Vertical or Horizontal


Sébastien asks:


We were thinking of blue siding on our home, either vertical or horizontal, with the bottom portion either in another colour or in the opposite siding orientation or in wood shingles. White detailing and a red door.




I like the idea of two different siding types of the home. I would suggest a vertical siding on the lower portion of the home and then go with a perfect shake for the top portion of the home.  I would suggest a slightly darker colour on the bottom portion like Midnight Surf and then the shakes in Rockwell Blue to add some contrast. Along with the white red door and white detailing, your home would look great.

What colours would work well with a tan roof?


Sonja asks

We need to reside our home but we cannot figure out how to put the colours together, especially with a tan coloured roof. We were thinking blue siding and then black shutters, or maybe a timeless classic look. All our neighbours sidings are beiges, and whites, we would like something different. Can you help us out please?


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My first suggestion for your home would be Gentek’s Mountain Arbour colour which would look great with your tan roof. I would trim out the home in Pebble or Monterey Sand to create a modern look.  If you are still looking at blue as an option, I would suggest Gentek’s Rockwell Blue with either Pebble or Monterey Sand as the trim colour.  Either of these colours would give you a modern look that would distinguish yourself from your neigbours.


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