Colour suggestions for siding


Kerry and Stephen ask:

We are planning on removing the brick and re-siding our house and are thinking of choosing Dark Drift siding with white trim/soffit/eaves. We are wondering if you can suggest a colour and a style for the accents (i.e. gable ends). We are also considering changing the pillars with rock work at the bottom with tapered columns at the top. Do you have any other suggestions for this farm house in Alberta?

Kerry and Stephen


Dark Drift and white are going to create quite a contrast. Might I suggest that you replace the white soffit, fascia and eaves with a colour more like Monterey Sand or Sandstone if you would like to use a lighter colour. In the gable, I might suggest that you go with a Board and Batten profile or a shake profile to add some dimension to the home. If you are removing the brick, you will want to add in some other texture or dimension to give some “pop” to the home. For the pillars, using a stone at the bottom, would definitely add some dimension to the home. I would make the stone go up about a 1/3 of the way, and paint the rest of the pillar the same colour as the trim for your home. My last suggestion would be to paint the garage door the same colour as your siding. You do not want the garage door to be the main focus of the home, so by painting it the same colour as the siding, it will blend into the home. If that is too dark for you, you can paint it the same colour as your trim.