Board and batten style


Morgan asks

Hi We are looking for a true medium Gray board and batten style vinyl siding for the two story addition being built in the picture. Any advice for the roof shingles to compliment the vinyl and brick sidings would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are looking for a medium grey tone why not try Gentek’s Storm colour, which is available in the Board and Batten profile you desire. For the roof, I would then go with a dark grey or black colour to create some contrast.


Changing the soffit, fascia and eavestrough


Darren asks:

I recently bought a house and am planning on changing the soffit, fascia and eavestrough. I was thinking of going with Gentek’s slate, for the colour, but I have a brown roof which is new as of 2013 so I will not be changing that anytime soon. Do you think the colours will not go together very well?

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My first choice for your eaves would be Sable as it has both grey and brown tones in it. It would bring together the brick and roof tones as well.

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Forest City Window and DoorBeaumart Aluminum Ltd. and

Ken Geddes and Son Sheet Metal Ltd.
1128 Pondview Rd London
ON, N5Z 4K4
Phone: (519) 663-1182

Siding for our bungalow


Audrey asks:

We want to order new siding for our bungalow, which has mesa brown shingles and accent stone around the front door. We were originally drawn to the something with Grey undertones but feel restricted based on how dominant brown is in the roof and stonework. We thought we had settled on pebble siding but are wondering if we should go with something bolder like coastal blue or midnight surf. We are completely stumped. Help!

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Audrey, I might suggest you go with Gentek’s Windswept Smoke as the siding colour and use Pebble as the soffit, fascia and trim colour. Windswept Smoke is a darker grey that does have grey undertones that would blend well with the roof.


These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

Regina Window Sales & Exteriors
440 Hoffer Drive  Regina
SK, S4N 7A1
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Everlast Eaves and Exteriors Ltd.
130 Livingstone Street  Yorkton
SK, S3N 3A8
Phone: (306) 786-7055

KWS Windows and Doors
407 Hargreaves Green  Saskatoon
SK, S7R 0H9
Phone: (306) 384-4155

Options for siding


Patricia asks:


Good afternoon! I just saw this wonderful offer on your website as I looked through the options for siding for our new home. I am hoping for design tips and suggestions from someone who know what they are doing (unlike me!). Our last home had Gentek siding in Pebble and we were very pleased with the product. Without hesitation, we started looking at your siding for our new-to-us home. We purchased this little house (c. 1975) two months ago and it – as well as the garage – desperately need a facelift. I\’ve been getting quotes on installation but haven\’t been able to decide on a colour that would go well with the existing light grey roofing shingles. I am not certain what brand they are, but it would be similar to the IKO Marathon Dual Grey. Along with the siding, we are getting the soffit, fascia, and eavestrough replaced. The windows are newer triple pane inserts and I was planning on having the cladding around each changed to white to match the new soffit and fascia. The house is approximately 26\’x44\’. The peaks would be about 15\’ from the ground. Our closest neighbours home is sided with something that looks like the colour Storm. Their house is only about 8\’ away from ours. If, by chance, you have any suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it!


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You have many options with the Grey roof and white soffit, fascia and eaves.  Pebble that you liked so much on your previous home would look great.  You could also go a bit different and go with a darker colour like Gentek’s Midnight Surf or Moonlit Moss which will look great with the white and grey as well, look different than your neighbours home.  I might also suggest you try a vertical siding like Gentek’s Board and Batten to give the home a different look.  The vertical siding would give the home a greater sense of height.


Changing the roof



Priscille asks:


We will shortly be changing the roof and am hesitating between of going with a light to medium gray, black or a strange purple like we have at the moment. I would like to change my front door and the garage door for either black, charcoal, gray or burgundy. This will of course depend of the color of the roof also. The windows will remain white. Would you have any suggestions for me ?


Priscille- 1Priscille 2 Priscille 3Answer:

Love the idea of the black door and if you go with that, I would go with a dark grey or black roof to bring it all together.

Suggestions for colour for aluminum siding.


Ken asks:


I am changing my roof and thinking about changing the color of our aluminum siding, I would prefer to stay with aluminum and not vinyl. Do you have any suggestion for color.

Ken 1Answer:

I like the idea of having your siding a dark grey like the colour of your shutters are now. I would then go with a lighter grey colour for the roof.  As for the shutters, I would then paint or replace them with lighter colour similar to your brick colour to bring it all together.




ranch style home



Sue asks:

Hi, We will be moving to a ranch style home and would really appreciate your advice on how to go about modernizing the exterior. Taking the house from the 1970s to 2016! I was wondering about Gentek Rockwell blue siding in a vertical board and batten. Please could you provide suggestions for roofing, trim and sofits. We are also open to any other colour choices. The bottom part is a mixture of brown, cream and rust coloured brick work. Would we leave this, cover or paint? Thank you.

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Board and Batten Rockwell Blue would look great combined with a neutral colour like Gentek’s Pebble Wicker to help it blend with the stone on the bottom. I would not paint over or replace the brick on the bottom.  People are paying to have stone added to their home.  For the roof, I would go with a lighter brown colour to bring it all together.

These are your closest Premium Renovators. Please consider contacting them.

Peter Van Egmond and SonsQuality Exterior Systems Inc. and Greenlee Siding & Windows

Building this house



Sarah asks:

We are building this house and are trying to decide on siding colours.  I was thinking:

Siding – Mountain Arbour

Roof – Brown

Door – Natural Oak


Sarah 1


I like your choice of Mountain Arbour.  For the roof, I would rather see you go with a lighter brown roof and do the door in dark brown to make the door a focal point.  I would then do the soffit and fascia in Pebble or Dark Drift to bring it all together.

Denise – Country Look with Modern Appeal


Denise asks,

I’m a single owner with big dreams and realistic budget. Please advise how you would keep country look but give more modern appeal? As not changing roof only thing I am confident about is that colour family should flow. Many thanks for taking your time.

Denise 2

Denise 3 Answer:

There are many colours you can go with to create the country look you desire. The roof looks like it is a brown/red tone from the picture. I would suggest that you go with something like Gentek’s Mountain Arbour and go with white windows and trim, eaves and soffit. This will give you a more modern country look you desire. You could also paint the porch/deck white as well to finish off the look.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Expert Windows and Doors Ltd., Sure Seal Roofing and Siding, and T-Murr Exteriors Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Jade – Repainting the Shingles


Jade asks,

My partner and I bought this little house. We have recently replaced its roof with dark red sheet metal. We would like to repaint the shingles and were thinking of either omelet yellow or green. Our trim will probably be white. Our windows are white and the front door will be red just like the roof. What are your thoughts about this? Would you have any other suggestions? Thank you very much.

Jade 2 Jade 1


My choice for the colour of your home would be green, something like Gentek’s Moonlit Moss. This is deeper richer green. This would blend well with the red roof and door as well and the white. If you wanted to go with a yellow, I would go with a dark rich yellow colour, not something brighter.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are DG2 Industrie inc, Renovation D.M.R. Enr., and Bernard Longpré inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.