Colour of sequoia vinyl siding


Katie asks:


We are trying to decide what color of sequoia vinyl siding we should use with the existing colonial brick and brown roof on our house. We were originally leaning towards a grey tone rather than a beige or brown tone, however in the last few days we are starting to think that a green or blue color may actually work better with the colonial brick and the brown roof. Can you help us?

Katie 3


Katie 1


Katie 2



Taking into account the colours in your brick, I think Gentek’s Windswept Smoke would look good on your home. You mentioned that you want to stay away from the grey and brown tones, so my next choice would be Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbor which brings out the green tones in the brick.  I think this would look fabulous.  I like the green tones more than the blue for your home.


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Heritage home


James asks

I have a heritage home whose present cladding is cedar shingles. These need to be replaced due to aging and weather deterioration. I am now 66 years old and would like to remain in the home for retirement. However, if I re-clad with shingles, in 10 years I may not be able to paint the structure myself, and painting help is not easily available. I am thinking about going with vinyl siding, particularly board and batten.


James 1 James 2Answer:

Going with vinyl Board and Batten siding would be the best option in your situation.  Vinyl siding is low maintenance and would let you enjoy your retirement years without worry.  I will assume you are keeping the roof colour as is, so my suggest Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbour for your home to keep a similar look for your home.  If you were open to a different colour, I might also suggest Coastal Blue which is a brighter colour and would look good with your reddish roof.


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What colours would work well with a tan roof?


Sonja asks

We need to reside our home but we cannot figure out how to put the colours together, especially with a tan coloured roof. We were thinking blue siding and then black shutters, or maybe a timeless classic look. All our neighbours sidings are beiges, and whites, we would like something different. Can you help us out please?


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My first suggestion for your home would be Gentek’s Mountain Arbour colour which would look great with your tan roof. I would trim out the home in Pebble or Monterey Sand to create a modern look.  If you are still looking at blue as an option, I would suggest Gentek’s Rockwell Blue with either Pebble or Monterey Sand as the trim colour.  Either of these colours would give you a modern look that would distinguish yourself from your neigbours.


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Building this house



Sarah asks:

We are building this house and are trying to decide on siding colours.  I was thinking:

Siding – Mountain Arbour

Roof – Brown

Door – Natural Oak


Sarah 1


I like your choice of Mountain Arbour.  For the roof, I would rather see you go with a lighter brown roof and do the door in dark brown to make the door a focal point.  I would then do the soffit and fascia in Pebble or Dark Drift to bring it all together.

Siding, trim, and shutters


Vince asks

I would like to update my siding at the front of the house plus add siding around the front entrance area. I am putting a cypress colour ledgestone natural veneer on the brick surrounding the garage door and bay window. Any input for siding, trim, and shutters colours would be very much appreciated.

Vince 1

I might suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift for your siding and then use either Mountain Arbor or Moonlit Moss (whichever is closest to your Cypress colour) for the soffit, facsia, trim and shutter. This would bring together the ledgestone, brick and roof colours of your home.


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Susan O. – I Am Having Difficulty Choosing Colours


Susan asks,

I am having difficulty choosing colours. The entire house is being re-done. Soffits, facia, eaves and siding. The 1 & 3 are my house. The #2 photo is the look I am trying to achieve. Also do you think this is a good look for my house? (Windows are staying). Trim is going to be 4″ wide around all windows and doors. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP with the colours?

Susan 1 Susan 2 Susan 3


I think the colour combination you have chosen would look good on your home. If you chose Gentek’s Amber or Harvest Wheat for the siding and then Mountain Arbour for the soffit, fascia, eaves and trim, you will achieve the desired look. This colour combination will work with your existing roof colour as well. Your white windows will work with this colour combination as well.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are R.A. Boucher & Sons, Herman’s Aluminum and Roofing Products‚ Ltd., and Marlad Roofing & Siding Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Matt – Planning on Residing My House with Gentek Vinyl Siding Sequoia


Matt asks,

I am planning on residing my house with Gentek vinyl siding Sequoia. In the attached photos of the front of the house the cedar trees and bricks will be removed. A patio will be put in their place. The bricks will also be removed on either side of the garage door. The roof shingles are new and will stay. The soffit and fascia are brown and will also stay.

Could your designer team suggest color scheme and anything else they might do?



Coordinating with the brown of the soffit and fascia and the brown roof shingles, I would suggest Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbor for the siding on the home. Using one of these colours would allow you to keep the garage door colour as it is and the existing windows would look good as well. You could go bold with the front door and paint it black. You would need to replace or repaint the trim around the door to black or white to make this work.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are McMillan Siding and Soffit inc., Yellowhead Home and Glass Ltd., and Provision Renovations Ltd. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Denise – Country Look with Modern Appeal


Denise asks,

I’m a single owner with big dreams and realistic budget. Please advise how you would keep country look but give more modern appeal? As not changing roof only thing I am confident about is that colour family should flow. Many thanks for taking your time.

Denise 2

Denise 3 Answer:

There are many colours you can go with to create the country look you desire. The roof looks like it is a brown/red tone from the picture. I would suggest that you go with something like Gentek’s Mountain Arbour and go with white windows and trim, eaves and soffit. This will give you a more modern country look you desire. You could also paint the porch/deck white as well to finish off the look.

Your closest Gentek Renovators are Expert Windows and Doors Ltd., Sure Seal Roofing and Siding, and T-Murr Exteriors Inc. Tell them your Gentek Designer referred you.

Siding colour suggestion


A. Kaur asks:

Hello, What color siding do you recommend for our home? We are looking to replace the (brown) wood siding with vinyl. Our neighbour next door is also replacing their red one.



The brick on your home is very neutral so you could go with any neutral brown tone but I get the impression that you might want to go with something different.  I might suggest something like Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbour to give a different look.

Your closest Gentek contractor is Edmunds RoofingForward Construction and M&M Window Co. Inc. Let them know that your Gentek Designer referred you.

Updating home exterior


David asks:

Hello, we are wanting to change and update the exterior of our home. We are changing all windows and doors as well as landscaping the entire front yard. We were thinking of maybe a portico or something as well as possibly enclosing the patio. Can you help us please? We are open to any ideas. Thank you.



A portico on the front of the home would definitely give you a focal point for the home. Right now there is nothing that draws your eye. I feel that enclosing the porch on the side of the home would just contribute to the rectangular look of the home and make it look even more boxy. Regency windows by Gentek offer a wide array of colours for your windows. If you are keeping the siding the same I might suggest that you replace your windows with the colour Mountain Arbour or Moonlit Moss and get coordinating shutters to add some more colour to the wall.