Two different tones or two different materials.


Nancy asks:

Hello. We would like to replace our exterior siding. We are leaning toward grey tones and, if possible, two different tones or two different materials. Thank you.

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I agree with your choice of grey tones and I would suggest Gentek’s Sierra Steel Siding in Iron Ore on the left hand side of the home. I would then go with stucco on the portion of the home around the garage door in a lighter colour similar to Gentek’s storm. This contrast would look great and create some more dimension to the home. If you were willing to go with just one type of siding, I would suggest Gentek’s Sierra Steel siding in Storm and then trim the windows, doors and garage door in Iron Ore. The fact that the home is basically one story, I would not do two different colours or types of siding on one wall because it will break up the wall and make the home seem even shorter.

Darker Colour: The New Master of the House

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Taylor Red, Watermill Blue, Iron Ore and Sable. Each of these rich colours captures your attention with a bold statement of style. They also make it easy to transform an ordinary home into something extraordinary!

With Sierra™ Steel siding from Gentek, you’ve opened your home to an inspiring palette of high-style colours with rich architectural appeal. Whether the design of your home is a classic colonial, modest bungalow or sleek contemporary structure, this premier siding will redefine the appearance with superb quality and upscale finished look.

Consider, for example, the powerful allure of Taylor Red siding. The luxurious, striking hue lends itself to wide-open design possibilities. Create a dramatic effect with trim or decorative accents in strong colours, such as deep brown, charcoal or black. Darker colour combinations can achieve the essence of exceptional style, from modern grandeur to historic charm. Or, choose softer accents in ivory, light gray or beige tones to add casual sophistication to your home while showcasing architectural details. With a darker siding colour as the backdrop for your exterior design, your home is certain to have that perfectly pulled together look that truly stands apart.

Once you’ve achieved your ideal design, Sierra Steel takes your happiness a step further by ensuring your home will keep its beautiful appearance year after year with very little upkeep. The heavy-duty Galvalume® AZ-50 steel construction features best-in-class KYNAR® PVDF coating technology for maximum durability and resistance to fading, chalking, chipping, pitting and mildew growth. This highly durable siding never needs to be painted – just simply rinse with a garden hose to restore the siding’s like-new beauty.

With a full array of versatile colours and profiles, Sierra Steel has everything you need to debut the newly inspired you. So say goodbye to worn-out white or boring beige – and say hello to the refreshing new colours of Sierra Steel!

Choosing siding material and colours


Mike asks:

We love the look of the wood siding on our house and are interested in achieving a similar look while reducing the ongoing upkeep. Friends of ours recently built their home using a fibre cement siding product (James Hardie siding) and achieved a similar look with more durability. As you’ll note in the pictures, our house is currently sided on the vertical however we are open to changing this if it makes sense, as well as possibly mixing the siding with stone and/or multiple siding/trim options. A significant challenge we have had in visualizing a change is the varying profile/footprint of our house on different elevations. While the back and the left side of the house have flat two storey elevations, the front and right side have some jut-outs for the garage and the family room. Also, the number of windows and doors also add complexity to the design. We would welcome any design ideas you have. Thanks, Mike & Lisa

Mike 1Answer:

There are many options available to you for your home, it all comes down to taste really.Firstly, you will not find that fiber cement siding is low maintenance. It will require painting and recaulking over the years. Please keep this in mind when you make your final decision. I would like you to consider steel siding as an option here as well. Steel siding, truly is low maintenance. It will need no painting, or maintenance over the life of the product. It is easier to install and will look newer longer. It will also give you the look of wood siding that you are looking to achieve.  Gentek has a steel siding brand called Sierra Steel that you should consider. (include one of the shots from our Pinterest page for Sierra Steel).

My suggestion for your home would be to use a stone product on the bottom half of the home in a grey toned stone. Above the stone, I would still suggest you stay with a vertical profile, but I would go with the Sierra Steel 12” Board and Batten.  A more traditional vertical siding, which will give you a classic look.  I would chose a dark colour like Iron Ore for this siding and then trim out the windows and soffit and fascia in Gentek’s Windswept Smoke. This would give you a classic modern look in a dark colour that will help minimize the differences in the home. The multiple siding types should bring the different parts of the home together.

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