Keeping the white soffitts and eavestrough


Laurie asks:

We are replacing the windows and siding but are keeping the white soffitts and eavestrough for now. We are planning on elongating the upper windows by about 12 inches and considering removing the shutters. We will replace all of the windows with casements but do not know if we should use the same colour on the bow window as on the smaller windows. The 2nd photo shows our brick and shingles along with White, Pebble and Dark Drift for the windows and siding, but we are not sure what colour scheme and siding style would best update our home. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Laurie 1 Laurie 2











I would like to see you go with Dark Drift for the siding and Pebble for the windows, which would help blend with the existing stone.  As for the bay window, I would keep it the same colour as the other windows. It is enough of a feature on it’s own, that you don’t have to over emphasize it with a different colour. As for enlarging the windows and removing the shutters, I agree with this, but I would still like to see some constrast colour on that portion of the house, so maybe do a wide capping of the window in Pebble as well.



Gord asks:


Our lakehouse is sided with your Board and Batten \”Pebble\” vinyl siding. Windows are white with white brick molding around them. I feel we need something more….. I had thought of putting a gingerbread/gable decoration at the peak – something to bring the eye up. Unfortunately I haven\’t been successful in finding a vinyl product for that. SO, I am now looking at the possibility of putting shutters on the windows – at least the top two and possibility the garage windows. Something to increase the size of those windows and create a better balance. I am in need of some expertise before I go ahead. Do I go with the shutters? Do I choose a white shutter or go with a smokey grey to give it interest? Our smaller windows are 43\” wide and 55 \” long. What width and style would the shutters be. I assume I can custom order them from you? Any other suggestions would be most appreciated as well. Thank you so very much!!


Gord S 1 Gord S 2


The Pebble looks great on this lakehouse.  You could add a gingerbread to the home but it will change the look of the home entirely.  A company called Chemcrest makes these types of products, but they will not be vinyl, they are polyurethane.  They are white and ready for painting.  I like the idea of shutters on the upper windows better and I agree they should be a grey tone like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Sable.  Pebble and Windswept Smoke look great together and just the addition of the contrast colour will add that “something” to the home you are looking for.  Shutters will keep the clean look you already have on the home.


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New shutters



Luc asks:

We just bought a new house and had our windows changed. They are now Gentek Slate. We are planning to have new shutters but we don\’t know what color they should be. The gutter/fascia/soffit is a light yellow. A designer suggested to change the gutter/fascia/soffit to Gentek Sandstone. What color the shutters should be? Thanks for your help.


Luc 1

My first choice for your shutters would be Gentek’s Iron Ore.  I like Sandstone, but I would be afraid they might blend into the brick too much.   Iron Ore would add some contrast to the home and colour.

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  Bernard Longpré inc.,

Siding, trim, and shutters


Vince asks

I would like to update my siding at the front of the house plus add siding around the front entrance area. I am putting a cypress colour ledgestone natural veneer on the brick surrounding the garage door and bay window. Any input for siding, trim, and shutters colours would be very much appreciated.

Vince 1

I might suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift for your siding and then use either Mountain Arbor or Moonlit Moss (whichever is closest to your Cypress colour) for the soffit, facsia, trim and shutter. This would bring together the ledgestone, brick and roof colours of your home.


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Michel – We Would Like to Add a Bit of Colour to Our building


Michel asks,

We would like to add a bit of colour to our building, which is covered in white treated wood. To do this, we plan to add shutters to some of the windows and paint them the same colour as the roof. We are also looking forward to add this same colour to some of the existing trim on the building, such as the diamonds on the front, as well as around the vents on the skylights.

I have attached two pictures:
• The first one shows the building in its current state.
• The second photo is a computer simulation of the solution we are now contemplating.

We would like to get your recommendations regarding these plans, particularly about the quantity and colour choice for the shutters.


Michel 2


I like the shutters where you have placed them and definitely match them to your roof colour. As for the accents you have put in the gables, the one in the middle of the building needs to be bigger to fit to scale with the size of the gable. It looks a little lost at the size it is right now. Other than that, I like your plan as is.
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Chantal – Matching Coloured Shutters with White or Brown Windows


Chantal asks,

I would like to know how to match coloured shutters with white or brown windows.

Chantal 1


When choosing colours for shutters, you need to take into consideration the colour of the cladding on the home as well as the windows. From your picture, it looks like the brick is a neutral tone and you are also using a neutral tone for the accents and roof on the home. If you would like to add some more colour to the home, you could use a darker brown colour with brown windows and white with white windows.

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Julie – Advice on Colours, Window Grids and Types of Materials


Julie asks,

We have just replaced our doors and we will soon replace our windows, the shutters and the siding on our 6 dormers. Could you give us some advice on colours, window grids and types of materials (windows and siding)? Thank you very much.



I actually like the colour of windows you have on the main part of the home. It looks like Gentek’s Pebble colour. I would replace the dormer windows with this colour and replace the siding with Gentek’s Espresso in a vertical siding. Gentek’s vertical vinyl siding will be maintenance free and look good for many years to come. I like the shutters as you have them now. The dark brown shutters will look good with the Espresso siding on the dormers.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Bernard Longpré inc and Georges Allaire Inc. Please tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Pedro – Replacing Shingles


Pedro asks,

We are replacing shingles as a first step and need to select the color of the drip edge as gutters, fascia and soffit will need to be changed later this year and I believe the colours need to match. We are almost settled on the dual brown by IKO what colours would you suggest for the aluminum? Thank you. Front door will be changed in the near future as well and could match.

Pedro 2 Pedro 1

I like the choice of Dual Brown for the shutters. For the aluminum I would chose Gentek’s Sable or Pebble as the flashing colour. I would then use the same colour when you replace the soffit and fascia later in the year.

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Colour Suggestions


Joanne Asks:

We bought our home last spring and want to replace soffits, fascia, downspouts, front door and shutters in the near future to our home which we purchased last spring. Windows are new and will remain white.  Garage doors is newer but would consider painting.  The peaks at either end of house and over garage will be replaced as well.  We have a new shed beside the house and have yet to choose colour for it (currently covered in energy shield) and would like it to co-ordinate with house.  The brick on the house is grey angel stone but more in line with your Canyon Clay sample than a true grey.  Thanks for your assistance.



If the brick is more like Canyon Clay, I would suggest you replace your soffit, fascia, eaves and shutters with Gentek’s Sable colour to create a nice contrast in the home but still give a rich look. If you are going to side the shed in the back, you could go with Canyon Clay or Storm to create a matching look.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Bakker Aluminum Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

What colour should we choose for our door, windows and shutters?


Caroline asks:

Hello. I would like your opinion about the colour that we should use on our door, our windows and our new shutters. Our new door will be solid and square shaped. The two windows for the bedrooms on the left side will be lengthened to 69 inches and we will order new shutters. We are really interested in highlighting  the door. We will also replace the roof, but we will choose its colour only after having made the other decisions. Thank you very much in advance for your advice.



By the looks of the colours in the brick, you could certainly try Pebble or Canyon Clay as a shutter colour on your home. In this case, I would also change the trim and eavestrough colour a well.  Gentek does not deal in roofing, but I would suggest you stay with a roof colour similar to what you have currently or a bit darker.