Color and style for the side door of my house.


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Need to know the best color and style for the side door of my house. Please note we had it commercial brown (like trim in windows) but because it is exposed to full sun it fades and causes the weatherstripping and seals to crack and warp. Also I am planning to add accent stone to the bottom half of the house if you have any suggestions of color/style that would be appreciated. I already have my quote for the garden doors. It is very secluded where I live and I would like to have clear windows but would like to block out the heat any suggestions here.

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For the side door, you could try a colour like Pebble. It fits in with the brown of the home, but is not too dark and should not fall to the effects of the direct sun.  As well, when picking stone, I would pick a version that has both some browns and some greys in it as well lighten the look of the home.    As for your windows, if you do not want to tint them just install some window treatments like blinds to help keep out the heat of the sun.  If you are buying Energy Star rated windows, like Gentek’s Regency line, you can get glass packages that will help keep the cool/heat in the home and cool/heat from outside, outside the home.  Inquire with your installer about the best glass package for your home.

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7 ways your home saves with Regency 400 Series windows

GTK_Ph_ATMOS_Cover_House2_Jan16Canada’s weather can be one of extremes. Either blazing hot under our summer sun, or down right frigid with our infamous winters. Either way, your energy bill suffers and that’s exactly why you should consider Gentek’s Regency 400 Series Windows. It comes as no surprise that a home’s windows, which are about 80% glass, can be a significant source of energy loss, so choosing the right windows are critical.

 Here are 7 energy saving features that result in both comfort and savings:

  1. heavy-duty 4 ½” welded rigid vinyl multi-chamber frame construction
  2. welded sashes with triple weather-stripping for superior insulation
  3. available in 7/8” double glazed Low-E argon (standard)
  4. triple glazed units up to 1 3/8 “ thick Low-E argon or krypton for ultra energy efficiency (optional)
  5. EnergyPlusTM  and Solar Shield glass packages available
  6. environmentally friendly – designed for superior thermal performance and a smaller carbon footprint
  7. contemporary sash for a modern look

With the Gentek Regency 400 Series, the precision-engineered Low-E (low emissivity) glass technology features a virtually clear, metallic coating that acts as a thermal mirror to keep warm air in during the winter and solar heat out during the summer. So when it’s time, get the windows that are both easy on your eyes and your energy budget.

Get Gentek Regency 400 Series and save.

Your Regency 400 windows, which come in our standard colours: Maize, Pebble, Wicker, Sandalwood, Storm, Chestnut Brown and Commercial Brown, are available in a wide variety of custom colours such as: Gentek’s popular Iron Ore, Dark Drift and Venetian Red.

One of the strongest selling points of any home is curb appeal and there is no better way to increase the curb appeal and presentation of your home than with the extraordinary style, quality and colour of Regency 400 windows.

Get the best of everything. Cut down on your energy bills and boost the value and appearance of your home with the newest trend in home fashion and the designer’s touch of coloured Regency 400 Series of windows from Gentek.

4 Clear Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced


You know that today’s high-efficiency windows make sense for so many reasons — comfort, appearance, energy savings and resale value high among them. But windows are a big investment, so when do you know that the time has come to replace them?

If your home is older and has original single pane windows, you’ll benefit greatly by replacing them with a superior product like Gentek’s Regency high-efficiency windows. Single pane windows do little to keep out the cold in the winter and the hot sun in summer, so replacing them will substantially boost your home’s energy efficiency.

High-efficiency, ultra-violet ray-blocking windows can also help reduce fading of your furniture, carpet, window treatments and artwork — and extend their life.

Another thing to remember: not all of your windows need to be replaced at the same time. Every one you replace will add comfort to your home, so if you can’t afford to do it all at once, start with the ones that most need replacing.

Here are four clear signs that it’s time to replace your windows:

1. Wet Look: Condensation is a big tell. Water droplets or frost on the glass usually mean the window’s interior seal has failed, and your air conditioner or furnace is having to work extra-hard to cool or heat your home.

2. Blow Out: Drafts mean cool air is escaping from your home and hot air is getting in. Slowly wave a lighted candle around the edges of your windows. If the flame flickers, it’s a signal that your windows are drafty and it’s time to upgrade to more energy-efficient windows.

3. Sticky Situation: Windows that don’t open easily or no longer open at all can pose a   significant danger in case of an emergency. Rollers and guides wear out over time and it’s no fun fighting with a window every time you want to open or close it.

4.  Peace & Quiet: Can you hear too much outdoor noise when you’re in the house? New windows with two panes of glass and an energy-efficient air space in between help deaden the outdoor noise.

If you think it’s time to replace some or all of your windows, you owe it to yourself to check out Regency High-Performance Windows from Gentek. For the fourth straight year, Regency windows are among the select windows designated by the Canadian government’s ENERGY STAR program as ‘Most Efficient,’ for meeting rigorous ENERGY STAR performance criteria.

Choosing colours


Sheri asks:

Hello, I am looking for advice on design and colour choices. I would also like to know if you could give me advice on my driveway and landscaping? The roof is brown tile and staying. I am also wondering if you have any window suggestions?



With the brown roof and the colour in the stone you have many options for colour. It looks like you currently have a pinkly, Sandalwood looking colour. You may want to go with a darker tone like Storm. It has a brown tone to it and would blend well with the roof. It has a grey tone which would blend well with the stone. Gentek’s Regency windows are available in a wide variety of colour and in this case, I might suggest you go with Pebble for your windows and then do the soffit, fascia and eaves and garage door in Pebble as well. These tones will give the home a modern look and take advantage of the texture in the roof and stone.

Gentek does not deal in landscaping and driveways, so we will not be able to give you any advise on these parts of your home. My only suggestion for this if you are considering a cement driveway, I have seen that you can get tinted cement that has a pattern. If this is an option you would consider, you could see if they would be able to tint to the Pebble colour.


Customize With Colour: Window Frames Don’t Have To Be White


Choosing the perfect colour for your exterior windows isn’t a black and white question. Think shades of tan or brown, grey or green… and that’s just to start.

Gentek Regency® windows are offered in seven different standard paint colours: Maize, Pebble, Wicker, Sandalwood, Storm, Chestnut Brown and Commercial Brown. These choices give you the flexibility and freedom to enhance your design, without paying more.

Want more options? Gentek Regency® windows can be custom-painted to match any of Gentek’s exterior trim colours.

Many people choose to match window trim colour to the dominant body colour of the exterior siding, brick or board. This technique causes the window frame to blend in with the rest of the exterior, preventing it from becoming a dominant design detail.

Choosing a contrasting colour for exterior window trim is another option, highlighting the windows from the curb, creating a more dramatic look and adding depth to the home’s facade.

Whatever direction you take, you’ll be amazed at the difference window colour can make to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Gentek Regency® windows offer more than great looks and a broad colour palette. They combine classic beauty, enduring strength and easy upkeep with maximum energy savings to achieve the ideal window system for your home. Compare Regency’s powerfully built construction with other vinyl windows and you’ll immediately see – and feel – the distinctive quality difference. Gentek Regency® windows are also energy efficient and have earned the energy star most efficient rating for four years straight.

They are tested and proven to help cut heating and cooling energy consumption and cost. Simply put, they look great, are virtually maintenance free, and they deliver top of the class energy efficiency.




Energy-Efficient Windows: The Benefits Are Clear

Windows are an important part of our homes. They offer a four season view of the world outside and bring warm natural light in. But old or inferior windows don’t just diminish the attractiveness of your home. They also come with a price, as a significant source of heat loss and drafts. You’ll often find condensation or even frost on poor-performing windows during cold weather, with rot and mould a possible result.

The benefits of properly installed new, energy-efficient windows are clear as glass:

  • Reduced energy consumption, benefitting us all and saving you money
  • Increased comfort without chilly drafts
  • Reduced condensation on glass in cold weather
  • Reduced noise and dust penetration from outside the home

According to Natural Resources Canada, homeowners who replace all their old windows and doors with energy-efficient products will typically save about 7% on their energy bills, depending on how many they replace, how old the windows were and how much air leakage they allowed.

Buyers of new homes can save about 16% on their energy bills by purchasing energy-efficient windows and doors over what they would pay with standard products. The savings are greater because new homes are typically larger, with more glass.

Gentek offers ultra-premium Regency windows, tested and proven to help cut heating and cooling energy consumption and cost. Simply put, they look great, are virtually maintenance free, and they deliver top of the class energy efficiency.

In fact, Regency Windows have earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013 designation, awarded by an international program that recognizes the most energy efficient consumer products.

These performance-engineered windows are a smart investment in your home and are endorsed by a lifetime limited, transferable warranty.