Choosing colours for attached garage


Peter asks:

We built the attached garage and I will oversee details for the exterior. I am tentatively thinking the same siding with white accents (corners, wider window trim) and a minimal amount of j-mould. My problem is how to break up the look so it will not appear so monstrous (front is 25′ high, 22′ wide, side is 32′ wide). By the way, front window trim will step out, with its own mini-roof, as a first step in breaking up the facade and adding interest. I will be more than happy to pass along after pics as well. Thanks in advance Peter.



The easiest way to break up the tall wall on the extension, would be to change the colour and type of siding you use in the gable. I would suggest you use a Perfect Shake in the gable, in a colour close to or matching the eaves. It is hard to see in the picture, but it looks like white or a cream colour. This change in colour and texture, will break up the wall and add some interesting detail you desire. Gentek sells a Perfect Shake by The Foundry, they match most of Gentek’s most popular colours. You can see their products at

Replacing Siding on Dormers


Shelley and Gary ask:

We are planning to replace the dormers siding with Novishake Cedar Shake or Perfect Shake Panel or Staggered Edge Shake. We want to know which one you would recommend for these three dormers. We also want to know what colour you would suggest for the dormers and the siding of the house. We were going to replace the siding of the house later in the year. We considering 8’ Cedar Shake to replace the siding rest of the house. We would like the colours to blend or enhance the stone. Should the dormers be a slightly darker colour then the rest of the house? Thank you in advance for your advice. Shelley and Gary.

Shelley and Gary


I would suggest that you replace it with the Perfect Shake Panel. The other two may be a bit busy with the stone. If you would like them to blend better, I would suggest you go with Almond or Montery Sand. These colours would blend well with the lighter/yellower tones in the brick.

I would like to say, I do like the neutral tone that you have already in the dormers. I would suggest Pebble or Wicker in the Perfect Shake, if you would like to go with something that contrasts.

I hope this helps.