Dawn has a question about siding.


Dawn asks

We are having our siding, soffits, fascia, eavestrough done by Thomas Tellier here in Sarnia. I was wondering if I could send you a picture of the house that has siding colours we like and you could tell us what we need to use for everything. We wanted the house to be venetian red with all trim soffit facia and trough Autumn gold it is not available in vinyl for soffits, corner pieces etc? Please tell us what to use to get us a close to that as possible. We also considered green with cream trim but couldn’t find a dark enough green siding colour.

Dawn K



Gentek does have a couple of colours that would work with the Venetian Red – Amber or Harvest Wheat – but neither are available in vinyl soffits, but Harvest Wheat is available in aluminum soffit. If you wanted to stick with vinyl soffit, I might suggest you go with Gentek’s Almond colour instead.


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Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore?

Sarah asks

I am considering residing my home in either Windswept smoke or Iron Ore. the roof is black and the windows will be capped white and the trim will be white as well. I am concerned that it may be too dark.

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Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke would look great with the white accents but I can understand you might be concerned that it is to dark.  The link below will show you what Windswept Smoke looks like with white on a home.  It is not too dark but it does look modern and clean and I think it would look great on your home.



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Sarnia Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd.

New Siding

Karen asks

I am planning to have new siding installed. I replaced the windows last fall and they have a wide 4 inch trim around. I thought board and batten siding would look good, however the contractor said with b&B on an older house (1978), there may not be any blocking and therefore nothing to screw siding into, (walls are 2×6 construction) He suggests I stick with the same siding style currently on the bungalow. The roof is brown – What colours would you suggest? I was planning to trim out the side corners of the house, replace sofftit and eavestrough. Below the deck is concrete blocks parged. I had thought to put faux stone, however he felt that was not a good idea. What would you suggest please?

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I cannot speak to the installation of the siding on your home but I do like your idea of Board and Batten. If that can not be done, I would go with a traditional Bevel siding like Gentek’s Sequoia D4 or D5 siding such as Pebble or Wicker and if you can install a stone product on the bottom, I might suggest Gentek’s Versetta Stone product in Plum Creek colour. The brown roof, your white windows and Pebble siding would all blend well with the Versetta Stone product to finish off the home.


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Nancy asks: Which colour do you think will work best?


Nancy asks

We are In the process of choosing GenStone STACKED STONE for the front of our house. We have new shingles-BP RUSTIC CEADAR and the SIDING we have purchased is GENTEX SEQUIA MONTERAY SAND. The trim colour is BENJAMIN is MOORES – DAVENPORT TAN. I have two colours I think will work.. CORONADO AND MOJAVE. Which colour do you think will work best? Any other suggestions would help. As well we now have NAIL LITE- COLONIAL WHITE with SHUTTERS that will be removed. I want a look that will not require painting of shutters again! As of now we have three walls on the front with the stone look as well as the chimney. Any suggestions in this area as well would help! Should we just come up halfway on the garage door for a modern look? Thanks so much for your help! Looking forward to your response.Nancy K 3 Nancy K 2 Nancy K 1



For the stone I would chose the Mojave to create some contrast on the home with the other lighter colours you have chosen.


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Avalon Home Improvement

Update the front and garage


Kathy asks:


Looking to update the front and garage of our home. Would like to use board and batten, as well as wider trim and the rounded edge siding or the shakes .love the colours maize pebble kaki and espresso. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Kathy 1


I like the idea of using Board and Batten on your home, and you could incorporate shakes to the home on the part of the home that juts out with the window.  As for colour, Espresso is a very dark colour and to do the whole home in that colour might be a bit dark.  If you were to add some stone at the bottom of the home, this would break up the dark colour of Espresso. If you wanted to stick with vinyl siding entirely, I would suggest you go with Pebble and then trim it out with Gentek’s Sable.


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Siding Colour


Alexandra asks:


Hey, We are struggling to make the final decisions on siding colour. We would like something green-ish in medium to pale tone. We are looking at Canyon clay, Sage and Juniper Grove. Here\’s few photos of colours that we like.Trim should be white. Plus, we chose a vinyl siding but the style is not chosen yet. We would like something that looks like the first photo. We would like something resistant that looks like cedar siding 6\’\’ at least. Thanks for your help!


Alexandra 3 Alexandra 1 Alexandra 2Answer:

Question 2 ( Alexandra)

If you are looking to have the same style of siding on the pictures given, I would go with the more traditional Bevel profile of the D5. As for the colour, I like Juniper Grove over Sage in this case.  Juniper Grove is a richer tone which is more popular now adays and will give you a more modern look.


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Board and batten style siding with non-grilled windows


Peggy asks:

We are in the process of getting our house sided and I would like suggestions on colour of siding, trim, soffit, and windows. Our contractor is using Gentek siding and trim. We will be installing the board and batten style siding with non-grilled windows – double hung. Your input is appreciated.


Peggy 1 Peggy 2 Peggy 3Answer:

I am not sure if you have any colour preferences, but my suggestion would be to try Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Rockwell Blue.  Darker colours like these create a modern look to the home and will both look good with the grey roof you have. I would then trim out the siding with Gentek’s Sable or Storm and paint the garage door a colour matching your siding choice.  You do not want the garage door to be the focal point so make it blend in with the siding.   I would change your door to be black or dark grey.

Final decisions



Frank asks:

We are struggling to make the final decisions on siding colour and trim. We need a little help if possible. We are partial to green and darker sidiing colours. Moonlit Moss and Windswept Smoke, We are looking at aluminum trim from our contractor who will be supplying your products to us. Trim colours we are looking at with the Moss are Canyon Clay or Sandalwood, or Pebble, and so forth although I like brownstone as an option. We are also using trim around windows which are now white with white brickmold.

Frank 1 Frank 2



I like Moonlit Moss for the siding and my suggest for trim would be Almond.  It is a great combination!  Please see this pic from our Pinterest site.

I like the Almond colour with your brick.


Moonlit Moss with Almond Trim- Vertical Siding in Gable #siding

Moonlit Moss with Almond Trim- Vertical Siding in Gable #siding

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Siding, trim, and shutters


Vince asks

I would like to update my siding at the front of the house plus add siding around the front entrance area. I am putting a cypress colour ledgestone natural veneer on the brick surrounding the garage door and bay window. Any input for siding, trim, and shutters colours would be very much appreciated.

Vince 1

I might suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift for your siding and then use either Mountain Arbor or Moonlit Moss (whichever is closest to your Cypress colour) for the soffit, facsia, trim and shutter. This would bring together the ledgestone, brick and roof colours of your home.


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Modernize the look of our home


Arlene asks:

We are looking to modernize the look of our home. The colours are outdated and too many tones competing with each other.  The brick is a washed out pink orange with shades of grey. We would like to harmonize yet accomplish a dramatic and more elegant look while keeping the brick. We are changing the roof (Certainteed Landmark pro), fascia, soffits, garage and front door. An entrepreneur will then paint the siding a Gentek colour.   We are wanting to do black Fascia/trim, soffits, gutters, gray siding and paint the window trim black.  Shutters will be changed or removed. We do not know what to do with the front door. Are we on the right track? Or will a black trim make the house look darker, smaller and clash with the remaining white squares inside the windows that cannot be painted?  I see the white windows as a significant obstacle to modernizing the look of our home but we are not willing to invest in changing them again.

Arlene 1 Arlene 2 Arlene 3


I think that Gentek’s Windswept Smoke siding would look great with your brick.  I do think that black might be too dark. I would go with Pebble as the soffit, fascia and garage door.  I would make the front door a focal point and change it to black.  I think you need to keep the shutters but I would also replace them with Pebble ones.  The white ones draw your eyes to the white windows. Pebble shutters will bring the look of the trim and siding together and draw your eye away from the white windows.

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