Vertical or Horizontal


Sébastien asks:


We were thinking of blue siding on our home, either vertical or horizontal, with the bottom portion either in another colour or in the opposite siding orientation or in wood shingles. White detailing and a red door.




I like the idea of two different siding types of the home. I would suggest a vertical siding on the lower portion of the home and then go with a perfect shake for the top portion of the home.  I would suggest a slightly darker colour on the bottom portion like Midnight Surf and then the shakes in Rockwell Blue to add some contrast. Along with the white red door and white detailing, your home would look great.

Color of siding would be closest to the siding in the picture


Annie asks:


We are using Gentek Steel Siding. Can you please tell me what color of siding would be closest to the siding in the picture. The trim will be white, shingles and shutters are black and the door will be a dark teal. It would be very helpful if you had pictures of homes in each color siding. It\’s very hard to tell from a small sample what an entire home would look like. Thank you!




The siding in this picture is closest to Gentek’s Storm colour in the Sierra Steel siding.  This would look great with the teal, black and white you have already chosen.

Please help me make my home look amazing


Danelle asks:


I am in need of some designer help. We bought our home last year. It\’s a 1977 4 level split. We are replacing all of the windows and doing Siding. I\’m having such a hard time with colour choice. The windows will be white trim and the rock face is going also as we feel it ages the home. I\’m thinking of a charcoal grey with white trim but I\’m not sure lol. The home sits on 6 acres and is beautiful but I just need some suggestions please help me make my home look amazing.




I like the stone and I think with the right colour of siding I think the home will look much more modern.  I would go with a darker look for your siding like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or even Iron Ore and then trim the windows with Gentek’s Pebble colour.  I love the combination of these two colours and with that stone, it would look great.  People are paying to have stone like this put on the home.  If you still want to replace it, I would still chose the same colour combinations, and I would use Gentek’s Board and Batten where the stone is and around the window on the right and then shakes in the gable.


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Renovate the front exterior of our house


Alisa asks:


Hi! We are going to renovate the front exterior of our house. The cream coloured stucco (on the sides and back of house), the white vinyl windows/trim and the beach wood Mystique 42 shingles will remain unchanged. We are wanting to replace the brick columns on either side of garage door with Versetta Stone, Plum Creek Ledgestone and replace the wood siding with horizontal Gentek Sequoia vinyl in Drift Wood. We are getting new soffit/fascia/eaves in white and will likely paint the front doors and garage door. The problem is our local suppliers have such small sample colours to look at that we aren\’t sure if the stone will go with the siding (and if they will go with the rest of the house)?? We were also considering Espresso, but thought it would be too dark and Wicker which we thought would be too light. We are open to any suggestions.


Alisa 1 Alisa 2 Alisa 3


Dark Drift would be my choice for the siding but I would like to suggest you go with a more neutral colour like Almond or Monterey Sand for the soffit, fascia and eaves.  You have created such a warm look with the stone and siding, the white would look to stark for me.  I know the windows are white and that is fine but you are adding too much white when you use it for the soffit, fascia and eaves.

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Suggestions for colour for aluminum siding.


Ken asks:


I am changing my roof and thinking about changing the color of our aluminum siding, I would prefer to stay with aluminum and not vinyl. Do you have any suggestion for color.

Ken 1Answer:

I like the idea of having your siding a dark grey like the colour of your shutters are now. I would then go with a lighter grey colour for the roof.  As for the shutters, I would then paint or replace them with lighter colour similar to your brick colour to bring it all together.




Doing a window project this fall


KC asks:


I\’m doing a window project this fall, and I\’m thinking it might be best to do siding/eaves troughs at the same time. Any thoughts on something more current than baby blue would be appreciated. I\’m hoping for a dark grey or greygreen, and I like the board and batten look, but not sure if the house can support it. Vinyl siding is what I had in mind. (Windows will be white vinyl -gentek)


KC 1 KC 2Answer:

You would definitely be able to use Board and Batten and my suggestion would be Gentek’s Windswept Smoke as both your siding and eaves.  I would also paint or change your shutters to Windswept Smoke as well.  This colour will look good with your roof, brick and window colours.


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Focusing efforts on the exterior.


Joanne asks:


We purchased this home over a year ago and our now focusing our efforts on the exterior. We are going to be replacing the soffits, facia, etc. and the siding on the gable ends of the house this fall. We have arranged a contractor but haven\’t finalized product. We really like the look of wood with the taupe grey brick and have been looking at photos of the longboard product from Gentek. We have removed the shutters and like the look of that and will be replacing the front door as well. The windows are all new and will remain white. Would appreciate some input for colour options for gables, garage door, front door and detail below windows. We also will be siding the new garden shed to the west of the house in a complimentary colour to the house. Currently the front porch and walkway are being replaced with new paving stone that matches the house with black stone risers.

Joanne 1 Joanne 2 Joanne 3Answer:

I like the options you have chosen already.  For the gables, I would go with a darker colour like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke and also paint the garage door this colour as well.  I would go with a black front door and replace the siding under the windows with a vertical siding in Windswept Smoke as well.

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Siding/Trim Colour suggestions


Kelly asks:


Looking for siding/trim color suggestions. Thinking of possibly white siding, grey peaks, dark grey or black trim??

Kelly 1 Kelly 2Answer:

I must tell you, I like the look of your home as it is. Very modern looking.  If you are wanting to make a change, I do not know if I would go with white siding, I might suggest Gentek’s Pearl for the siding, Storm in the peaks and Black for the trim.  I assume you are looking to lighten the look of your home by your suggestion of white.  I think white will be to stark against the dark colour you have chosen.  Pearl with lighten the look, blend well with the stone and brick and give the home some dimension.

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Stone, Siding and Gable


Jerry asks:

Looking at stone, siding & gable accents!


Jerry 1Answer:

Jerry, I assume you are looking for colour guidance for the renovation on your home and that the roof and windows will not be changing.  With this in mind, you have many options you could go with. In terms of a stone product, you could try Versetta Stone’s Ledgestone profile in Terra Rosa colour with a vertical Board and Batten vinyl siding in Moonlit Moss with Pebble shakes in the gables to give the accent you are looking for.  I would suggest that you also paint your garage door Moonlit Moss or Pebble to help it blend into the home. You do not want it to be a focal point of the home.  These colours will blend well with the cream colour of your windows and the brown roof.

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What colours would work well with a tan roof?


Sonja asks

We need to reside our home but we cannot figure out how to put the colours together, especially with a tan coloured roof. We were thinking blue siding and then black shutters, or maybe a timeless classic look. All our neighbours sidings are beiges, and whites, we would like something different. Can you help us out please?


Sonja O 1 Sonja O 2 Sonja O 3


My first suggestion for your home would be Gentek’s Mountain Arbour colour which would look great with your tan roof. I would trim out the home in Pebble or Monterey Sand to create a modern look.  If you are still looking at blue as an option, I would suggest Gentek’s Rockwell Blue with either Pebble or Monterey Sand as the trim colour.  Either of these colours would give you a modern look that would distinguish yourself from your neigbours.


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