Suggestions for home exterior trim colours


Michelle asks:

Looking for advice on accent and trim colours to go with either your Sage or Canyon Clay siding. We are planning to add a gable above the picture window as the accent, the windows and doors will also have bronze-coloured cladding. The roof will be dark grey.


Both of these colours would look good on the home, and I actually think these colours work well together. If you went with Canyon Clay siding, Sage would make a nice trim colour. If you went with Sage, Canyon Clay would make a nice trim colour. Canyon Clay does have some green tones to it so they blend well together. My first choice would be Canyon Clay trimmed with Sage if you are keeping the stucco as it is. The bronze coloured gable you are adding above the window will look good against the Canyon Clay siding, again brining my choice for the siding back to Canyon Clay.

Your closest Gentek contractors are Allrose Exteriors and Siderman Ltd. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Renovating a home


Kathleen asks:

Hi, we need a reno on our new purchase. We need to keep the siding and shingles. We want to remove the white door (it was a side entrance and not needed) update the front entrance with stone/craftsman pillars and large window. Also upgrade the roof to remove 2 skylights and put in a false dormer-maybe a triangle with window? Not sure of color for front door – thinking white pillars with rock bottom third – not sure what colours to complement the sage green (xl 90) siding. Thanks!









My suggestion for your home would be to add stone at the bottom 1/3 of the home for sure. I would get a stone with a neutral tone, like Versetta Stones Plum Creek Colour ( in the Tight Cut profile would blend well with the Sage coloured siding. As for the door, I would go with a dark grey colour like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore.  For the pillars, white would work for sure, but you could chose a colour out of the stone blend as well. It all depends on the colours that are available to you.



Redesigning an entryway


Bernadine asks: I need some help with the entryway of my house…the front of the house is too flat and I need some architectural interest. I need to keep the green trim on my house, and vinyl siding for the side and back of the house, but I can look at different material/siding for the front of the house. Maybe stone on the bottom and shake siding at the top? The door colour? And maybe window boxes?



If you are looking to add some texture or flair to the front of your home, I would definitely suggest a faux stone product on the bottom, going as high as the bottom of the windows. You could go with a product like Versetta Stone’s Ledgestone profile in the Terra Rosa colour. The tones in this stone will blend well with the green trim colour and would add the flair to the front of your home you desire. As for the portion above the stone, you might want to consider a vertical siding in one of the tones in the Stone, like Pebble, or Grey or Sage. These colours would also look good with the green trim colour and the vertical siding will give the illusion of increased height of the home.