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Ora & Henry ask

We are about to install a new front door and two new windows in the front of our house. Because of the light gray brick colour on our house, we already decided that the front door frame and window\’s frame colour will be Dover Gray – very similar colour to our brick. This will be the garage door colour as well. We are painting accessories with this neutral colour because we want full accent on the entrance door which will be in radiant, dramatic purple (the purple we chose is the colour of two flower urns in front of the garage door). We would appreciate your opinion for the colour choices we made and we would like your advice for the colour of – decorative shutters on a both sides of windows – railing and post on the entrance porch We would like to emphasize shutters, but we wouldn\’t like to over power the door and in any way take attention from it. Our roof is in black colour but this, in our opinion would be too strong colour considering door colour. Also I am not sure if Dover Gray would be the best choice for railing and post on the entrance porch or maybe we can paint those in some other colour? Your opinion is highly anticipated and truly appreciated.

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Dover Grey for the windows and garage door for sure. For the posts and shutters I would go a darker shade of grey like Gentek’s Storm to create some contrast on the home. As for the front door, I like the idea of a purple colour to create that focal point for the home, but my suggestion would be to go with something a slight bit deeper. The colour you are suggesting looks very bold and it might stick out a bit more than you want.  I would go with a slightly deeper shade of purple to give a modern look.


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