Love Shiplap? Here Are 7 Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Home

There’s something about shiplap that makes a space feel cozy and warm. Whether you use it for the exterior or interior of your home, shiplap is a stunning option. If you’re not familiar with shiplap, it’s a type of wooden board with a groove cut into the top and bottom. It was originally used for constructing sheds and barns, but has now become a popular choice for home interiors, too. If you love shiplap, here are 7 ways to incorporate it into your home!

1. Exterior Shiplap

Homeowners and designers love using shiplap on their home exteriors because it’s extremely durable, easy to install, and aesthetically gorgeous. It’s very versatile as you can paint it, stain it or leave it in its natural state. It can stand up to harsh, fluctuating weather conditions, so if you live in an area where the weather is all over the place, shiplap is a great option for your home exterior!

2. Interior Shiplap Walls

Shiplap can be installed over drywall to give the interior of your home a warm, textured appearance. Shiplap planks can be fastened to your walls vertically or horizontally, and you can use them everywhere from your bathroom to your kitchen, to your living room, mudroom or bedroom. Any space you use them in will feel much cozier.

3. Shiplap Ceilings

If you’d rather not use shiplap on your walls, but still want that warm, rustic vibe for your home, shiplap ceilings are the way to go. They’ll add a touch of texture to any room you want to warm up. Of course, you can always do shiplap walls and ceilings if you want a really rustic appearance.

4. Stained Shiplap

One of the great things about shiplap is that you can stain it to get the exact wood shade you’re looking for. The shiplap panels for staining are typically pine or cedar, and both work great for staining. Stained shiplap gives you a more natural look for your home- you can use a dark stain for a deeper, more intense look or a lighter stain for a look that’s softer.

5. Painted Shiplap

Another option is painting your shiplap panels. Most often, shiplap is painted white to warm up a room, but you can get creative depending on your design style!

6. Shiplap for a Country-Style Home

Shiplap is the perfect material to use on the walls or ceilings of a country-style home. It fits right in with the farmhouse aesthetic, whether you choose to install the panels vertically or horizontally. Apply them horizontally if you want to create interest around a room, and vertically if you want to create height in your space.

7. Shiplap for a Modern Home

Although shiplap gives off rustic vibes, it can still be used in a modern home. Shiplap compliments modern design, furniture and decor. Did you recently renovate your kitchen or bathroom to be modern? You can use shiplap for your countertop, cabinets, or even your walls or ceiling. Don’t be afraid to use shiplap in a modern home to give it a rustic touch!

Black Shiplap: Inside, Outside and Everywhere in Your Home

Shiplap is a type of charming wood paneling that reigns supreme in farmhouse design. Although it’s often used in shades of white, black shiplap is a striking and sophisticated spin on the country classic. It’s edgy, elegant and just the perfect dose of moody, and suits contemporary and classic styles alike. If you love the look of white shiplap, but are feeling a more refined aesthetic, here are 8 ways to use black shiplap in your home!

1. A Modern Powder Room

Use black shiplap on the walls in your powder room to give it a modern feel. A powder room is a small space that can handle some drama, and black shiplap is the perfect way to up the moodiness. Choose a vanity and mirror in contrasting colours to black so they really pop against the dark walls.

2. A Farmhouse Kitchen

It you want the look of a farmhouse kitchen, but want to go a little more dramatic than all-white everything, black shiplap is a nice addition. You may not want to go with all-black walls, but an accent wall, kitchen island or pantry doors in black shiplap make a gorgeous, country-chic statement.

3. A Black Shiplap Barn Door

A sliding barn door is the perfect way to incorporate black shiplap into your home. If you love the idea of black shiplap but don’t want to go all out with all black walls, a black shiplap barn door still gives you the look you’re envisioning.

4. A Vintage-Inspired Gallery Wall

A hallway gallery wall is a great way to display your favourite photos, paintings and art prints. Do a black shiplap accent wall in your hallway and place your gallery wall over top. Choose frames in colours like gold and white so they pop against the black.

5. A Sleek Back Porch

If you’re looking to design a sleek back porch area, black shiplap is a great material to use. It will give your backyard a dramatic aesthetic, as well as giving it a nice touch of character. Use it for the back side paneling of your home, as well as on the porch roof.

6. A Cozy Living Room

Cozy up your living room by using black shiplap on all of your walls. Pair them with warm hardwood floors, a patterned Turkish rug, and a big, comfortable couch with lots of pillows and throws. Keep in mind, it’s preferable to do all-black walls in a room with lots of natural light!

7. A Scandinavian Style Bedroom

Scandinavian style decor is marked by elements like sheep skin, worn leather furniture, plants and black and white prints. Black shiplap walls are the perfect way to compliment these features in a Scandinavian style bedroom.

8. An Antique Entryway

Surround the walls of your entryway in black shiplap for an antique feel as people walk into your home. Add pieces like a beautiful vintage dresser and gold accents to enhance the antique aesthetic.

If you’ve been thinking about styling your home with black shiplap, these 8 ideas will help you bring your vision to life!