What colour would you suggest?


Claudine asks:


We will be replacing the eavestrough in the Spring and would like to go with a windswept smoke as the colour or stay in the grey tones – sick of the taupe, brown colours – will also be replacing our front door and garage door to match.  (Sorry only picture is of the back of the house).  What colour would you suggest?

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I like Windswept Smoke with your brick colour you could also try Gentek’s Sable colour as an option for your soffit, fascia and eaves. It is a grey colour that has some brown undertones that would blend well with the brick.

Considering board and batten


Ludwik asks:

Hello, we are planning to replace, siding, soffits, gutters etc in our house. Color of our windows is pebble and we are thinking about the same color for siding and the rest but we are open minded for other color suggestions. For siding we are also considering board and batten style. What are your suggestions?

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Pebble would be a nice choice for the siding, soffit and fascia.  Another suggestion I have is Pebble for the siding, to lighten the look of the home, and then go with Sable, for the Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough on the home.  Sable has both brown and grey tones to it that would look great with the Pebble and the brick colour.  As for the profile of the siding, I think that the horizontal siding looks good on the home, but the Board and Batten siding would add some more character to the home and give it a different look, I would definitely consider the Board and Batten.

Match the angel stone and roof


Melissa asks:

Hello, We are planning on putting all new soffit, fascia, eaves, downspouts and siding on our home, plus a new front door. Can you please give us some suggestions for colours for these and what style of siding that would match the angel stone and roof? We are also planning on painting the brick a medium smokey grey colour. For the soffit and fascia we were thinking of the colour Sable and the siding we weren’t too sure. Windswept smoke maybe? Also the windows will stay the colour white. What colour door would you suggest, we were thinking of a solid wood dark brown barn style door. Any help would be appreciated!


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I like the ideas of Windswept Smoke in a vertical siding like Board and Batten to create a different look. As for the soffit, fascia and eavestrough, I like Sable, but I would also consider Pebble to bring the grey and the stone together.  Either would look good.  As for the door, I like the brown but I would not go too brown, maybe something like Gentek’s Dark Drift or Saddle Brown.

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Can’t decide on colour


Gosia asks:

We need to replace rainspouts, fascia and soffit. Can’t decide on colour. Should we use one colour for all three or get soffit a shade lighter then fascia and rainspouts? Roof needs to be replaced as well.

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I would keep the soffit, fascia and eavestrough on your home all the same colour and my suggestion would be the colour closest to the colour of the siding on your home.  I think Pebble might be close.  If you having a hard time finding a colour that is close, try Gentek’s Sable colour, in has both brown and grey and greenish tones in it that would look good with the brick and siding colour.


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Building a new house in 2017




We are building a new house in 2017. For the rear walkout we want to use gentek double 4.5 Dutch horizontal in the coastal blue-change it up on the upper walls and use coastal blue in the board and batten profile and do a complimentary vinyl shake in all the gable ends. Windows and doors will be white. The question is what colour should we use for the gable shakes as well as the soffit, fascia and trough to compliment.



If you like a more monotone look you could go with Gentek’s Rockwell blue in the gable to give it some depth with a darker colour.  If you would like a contrast look, you could try Gentek’s Monterey Sand in the gables and then go white for the soffit, fascia and eaves to bring it all together.


Siding suggestions for colours


Debbie asks:


Hi I am hoping to get soffit, fascia, eavestrough, and . We want to do darker colours but our windows are white and we are not replacing them right now. Would this work?


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Dark colours for your soffit, fascia and eaves would be great. I would go with a dark brown or even a dark grey like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke, which has some brown tones in it.

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Bring this home back to 2016


Gary asks:

Hi, Please help with some ideas to bring this home back to 2016! Please ignore the statues and water fountain in front as it is being removed. White vinyl windows and light gray roof was replaced in 2015 so they will be staying. White vinyl siding is perfect condition and it very clean so I am looking for ideas to work with what I have. I am willing to remove/replace the front door, gray fascia, gray shutters. I am thinking of some, a lot or all stone for the front! Along with 2 pillars holding front porch either in stone or custom wood work. Can you please make some suggestions on what will work with the light gray shingles and white siding! Thanks

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Dark colours are in right now, especially dark greys.  I would replace your soffit, fascia and shutters with Gentek’s Iron Ore colour to start.  If you were willing to add some stone work to the front of the home, I would suggest some stone with both light and dark grey tones in it to add some dimension and style to the home. I would put the stone about 1/3 of the way up the first level of the home.  I like the idea of the pillars for the front but maybe go with some dark coloured aluminum or wood ones.  As for the front door, I would go with something like Black or be bold and go red to make it the focal point of the home.

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We like neutral colours


Tara asks:

Hello, we are renovating our house, we would like some advice on stucco, trim around windows, soffit and fascia. We like neutral colours such as beige and light gray. We would really appreciate your advice for colour selection.


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To keep with the colours that you like, I would suggest you do the stucco  colour close to Gentek’s Pebble and then trim your windows and soffit and fascia in Gentek’s Sable colour.  This will tie it together with the colour of your roof and your garage doors.

1930’s era red brick home


Brenda asks:

We are building a two-storey addition on the back of our 1930’s era red brick home. We have a chocolate brown steel roof with beige and brown trim, soffits, etc. We would like to use the board and batten siding on the addition. What colour should we choose for the siding to tie in the red brick, brown and beige? We definitely prefer darker colours over light.

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If you want to go with a darker colour, I would suggest Gentek’s Windswept Smoke. It is grey but with brown undertones which look great with your colour of brick.  I think if you tried to go with a true brown, the house would be too dark and monotone, the grey tones will add something to the look of the home.


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Decided to use Gentek siding


Quinn asks:

Looking into replacing the exterior of my house and have decided to use gentek siding. In the first photo is my house front I am thinking of doing aspen out of your northern forest collection for the whole house. Would you recommend going with the 4\” or 5\”? What is more common? I also want to do the gable ends in a shingle look I can’t find it on your vinyl part at all but I see it in the picture on the fiber cement portion of your site? Thinking of doing a lighter color like pearl on just the peaks in this. I want to put 1.5\” of styrofoam insulation around the whole house. Looking into doing some \”rock\” look in the front also not sure if i just go up to the bottom of my main picture window across the whole front or do vertical columns just under the 3 front windows. Is there any website you can recommend to plug in my house with your siding colors and add rock colors also?

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Quinn, I like your choice of Aspen for your home. It has a great look on the home.  As for the profile, because you have a one story home, I would suggest you do the stone on the lower portion of the home – up to the bottom of the windows and the front of the home and then use a the Board and Batten profile to great the illusion of height.  The stone you should pick should be in the grey tones, preferably both light and dark to blend with the siding.  In the gables I would go with a 5”profile in a lighter colour like Storm or Dover Grey to finish off the look. I would also do the soffit and fascia in the colour you chose for the gables.


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