Right choice of Colour


Fortin asks:


I’m trying to make the right choice of colour for the exterior siding of my home. If possible, I would like to keep Sandalwood on the sides of my garage. The veranda will be covered in a wood colour with black decorative trim.


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There are many options you can go with but my first choice would be to go with Gentek’s Dark Drift colour for the home which blends well with the Sandalwood on the garage and the black door and wood colour.  The wood will look nice against the darker siding and make it a focal point which is what you want.




Sandra needs some help with trough, fascia and soffit colours.

Sandra asks

Hi I need some help regarding trough, fascia and soffit colors. Roof is black, front door and garage doors will be black. Windows are Silversand. The columns will be built out in wood and painted.

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My choice for your soffit, fascia and trough colours would be Gentek’s Sandalwood. It looks like it would blend well with the brick and stone on the home.

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Langlands Home Improvements

Bill – We Need to Do Our Exterior


Bill asks,

We need to do our exterior but we’ve already done half of our windows with sandalwood, so we’re in a position where we have to choose the siding and soffit colours to match the windows. The front of the house is finished with coloured concrete fake stone look. Lots of colours in the stone. The rest of the house is orange/red brick. We’re open to any suggestions but we don’t want really dark siding. Thanks.

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You are right, there are many colours you can take from the stone. My first suggestion would be to go with either Canyon Clay vinyl siding in Board and Batten. The Sandalwood windows will look great with the Canyon Clay siding and the Board and Batten siding will add a different look to the home. If you can, I would also paint your garage door Canyon Clay as well to finish it off.

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Marie-France – Replacing the White on My Walls with Sandalwood Siding


Marie-France asks,

Hello. I would like to replace the white on my walls with Sandalwood siding from Gentek. The garage door could use Sandalwood as well. I would also add Sandalwood shingles to the gable in order to change its texture. What colour accent should I choose for my shutters?



Sandalwood is a nice choice for both the siding and the garage door. For the gable, I do like the idea of a cedar shake, I would also do it in Sandalwood. If you go with a different colour, you will create contrast which will break up the height of the home. Keep the same colour, to make the house look taller. As for the shutters, I would actually go with a dark grey like Gentek’s Iron Ore. This will bring out the grey tones in the brick. It will also add some contrast to the front of the home.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Aluminum Warehouse, Basic Home Improvements, and RenovAction Home Improvements. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Stephanie – We are looking at doing board and batten siding


Stephanie asks,

We are looking at doing board and batten siding, but I am having issues picking colour and trim. I really like the darker colours with lighter trim but not sure if that would be the right way to go with this home. Could you give me colour combinations of what your thoughts are, that would compliment this home? We have all your samples at home as my husband is a contractor and uses your product. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I would love to see you go with a dark colour of siding like Gentek’s Iron Ore in the board and batten profile and go with Sandalwood for the trim. The stones façade adds great colour to the home and I have picked these colours from that stone. I would also do the garage door in Iron Ore and keep the green front door. This would give you a modern look to the home and take advantage of the stone as the focal point.

Your closest Gentek Renovator is Provision Renovations Ltd. Tell them your Gentek designer referred you.

Choosing colours for a shop


Eugene asks:

Hi, I’m building a 1000sq.ft. shop in my backyard and I would like to match the colours of the shop to the house. Our house has a unique colour of brick, clay trim and windows (I believe), and brown shingles but they’re due for replacing and I’m open to changing the colour of the shingles. My initial thoughts on the shop are to do board and batten siding with shake gables, but I’m not stuck on those styles. The big question is however, what colours to choose for the siding and trim of the new shop so it matches the house and looks good. I built a composite deck last year and had a tough time choosing the colours for it, so I thought I should seek some advice from a professional on this project. Thanks for your time. Eugene.



My advice would be to chose a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Wicker or even Sandalwood. It would be best to try a chip up to the brick, but from what I can say, there is a slight pink tone to the brick. I would also use a dark grey colour like Gentek’s Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke with the Pebble or Sandalwood. If the shop is only going to one floor, I would go with the Board and Batten in the Pebble/Sandalwood and a Perfect Shake or Cedar Shake in Windswept Smoke in the gable and as the soffit/fascia and eavestrough. This would tie the colours together with the brick in your home. I would not go with any type of brick, unless you can get the same brick. Adding another pattern/texture would be too busy.

Choosing Colours and Materials for an Extension


Johanne asks:

Here is a current picture of the front of our house. We would greatly appreciate your expert advice on a choice of siding materials and colours that would make a good match with the current stone colour. What can you suggest for the shingles and the front of the house?

We are thinking of a material similar to Canexel, both in appearance and in cost. Do you think that using 2 different materials would be a good idea (a main material and a strip at the bottom as an enhancement)? Could vertical siding create an impression of length? Although Gentek offers stone style siding, is there another option available? The windows will be white. What would be the most appropriate colour for the front door, the soffit, the eavestroughs and other exterior finishing components?


Here is a door that we like very much. Can it fit with nice colours of materials for the outside that match with the existing stone? Or should we choose a white door? a burgundy colour for the door? Thanks a lot for helping us find the right materials and colours for the roof, walls, etc. of our house to complete our extension project.


If possible, I would also be most grateful to know which is the closest place to Quebec City where we can buy the material.


For your extension, I would not suggest that you go with a different type of stone or brick unless you were going to match the exact stone on the original home.This would make it too busy. I would suggest a vertical siding in a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble and Sandalwood or even Monterey Sand.This would help the extension blend with the original home. Using vertical siding would be a nice accent to add more dimension and the look of height to the home.

With respect to the door, there are two ways you can go. Some people like their door to be the focal point of their home so they go with a bold colour. With your home, you could definitely go with a burgundy door with the colours I mentioned above to get that bold effect. Other people want their door to blend in more. If this is the case for you, the door itself is nice, but I would chose something closer to the siding colour you chose.

As I mentioned above, I would not go with a siding that is too busy because of the stone. A simple textured CanExel siding or a Vertical Vinyl Siding would be the way to go with your extension.

As for a retailer, any BMR location in Quebec carries Gentek products.