What colours should we choose for our patio and shutters?


Francine asks:

Hello. Last year we replaced our roof. I would now like to have the louvered shutters match the colour of the house and the front door; in a way, refresh the front of the house. What do you suggest? I am also changing the colour of our patio at the back. I would gladly welcome a few ideas.


francine b


For your shutters, I might suggest you go with a darker blue colour, close to your roof colour.  As for your deck, I would suggest you simply paint it white.

What colour should we choose for our shutters?


Ahmed asks:

Hi, we have begun the process of changing our siding from a white colour to Windswept Smoke. We are also changing the front door to the door in the attached image. We are now wondering about an opinion on the colour of shutters to blend in with the brick on the front of the house. Originally we debated on white, but we are now thinking of something with red tones in it. Would that look awful with the Windswept Smoke colour, or do you have a different suggestion? Thank you.



I would not go with a red tone, I would go with more of a pinky tone.  For example Gentek Sandalwood or Monterey Sand.  I think using a red would look to harsh against the grey.

I would just like to add that I think the white would also be a good choice.  You have many colours on your home and the white would simplify the look.

Either option would look good in the end.

What colour should I choose for my shutters?


Kim asks:

Help! We have stained our raised ranch a dark colour, almost black. I am having trouble because I think I should put something on the windows- they look too blah! I painted the door red . My husband made me shutters to see if I would like those on my windows. The shutters can’t be the same as the door, as it is really bright . I can change the red door if needed . Any suggestions? Thank you!





It looks like your roof is a light brown tone.  I would suggest a shutter that is similar to Gentek’s Pebble colour.   Leave the door red.