Horizontal Vs. Vertical Siding: 4 Things to Keep In Mind



Thinking of changing up your exterior siding? Whether your siding has seen its final days or you’re switching things up for aesthetic reasons, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether you’ll use horizontal or vertical siding. The style you choose will affect your curb appeal and the first impression you make with your home. There is plenty to consider, so we’re helping you out in this post with four things to keep in mind when choosing between horizontal and vertical siding! 

1. All About Aesthetics 

If you’re looking to go the more conventional route for your home exterior, stick with horizontal siding. If you look around your neighbourhood, you’ll likely find that horizontal siding is more prominent, and if you want your home to fit in among the others, horizontal siding is for you. It’s simple, timeless, and beautiful, and you can pretty much guarantee it will never go out of style. 

However, if you want your home to have a sense of uniqueness, vertical siding is the way to go. It will help your home stand out and catch the eye of anyone who walks by. Although it’s not as conventional as horizontal siding, it’s still extremely elegant and timeless, and appeals to a wide range of people. If you’re interested in vertical siding, Gentek’s Board and Batten Vertical Siding is beautifully crafted and offers historic appeal blended with modern elegance. It holds our widest selection of colour so you can find the one that suits your home perfectly. 

2. Durability

When it comes to durability, it’s really more about the material you choose than whether your siding is vertical or horizontal. For example, both horizontal and vertical siding in materials like vinyl, aluminum and fiber cement will be durable. If you opt for a material like wood, you’re going to have more problems with horizontal siding than vertical. With horizontal siding you run the risk of rainwater damage, which can overtime lead to mold and mildew. Vertical siding allows water to run right off it, so it is not as much of an issue. 

3. Installation and Budget 

Since horizontal siding is much more common than vertical siding for home exteriors, the installation process is typically quicker and more straightforward. Vertical siding requires more steps in the installation process, requiring a layer of furring strips to be placed down horizontally before the siding. This is done to smooth the surface and ensure a clean, aligned look. As a result, vertical siding tends to take longer to install and can be more expensive. The price of the siding will also depend on the material you choose to use.

4. Maintenance 

All siding requires maintenance, but the amount of maintenance varies with the type of material used. Vinyl siding typically requires the least maintenance since it requires no repainting or frequent replacing, and wood requires the most. When it comes to cleaning, horizontal panels can lead to water leakage, so require a more complex cleaning regimen. Vertical panels can be cleaned easily with a power washer without worrying about any leakage. If you choose to go with Board and Batten Vertical Siding, the watertight properties are increased since the filler strips cover any seams in your siding.

Don’t forget, you can always use a mix of vertical and horizontal siding for a beautiful visual effect. This is a great option if you love the look of both and can’t decide what to use! Take a look at Gentek’s full siding range and find the siding you love most! 

Install. Rinse. Repeat. Why EnFusion Siding is So Great



Today’s typical busy lifestyle requires simplicity and ease, especially when it comes to your home’s exterior. Sequoia Select EnFusion Siding offers a low maintenance, energy saving option that’s durable and easy on the eyes. The luxurious laminated vinyl siding is sturdy enough to withstand severe winds, with high-density insulation to soften outside noise.

If you’re working on a home renovation with the hopes of finding the perfect siding, EnFusion Sising has a gorgeous, wood-like appearance with carefree maintenance. It offers beauty, protection and durability for a home exterior that fits with every homeowner’s needs.

It’s not available everywhere, but Gentek offers a range of colours to perfectly match your home exterior. Visit your local Gentek distributor to grab some samples and see how it works with your home! Here are 4 reasons why EnFusion Siding is so great!


If you’re like most homeowners, design, durability and simplicity are three of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing exterior siding. EnFusion Siding is durable, dent-resistant and solid in colour, so you never need to worry about painting it. Plus, it’s extremely low maintenance. All you need to do is spray it with a garden hose now and then to remove dust and dirt.

With natural cedargrain texture and detail, EnFusion Siding provides a beautiful wood-like appearance. The worry-free exterior will enhance your home’s curb appeal and add to the value of your house. If you want the true wood look without the maintenance and worry of rot and pests, EnFusion Siding is an excellent option.


Gentek makes it easy for you to match your EnFusion Siding perfectly to the exterior design of your home. With the lighter Classic Colour range including Snow White, Antique Ivory and Sage, to the richer Designer Colour range including shades like Venetian Red and Windswept Smoke, you can create the elegant look you’ve always wanted.

Make sure to check your local Gentek distributor to see which colours are available in your area!

Energy Savings

If energy efficiency tops your list of must-haves for your home, you should definitely consider EnFusion Siding. The vinyl panel contains expanded polystyrene rigid foam insulation for increased energy savings. This decreases the heating and cooling costs of your home. It also comes equipped with custom-contoured insulation to protect your house from extreme weather and energy loss.

Stability and Resistance

With an interlocking design, the siding panels are secured in place for incredible strength and stability. It has also been laboratory tested to resist winds up to Category 5 Hurricane rating, and has been treated with nontoxic mineral additive to stop pests from residing within the siding.

If you struggle with uneven wall surfaces, the double-strength wall attachment fortifies the structural integrity. And the high-performance material won’t rot or warp due to moisture. All in all, the siding is extremely resistant, stable and worry-free!

EnFusion Siding is a low maintenance, high quality option that will completely upgrade your home exterior. With beauty, stability and energy efficiency, what more could you ask for?


How to Pick the Siding Colour for Your Home


Choosing the right siding colour is key to designing a beautiful home exterior. The colour you choose will impact how you see and feel about your home, and will undoubtedly influence its value. Your siding colour should complement your roof, and other key aspects of your exterior, such as your landscaping and neighbourhood aesthetic.

It’s not a decision that should be made quickly or without careful consideration. Take your time deciding on the perfect siding shade that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Make sure it’s something you love to come home to everyday, and that it suits the architecture of your house as well as its surroundings.

Gentek offers an array of colours to choose from for all your siding needs, as well as custom colour options to ensure you get the exact shade you’re searching for.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to picking the perfect siding colour for your home. Here are our top 4 tips!

Think About Landscaping

Whether you’ve already invested in landscaping for your home, or have something in mind, make sure to add it into the equation when picking your siding colour. Look to your landscape to help narrow down your colour choices. It ultimately depends on whether you want something more natural, sophisticated, or dramatic, but whichever style you choose, your landscape style and home exterior should complement each other.

Consider Your Roof Colour

The siding colour you choose must go with your roof colour. If the two don’t mesh well, you won’t be loving the look of your exterior and the value will likely take a hit as well. If you have a dark roof, a lighter or more neutral siding will provide a nice contrast. If you have a light-coloured roof, a darker, richer siding hue may be the perfect one for you.

Check Out Your Neighbourhood

Take a walk around your neighbourhood to really get a feel for the neighbourhood aesthetic. Unless all the homes in your borough are eclectic and unique, you should consider a siding colour that fits the vibe of your surroundings. You want to pick a shade that looks good in your particular location, while still keeping your own style in mind.

The Big Picture

The siding colour isn’t the only colour you have to worry about when it comes to your home exterior. You also have doors (front and perhaps garage), windows, a roof, a porch, and maybe even other exterior materials such as a brick chimney. It’s crucial to make sure all these colours work together to create a stunning home exterior. You don’t want to mismatch your door and siding colour, just as much as you don’t want your porch colour clashing with your roof.

Choosing the right siding colour for your home isn’t an easy task, but with the right tips and our expert advice, your home exterior is bound to be as beautiful as you envision it.


Which Siding Should You Use? Top 5 Options



Whether you’re remodeling your home for yourself or for resale, choosing the right siding is essential. Pick a siding with aesthetics, durability and versatility in mind. If it’s important for you to have a custom look, make sure the siding you choose is easily customizable and will work into your vision. Some sidings are more challenging to work with than others, so get all the facts upfront!

The siding you choose can have a big effect on the look and function of your home. While some siding materials require lots of maintenance and tough installation, others are easier to install and don’t require as many touch-ups over the years. It’s important to understand the benefits of each type of siding, as well as the pros and cons.

It’s not an easy decision to make, but once you do, you’ll be left with a gorgeous update to your home’s appearance. Check out the top 5 options for siding!


While there are some downsides to using wood siding (maintenance and lack of insulation), it’s still a popular option for homeowners who love the rustic, natural look. If you care for it properly, it can last for decades, and it’s extremely customizable since it’s such a pliable material. With so many ways to customize, from clapboard to shingles, light to dark wood, and different shapes and sizes, natural wood is a beautiful way to outfit your home.

Cedar Impressions

Cedar impressions hinge on the pricier side, but are definitely worth the investment. It’s modeled from real wood cedar shingles, and although it looks like natural wood, it doesn’t require as much maintenance. If you’re looking to add character to your home and you love the traditional home feel, cedar impressions are the way to go.


With composite siding, you’re able to get a very customizable look. It’s available in an array of materials including aluminum, fiber cement and asphalt, and comes in the form of shingles or boards. It’s installed like wood and you can choose from a handful of different types of trim and accessories. Although it’s harder to work with than some other siding options, it’s fireproof and rot-resistant, so is pretty low maintenance. Installing composite requires an expert installer, because you have to wear personal protective equipment and use special installation techniques to do it properly.


When it comes to siding, vinyl is the most common material used. It’s cost efficient, easy to install and comes in a variety of colours and textures to fit your home outfitting needs. Not to mention, the low maintenance involved, making it appealing to many. It’s water repellant and durable in any climate, but it doesn’t provide insulation to the home unless insulation is added.

Are you thinking of switching up the siding on your home? Which siding option are you most drawn to?

For all your siding needs, reach out to a Gentek contractor. Not sure who sells our products? Click here and get the list:


Siding colours for our home


Marty asks:


We are trying to decide on siding colours for our home. We are looking at the Gentek sequoia line and will likely do a combination of board and batten and horizontal siding as well as an accent wall in stone. We have a brown metal roof and currently the house is painted in cedar tones. We would like to stay away from Browns and beiges. We thought of Venetian red as a choice but think it might look too “barn-like”. Leaning now towards windswept smoke or dark drift with white trim. Any advice ?

Marty 1 Marty 2











I do agree with you, the red would create the barn look you don’t want.  I like Windswept Smoke with a white trim to give a more traditional look. It you would like to go a bit more modern you could try Pebble or Canyon Clay as the trim colour for the home.  Either option would look great, it is more a decision based on your taste.

Considering board and batten


Ludwik asks:

Hello, we are planning to replace, siding, soffits, gutters etc in our house. Color of our windows is pebble and we are thinking about the same color for siding and the rest but we are open minded for other color suggestions. For siding we are also considering board and batten style. What are your suggestions?

Ludwik 1







Ludwik 3








Ludwik 2









Pebble would be a nice choice for the siding, soffit and fascia.  Another suggestion I have is Pebble for the siding, to lighten the look of the home, and then go with Sable, for the Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough on the home.  Sable has both brown and grey tones to it that would look great with the Pebble and the brick colour.  As for the profile of the siding, I think that the horizontal siding looks good on the home, but the Board and Batten siding would add some more character to the home and give it a different look, I would definitely consider the Board and Batten.

Can’t decide on colour


Gosia asks:

We need to replace rainspouts, fascia and soffit. Can’t decide on colour. Should we use one colour for all three or get soffit a shade lighter then fascia and rainspouts? Roof needs to be replaced as well.

Gosia 2 Gosia 3









Gosia 1














I would keep the soffit, fascia and eavestrough on your home all the same colour and my suggestion would be the colour closest to the colour of the siding on your home.  I think Pebble might be close.  If you having a hard time finding a colour that is close, try Gentek’s Sable colour, in has both brown and grey and greenish tones in it that would look good with the brick and siding colour.


These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

David D. Snell Building ServicesCustom Aluminum Windows & Siding Ltd., and

CLC Siding Contracting
2480 Royal Windsor Drive Oakville
ON, L6J 7Y3
Phone: (905) 338-0320


Reside my whole house


Treena asks:

I would like to reside my whole house, get rid of the brick, window boxes and shutters. We are also redoing the fascia, sofit and eves. Our fence is a solid stain in Behr Cordovan Brown. Would like help on siding color, trim, etc. Something that compliments the fence, open to anything! Would like the wow factor if that is possible.

Treena 1









Treena 2









Treena 3










I actually like the red brick on your home and I would love to see you keep it.  I would then use siding on the home in Iron Ore and then use Pebble or Dark Drift as your soffit, fascia and trim colour.  This would give you the Wow factor you are looking for.

These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

Peter Van Egmond and Sons,  Quality Exterior Systems Inc. and  Greenlee Siding & Windows

Two different tones or two different materials.


Nancy asks:

Hello. We would like to replace our exterior siding. We are leaning toward grey tones and, if possible, two different tones or two different materials. Thank you.

Nancy 2 Nancy 3










I agree with your choice of grey tones and I would suggest Gentek’s Sierra Steel Siding in Iron Ore on the left hand side of the home. I would then go with stucco on the portion of the home around the garage door in a lighter colour similar to Gentek’s storm. This contrast would look great and create some more dimension to the home. If you were willing to go with just one type of siding, I would suggest Gentek’s Sierra Steel siding in Storm and then trim the windows, doors and garage door in Iron Ore. The fact that the home is basically one story, I would not do two different colours or types of siding on one wall because it will break up the wall and make the home seem even shorter.

Match our pebble trim and garage doors




We are currently in the process of picking a new siding color to match our pebble trim and garage doors. Would deep moss look good and if so what color should we go on the windows and front door? Thanks


Amanda 1 Amanda 2Answer:

Moonlit Moss looks great with Pebble accents. I would definitely chose it for the siding. As for the windows, why not try Wicker and Dark brown like Gentek’s Espresso for the door.