Replace the old wooden siding


Yuri asks:


Hello, I would like to replace the old wooden siding on the house which is original from 1956! I\’m thinking of going with Board and Batten style and perhaps a darker color than what is there right now. The window frames are black and the house has two different colors of brick, red and yellow. Any suggestions for the color of siding and eaves? Thank you!


Yuri 1 Yuri 2


You have some great tones in your home.  I would suggest you go with Gentek’s Board and Batten vinyl siding in Windswept Smoke.  This colour looks great with the yellow and red brick and will blend well with the black windows and grey roof. You can do the eaves in the same colour or you can chose Gentek’s Sable. Either would look good.

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Complete overhaul


Allison asks:


Hello, We recently purchased a bungalow in need of a complete overhaul. We purchased new windows in a sable colour. We would like to buy a front door in a brown colour. I\’m not sure what to do with the brown brick or brown siding..We are going to have both surfaces stained with Gentek colours. Someone recommended commercial brown for the soffit and fascia, and clay for the brick /siding. I was hoping to have the brick and siding in different colours, yet blended nicely. I don\’t want the house to ve too choppy. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also not sure what colourI should choose for the garage door. The 2 large maples directly in front of the house are diseased and have to come down.


Allison 1 Allison 2Answer:

I like the choice of Sable for the windows.  As for the siding and the brick, I would chose Gentek’s Commercial Brown and for the siding I would go with Pebble to add some lighter colour to the home.  These colours would blend well together and would not create the choppy look you want to avoid.  As for the garage, I do not like to make the garage door stand out as a focal point, I like them to be a colour that will blend with the rest of the home. I would chose Commercial brown for the garage door.

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Replace Steel Siding


Jean Michel asks:

We would like to replace the steel siding (on 3 sides, see pictures). What colour would go with the front of the house that will stay as is (brick and adex)? We are considering vinyl to replace the steel siding but we are open to any suggestion. Thanks!


Jean Michael 2 Jean Michel 1


If you are looking to replace the siding on the 3 sides of your home steel siding, I would suggest you try Gentek’s Sierra Steel siding in Thistle. It would blend well with the brick colour on the front.  If you wanted to go with a very different colour, I might suggest that you go with a darker colour like Sable.  Either of them would look good with your existing home.


Siding and Windows


Tammy asks:


Hi, We are re doing our siding and windows. What are some color options if we go with dark windows(as in a sable or Storm color) or if we go with white windows. We have dark brown brick and a brown roof. We were thinking of canyon clay or Monterey sand for siding but were wondering if there was other options and what colors we should consider for trim. Also we really like the board and batten look. Thank you for your help


Tammy 1Answer:

My first choice for your siding would be Pebble regardless of your window colour.  If I had to make a choice I would suggest you go with Sable windows and Pebble siding.  If you can, replace your soffit, fascia and eaves, change them to Sable as well.  This will complete the look of your home.

Updating a 60 year old home


Julia asks:


We just bought this house in Old South. It is 60 years old. We would like to update the look of the siding, garage, etc. I welcome any suggestions! Thank you.

Julia 1


If you are looking to update the look of your home, you could try replacing your existing siding with Gentek’s Pebble colour and paint the garage door the sample colour so it blends in.  If you are willing to go further, I might suggest you replace your soffit, fascia and eaves with Gentek’s Sable colour to bring it all together.

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Re-siding in the near future.


Jennifer asks:

We are going to be re-siding our house in the very near future. We were initially going to go with Iron Ore or Windswept Smoke, but due to the cost of this premium siding we have shifted toward Storm. The gables (not really seen in the picture, but there is one on each end of the house and one on the garage) will be done in Board and Batten in the same color. We would also like to do the Novik Dry Stack Stone along the bottom of the house….and garage as I can see no possible way to \”end\” the stone between the house and attached garage. I am having issues finding an actual, physical sample of the stone for reference as the computer distorts the colors. I have a few questions that I would like your opinion on. How far up the house should we go with the stone? We were thinking 3 panels (so approx 34 inches high) which takes it to the top of the third row of the current siding and avoids the waste of piecing it around the top of the window and saves the cost of another entire row across the length of the house. Would this look \”off\”? What color would work with out chosen siding color Storm? Something more to the grey side? I\’m thinking something with a hint of brown tones though. I\’m having difficulty imaging the house in any color at all! Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated…..even if they are completely different from mine!

Jennifer MAnswer:


I think the Novik Dry Stack Stone will look great on your home.  I would go up about as far as you currently have the blue siding (even a bit higher would be fine to not have any waste).   If you are stuck on Storm as your colour, you would need to chose a colour that has some grey/brown and maybe even greenish tones to it.  If you are open to other colours for the siding, I might suggest you look at Pebble because it will be a better blend with most of the Novik stone colours. It is a neutral colour and will look great with any stone that have grey tones to it as well.  You were going to change your soffit, fascia and eaves as well, you could use a colour like Gentek’s Sable to bring it all together.  Whichever siding colour you chose, choose the stone based on that colour and which one has the similar tones in it.


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Gord asks:


Our lakehouse is sided with your Board and Batten \”Pebble\” vinyl siding. Windows are white with white brick molding around them. I feel we need something more….. I had thought of putting a gingerbread/gable decoration at the peak – something to bring the eye up. Unfortunately I haven\’t been successful in finding a vinyl product for that. SO, I am now looking at the possibility of putting shutters on the windows – at least the top two and possibility the garage windows. Something to increase the size of those windows and create a better balance. I am in need of some expertise before I go ahead. Do I go with the shutters? Do I choose a white shutter or go with a smokey grey to give it interest? Our smaller windows are 43\” wide and 55 \” long. What width and style would the shutters be. I assume I can custom order them from you? Any other suggestions would be most appreciated as well. Thank you so very much!!


Gord S 1 Gord S 2


The Pebble looks great on this lakehouse.  You could add a gingerbread to the home but it will change the look of the home entirely.  A company called Chemcrest makes these types of products, but they will not be vinyl, they are polyurethane.  They are white and ready for painting.  I like the idea of shutters on the upper windows better and I agree they should be a grey tone like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Sable.  Pebble and Windswept Smoke look great together and just the addition of the contrast colour will add that “something” to the home you are looking for.  Shutters will keep the clean look you already have on the home.


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Barb asks about updating the colours on her home.


Barb Asks

We are looking to update and lighten the colors on our home. The brick is only on the front of the house and will remain as is and the IKO Earthtone Cedar shingles were recently redone. We would like to replace the soffits, fascia and eavestrough with one of the Gentek lighter warmer colors such as Wicker Cafe, Almond, Tan etc Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated for harmonizing colors that would work with the brick as we will be painting the wood siding, trim and windows. We were also thinking of replacing the garage door with a carriage house type and have not made any decision on the front door yet.Barb L 3.1 Barb L2.1 Barb L1.1



My suggestion for your soffit, fascia and eaves would be Pebble or Wicker. I would then replace the garage door with the same colour. As for the wood siding on the side of the home, I would suggest you paint it a colour like Gentek’s Sable. Sable will blend well with the Pebble/Wicker and the red/brownish brick of the home. The Pebble garage door would bring it all together.  If you are wanting to replace or paint it, I would suggest black or Gentek’s Sable colour.


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Soffit and fascia colours



Heather asks:

We have taupe coloured windows from Golden Windows, taupe wood grain garage doors from Stewart Garage Doors, the Dark Brown steel tile roof from Steel Tile and Rustic Burgundy brick from Glen Gary. We were wondering what you would suggest for soffit and fascia colours (that you supply) with this combination and locations where Gentex soffit/fascia can be purchased in the Barrie area. Thank you,


Heather 3 Heather 2 Heather 1Answer:

You have picked some great colours for your home.  For you soffit and fascia, I would suggest that you try Sable.  This would blend well with the dark tones in the brick.

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Siding and the shingles


Alexandra asks:


we\’re currently in the process of building a new home and we chose the siding and the shingles. For the siding we chose the Gentek siding in Windswept smoke color, for the Shingles we chose Iko Dynasty color: Glacier and we now have to choose the color of the eaves (soffits & fascias). Our Windows will be white and we would like a clean modern look. We will also have a stone chimney (grey/beige) and wood veranda column.

So if you could help us with the color of the eaves (soffits&fascia) that would be great!



Alexandra 1



Windswept Smoke is a very popular colour right now and I think it will look great with your roof choice.  For your soffit, fascia and eaves, I would suggest that you go with Pebble to lighten it up a bit.  Pebble and Windswept Smoke are a very popular combination.  To answer your question, the colour of the soffit, eaves on our website image is Sable.  Sable is a brown/grey tone similar to what is in your roof.  It could be an option for you, but it would give a monotone look.