upper level of the home.  Pick a stone colour that has light and darker grey tones in it with some other neutral tones as well to finish the look.


Decided to use Gentek siding


Quinn asks:

Looking into replacing the exterior of my house and have decided to use gentek siding. In the first photo is my house front I am thinking of doing aspen out of your northern forest collection for the whole house. Would you recommend going with the 4\” or 5\”? What is more common? I also want to do the gable ends in a shingle look I can’t find it on your vinyl part at all but I see it in the picture on the fiber cement portion of your site? Thinking of doing a lighter color like pearl on just the peaks in this. I want to put 1.5\” of styrofoam insulation around the whole house. Looking into doing some \”rock\” look in the front also not sure if i just go up to the bottom of my main picture window across the whole front or do vertical columns just under the 3 front windows. Is there any website you can recommend to plug in my house with your siding colors and add rock colors also?

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Quinn, I like your choice of Aspen for your home. It has a great look on the home.  As for the profile, because you have a one story home, I would suggest you do the stone on the lower portion of the home – up to the bottom of the windows and the front of the home and then use a the Board and Batten profile to great the illusion of height.  The stone you should pick should be in the grey tones, preferably both light and dark to blend with the siding.  In the gables I would go with a 5”profile in a lighter colour like Storm or Dover Grey to finish off the look. I would also do the soffit and fascia in the colour you chose for the gables.


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A little old house


Tracy asks:

Hi there, this is great that you can do this for me. Thank you in advance. So here is a house renovation. (there is a little old house under all this) Anyway, I love craftsman style, I also like vertical siding, I don’t like rock just straight across the bottom of a house. My husband does not like angled pillars so they will just stay square, maybe we’ll put rock on the bottom of the pillars? Question number one… what would rock look like on this house (I don’t even know where to put it). Next question, for the gable ends, I also like the cedar shake look but I can’t visualize lighter cedar shakes then the siding color we have chosen. The siding color is windswept smoke with white trim on windows, facia and soffits. This will compliment our detached garage that is metal siding but the same color. Your help and suggestions would be great.

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Windswept Smoke siding is a great colour. In the gable I would suggest you go with Pebble in the shake and then continue with the white accents you a already chosen.  All three of these colour will look great together. As for the stone, if you do not want to put it on the bottom of the home, the pillars would be a good option. I would go up about 1 foot from the ground with the stone.



Colour of stone veneer


Marni asks:

Wondering if you have a idea for a colour of stone veneer to go with aviator green & wicker. Looking to put some on new attached garage about 1/3 of way up.

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Any stone which has green/grey and neutral tones would go with these colours. It does not have to have the exact colours in it, just those tones.  There are many types of stone out here that would include these colours.




Vertical siding with verseta stone



Jim asks:


I would like to reside with vertical siding and verseta stone ,leaning towards a earth tone ,with horizontal shake siding on peaks.


Jim 1 Jim 2 Jim 3


I like your idea of stone on the bottom and shakes in the peak.  I assume you are looking for guidance with colours.  I might suggest you try the Versetta Stone product in the Tight Cut profile in Plum Creek on the bottom with Windswept Smoke in the Board and Batten siding with Foundry’s Shake in the peaks in Pebble.  The Plum Creek has both grey and brown tones in it so all of the colours will blend well together.


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Re-siding in the near future.


Jennifer asks:

We are going to be re-siding our house in the very near future. We were initially going to go with Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke, but due to the cost of this premium siding we have shifted toward Storm. The gables (not really seen in the picture, but there is one on each end of the house and one on the garage) will be done in Board and Batten in the same color. We would also like to do the Novik Dry Stack Stone along the bottom of the house….and garage as I can see no possible way to \”end\” the stone between the house and attached garage. I am having issues finding an actual, physical sample of the stone for reference as the computer distorts the colors. I have a few questions that I would like your opinion on. How far up the house should we go with the stone? We were thinking 3 panels (so approx 34 inches high) which takes it to the top of the third row of the current siding and avoids the waste of piecing it around the top of the window and saves the cost of another entire row across the length of the house. Would this look \”off\”? What color would work with out chosen siding color Storm? Something more to the grey side? I\’m thinking something with a hint of brown tones though. I\’m having difficulty imaging the house in any color at all! Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated…..even if they are completely different from mine!

Jennifer MAnswer:


I think the Novik Dry Stack Stone will look great on your home.  I would go up about as far as you currently have the blue siding (even a bit higher would be fine to not have any waste).   If you are stuck on Storm as your colour, you would need to chose a colour that has some grey/brown and maybe even greenish tones to it.  If you are open to other colours for the siding, I might suggest you look at Pebble because it will be a better blend with most of the Novik stone colours. It is a neutral colour and will look great with any stone that have grey tones to it as well.  You were going to change your soffit, fascia and eaves as well, you could use a colour like Gentek’s Sable to bring it all together.  Whichever siding colour you chose, choose the stone based on that colour and which one has the similar tones in it.


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Colour choices for a new build (cabin)


Sheri asks:

We have built this cabin and we have decided to go with windswept smoke as our main color. What we were thinking is at the back of the cabin (where there is only the one window), to put shaker style in the pebble to where the roof line ends. Our windows have black brick mould. What color should we do the trim and facia and soffits? Should we put brick half way up the wall in the basement walkout, or do it all in Windswept smoke and do the posts in a brick? The shingles are dark (blackish/grey). We will be siding the fireplace, as we can’t afford brick. We are assuming that should be all done in Windswept smoke as well?


What a beautiful cabin. I love your choice for Windswept Smoke with Pebble in the gable. I would continue and use Pebble as the trim colour around the windows to bring it all together. As for the back wall, I would definitely add a stone product up the back wall in the basement walkout. An entire wall of the siding, would make the wall seem extra high. The stone product would create more dimension on the home and break up the tall wall. When you chose the stone product, make sure it has both grey and neutral tones to blend well with the Windswept Smoke and Pebble. As for the fireplace, I do not see it in the drawings, but I would be hesitant to side a fireplace in vinyl siding because of the heat that could ruin it. Stone or brick would be the preferred choice. As for colour, Windswept Smoke would be a good choice for the colour to bring it together with the home.

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Redesigning an entryway


Bernadine asks: I need some help with the entryway of my house…the front of the house is too flat and I need some architectural interest. I need to keep the green trim on my house, and vinyl siding for the side and back of the house, but I can look at different material/siding for the front of the house. Maybe stone on the bottom and shake siding at the top? The door colour? And maybe window boxes?



If you are looking to add some texture or flair to the front of your home, I would definitely suggest a faux stone product on the bottom, going as high as the bottom of the windows. You could go with a product like Versetta Stone’s Ledgestone profile in the Terra Rosa colour. The tones in this stone will blend well with the green trim colour and would add the flair to the front of your home you desire. As for the portion above the stone, you might want to consider a vertical siding in one of the tones in the Stone, like Pebble, or Grey or Sage. These colours would also look good with the green trim colour and the vertical siding will give the illusion of increased height of the home.

What colour and style of stone siding you would suggest for our home?


Kerry asks:

Hi. We want to update our home. Red brick will be staying. I was thinking of stone look siding for the main area and shaker style siding for the rest. I do like dark brown soffit and fascia, but am open to options. I am not sure if vertical brown strip down center should stay. What colour and style of stone siding you would suggest? Thanks.

July 28 2b July 28 2a


A popular, modern looking trend right now is to match dark grey or black with red brick. In the case of your home, I would suggest that you go with the shake siding on your home in a darker grey tone.  I would then change out the colour of the trim (eaves, soffit, fascia) to a dark grey colour that blends or is the same colour as the shake.  I might suggest Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore in this case.  You can get shake profile in either of these Gentek colours in the Foundry Siding collection.  You can see this product at www.foundrysiding.com.

Versetta Stone®: Stone’s Timeless Appeal with Siding’s Simplicity


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