Changing siding due to heat damage


Amelie asks:


We are changing the siding due to heat damage from forest fire please help me find a new colour and add some bricks. I do like dark brown thanks.

Amelie 1 Amelie 2



If you are going to be changing the siding, why not give the home a new look.  If you like dark brown, I might suggest you go with Gentek’s Dark Drift vinyl siding and add some stone that has brown tones in it.  There are many possibilities out there, but Gentek does sell a stone product called Versetta stone which has a colour called Terra Rose or Plum Creek which would look good with the Dark Drift. Click here to see the colour offering for Versetta Stone, including Terra Rose and Plum Creek.


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Vertical siding with verseta stone



Jim asks:


I would like to reside with vertical siding and verseta stone ,leaning towards a earth tone ,with horizontal shake siding on peaks.


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I like your idea of stone on the bottom and shakes in the peak.  I assume you are looking for guidance with colours.  I might suggest you try the Versetta Stone product in the Tight Cut profile in Plum Creek on the bottom with Windswept Smoke in the Board and Batten siding with Foundry’s Shake in the peaks in Pebble.  The Plum Creek has both grey and brown tones in it so all of the colours will blend well together.


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New Siding

Karen asks

I am planning to have new siding installed. I replaced the windows last fall and they have a wide 4 inch trim around. I thought board and batten siding would look good, however the contractor said with b&B on an older house (1978), there may not be any blocking and therefore nothing to screw siding into, (walls are 2×6 construction) He suggests I stick with the same siding style currently on the bungalow. The roof is brown – What colours would you suggest? I was planning to trim out the side corners of the house, replace sofftit and eavestrough. Below the deck is concrete blocks parged. I had thought to put faux stone, however he felt that was not a good idea. What would you suggest please?

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I cannot speak to the installation of the siding on your home but I do like your idea of Board and Batten. If that can not be done, I would go with a traditional Bevel siding like Gentek’s Sequoia D4 or D5 siding such as Pebble or Wicker and if you can install a stone product on the bottom, I might suggest Gentek’s Versetta Stone product in Plum Creek colour. The brown roof, your white windows and Pebble siding would all blend well with the Versetta Stone product to finish off the home.


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Colour Ideas for a Brown Roof


Kim Asks:

We have an older 1 1/2 story home which we added on to. The roof is metal and is a medium brown. We are looking to replace windows and siding. I am needing colour ideas to go with the brown roof. The foundation is gray cinder block, but I was considering covering it with a stone or stone look product. I also wouldn\’t mind doing something different with triangle spaces on the second floor.




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A brown roof is a pretty neutral colour, with which you could match with many colours.  I might suggest Gentek’s Moonlit Moss siding with Pebble windows and doors.  You could cover the foundation with a stone looking product like Versetta Stone in  the Tight Cut profile in the colour Plum Creek ( sample shown below) to blend with the Moonlit Moss and Brown roof.


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Suggestions for home exterior update


Jayne asks:

Hello, we purchased our house last summer, and are in the process of updating the exterior. We will be immediately replacing the eaves trough, down spouts, fascia and soffit and then move on to siding, windows, and eventually the roof tiles (in 5yrs). I’m trying to come up with a colour scheme that will minimize the many angles of this house, and am moving away from the green accents, but can’t completely clash with the green roof tiles as I’ll need to look at the combination for the next few years. Can you recommend a eaves, fascia & soffet combo to compliment siding in the darkish (not dove) grey/green family? We will not have shutters, are thinking of white windows, and haven’t decided on the front door colour but I’m leaning to a “pop” of colour. Many thanks, Jayne.


There is a lot going on with this home. The first thing I would suggest is the you continue the stone product around the tall front portion of the house, to break up that wall a bit.  If you cannot match the existing stone, I might suggest that you replace it with something like Gentek’s Versetta Stone product in a Plum Creek in a tight cut profile. There are many tones you could take from this stone to chose for the siding.  If you are keeping the green roof and windows for now, how about going with Gentek’s Moonlit Moss in a Board and Batten siding and go with Almond for the trim, soffit, fascia and eaves. The existing dark green windows and roof will still blend with these colours until you change them out in a few years. When you do change them out, you should replace your windows with a Pebble or Almond colour and go with a lighter brown colour for the roof.  These darker richer tones will give the home a modern look for years to come.


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Renovating a home


Kathleen asks:

Hi, we need a reno on our new purchase. We need to keep the siding and shingles. We want to remove the white door (it was a side entrance and not needed) update the front entrance with stone/craftsman pillars and large window. Also upgrade the roof to remove 2 skylights and put in a false dormer-maybe a triangle with window? Not sure of color for front door – thinking white pillars with rock bottom third – not sure what colours to complement the sage green (xl 90) siding. Thanks!









My suggestion for your home would be to add stone at the bottom 1/3 of the home for sure. I would get a stone with a neutral tone, like Versetta Stones Plum Creek Colour ( in the Tight Cut profile would blend well with the Sage coloured siding. As for the door, I would go with a dark grey colour like Gentek’s Windswept Smoke or Iron Ore.  For the pillars, white would work for sure, but you could chose a colour out of the stone blend as well. It all depends on the colours that are available to you.



Colour suggestions for siding


Alexis asks:

Hi, we are looking to put up new siding and are looking for a colour that will look great with our black door and black steel roof (the roof is not yet installed). We also aren’t sure if we should put siding from the roof to the ground, or if we want to utilize the existing brick. If you have any suggestions for other stone choices, we would be open to that as well. The garage door colour can also be changed to fit the new design. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jeanne Hamill.



Well, for your home, I would replace the stucco with Gentek’s Board and Batten vertical siding in Pebble. The vertical siding will give height and dimension to the home. If you are willing to replace the yellow toned brick with another product, I would suggest that you go with a stone product called Versetta Stone. If you were to chose Versetta Stone’s Plum Creek colour in the Tight Cut Stone, your house would look like a totally new home. The tones in the Plum Creek stone look great with the Pebble siding and would be nicely finished off with your black roof and soon to be installed roof.




Versetta Stone in Plum Creek

Renovating a cottage mud room


Lorraine asks:

We are having a mud room to our cottage but the siding we used is no longer available. What can we do? I figure we’ll have to remove some siding and add either a different siding or schisms or even stone. Then add the siding to the mud room and the new component. We don’t want to have to remove all the siding because it’s only 3 years old and feel that will be too costly. Any ideas? Note the mud room is going on the side where the upper deck is at the back. Thanks, Lori.



I like your idea of using stone on the home. I would suggest that you do the new mud room in stone and then continue the stone around the front of the home. I would put the stone about half way up the patio and continue to around to the front of the home. The use of stone would add some dimension to the front of the home and give it a more modern look. I would suggest that you use a product called Versetta Stone as your stone in the Ledgestone rock in the Plum Creek colour. Plum Creek has some nice rich tones that would blend well with your current siding colour.  You can see the Versetta Stone product at

Updating chimney and home exterior


Manon asks:

We want to change the chimney and maybe some of the wood to make it more low maintenance. Do you have any suggestions?



The wood on your home looks beautiful, but I can understand the maintenance issues. I would clad the chimney and the dormer with a stone or faux stone. I might suggest Gentek’s Versetta Stone product in either Sterling or Plum Creek which would blend well with the Forest Green window and door colour. If you were willing to change the Forest Green to a more neutral colour, your options would increase to include other blends of stone or faux stone. The Sterling colour has a yellow/grey tone to it which would blend best with the Forest Green. The use of stone would maintain that cottage like feel that they would has created for your home, and would require no maintenance.

Faux stone for home exterior


Tamara asks:

I am considering faux stone around my fireplace , can you offer me suggestions on appearance. The roof was just done. I am open to new siding ideas and possible stone corners on the garage and new garage door. Looking for new cur side appeal 🙂 Thank you, Tamara.



I love the idea of using faux stone on the chimney of your home. I would suggest a product called Versetta Stone, in the Plum Creek colour, in theTight Cut Stone profile. It will blend really well with the neutral siding colour and roof already on your home. I would leave the vertical siding as it is but I might suggest that you also put the Versetta Stone around the front door for some added curb appeal. The addition of the stone will give the home more dimension and a more modern look.