Exposed to a lot of sunlight all afternoon long


Sylvia asks


Hello, I have a Canadiana home which is exposed to a lot of sunlight all afternoon long. I recently got a new Garaga garage and Novatech main door but feel I made a huge mistake in my colour selection (Gentek Amber and Almond trims). My original intention was to leave the rest of the Sikkens Cetol 1 and 23 finished wood windows, trims and porch intact. I am open to all suggestions. The roof will retain forest green as it is still in good condition. Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you are looking for a different colour for your door, why not go with green tone to tie in the roof.  I might suggest Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Juniper Grove and leave the Almond as the trim.  I think this would bring everything together for the home.

Colour of sequoia vinyl siding


Katie asks:


We are trying to decide what color of sequoia vinyl siding we should use with the existing colonial brick and brown roof on our house. We were originally leaning towards a grey tone rather than a beige or brown tone, however in the last few days we are starting to think that a green or blue color may actually work better with the colonial brick and the brown roof. Can you help us?

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Taking into account the colours in your brick, I think Gentek’s Windswept Smoke would look good on your home. You mentioned that you want to stay away from the grey and brown tones, so my next choice would be Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbor which brings out the green tones in the brick.  I think this would look fabulous.  I like the green tones more than the blue for your home.


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Options for siding


Patricia asks:


Good afternoon! I just saw this wonderful offer on your website as I looked through the options for siding for our new home. I am hoping for design tips and suggestions from someone who know what they are doing (unlike me!). Our last home had Gentek siding in Pebble and we were very pleased with the product. Without hesitation, we started looking at your siding for our new-to-us home. We purchased this little house (c. 1975) two months ago and it – as well as the garage – desperately need a facelift. I\’ve been getting quotes on installation but haven\’t been able to decide on a colour that would go well with the existing light grey roofing shingles. I am not certain what brand they are, but it would be similar to the IKO Marathon Dual Grey. Along with the siding, we are getting the soffit, fascia, and eavestrough replaced. The windows are newer triple pane inserts and I was planning on having the cladding around each changed to white to match the new soffit and fascia. The house is approximately 26\’x44\’. The peaks would be about 15\’ from the ground. Our closest neighbours home is sided with something that looks like the colour Storm. Their house is only about 8\’ away from ours. If, by chance, you have any suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it!


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You have many options with the Grey roof and white soffit, fascia and eaves.  Pebble that you liked so much on your previous home would look great.  You could also go a bit different and go with a darker colour like Gentek’s Midnight Surf or Moonlit Moss which will look great with the white and grey as well, look different than your neighbours home.  I might also suggest you try a vertical siding like Gentek’s Board and Batten to give the home a different look.  The vertical siding would give the home a greater sense of height.


Match our pebble trim and garage doors




We are currently in the process of picking a new siding color to match our pebble trim and garage doors. Would deep moss look good and if so what color should we go on the windows and front door? Thanks


Amanda 1 Amanda 2Answer:

Moonlit Moss looks great with Pebble accents. I would definitely chose it for the siding. As for the windows, why not try Wicker and Dark brown like Gentek’s Espresso for the door.




Stone, Siding and Gable


Jerry asks:

Looking at stone, siding & gable accents!


Jerry 1Answer:

Jerry, I assume you are looking for colour guidance for the renovation on your home and that the roof and windows will not be changing.  With this in mind, you have many options you could go with. In terms of a stone product, you could try Versetta Stone’s Ledgestone profile in Terra Rosa colour with a vertical Board and Batten vinyl siding in Moonlit Moss with Pebble shakes in the gables to give the accent you are looking for.  I would suggest that you also paint your garage door Moonlit Moss or Pebble to help it blend into the home. You do not want it to be a focal point of the home.  These colours will blend well with the cream colour of your windows and the brown roof.

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Heritage home


James asks

I have a heritage home whose present cladding is cedar shingles. These need to be replaced due to aging and weather deterioration. I am now 66 years old and would like to remain in the home for retirement. However, if I re-clad with shingles, in 10 years I may not be able to paint the structure myself, and painting help is not easily available. I am thinking about going with vinyl siding, particularly board and batten.


James 1 James 2Answer:

Going with vinyl Board and Batten siding would be the best option in your situation.  Vinyl siding is low maintenance and would let you enjoy your retirement years without worry.  I will assume you are keeping the roof colour as is, so my suggest Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbour for your home to keep a similar look for your home.  If you were open to a different colour, I might also suggest Coastal Blue which is a brighter colour and would look good with your reddish roof.


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Final decisions



Frank asks:

We are struggling to make the final decisions on siding colour and trim. We need a little help if possible. We are partial to green and darker sidiing colours. Moonlit Moss and Windswept Smoke, We are looking at aluminum trim from our contractor who will be supplying your products to us. Trim colours we are looking at with the Moss are Canyon Clay or Sandalwood, or Pebble, and so forth although I like brownstone as an option. We are also using trim around windows which are now white with white brickmold.

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I like Moonlit Moss for the siding and my suggest for trim would be Almond.  It is a great combination!  Please see this pic from our Pinterest site.

I like the Almond colour with your brick.


Moonlit Moss with Almond Trim- Vertical Siding in Gable #siding

Moonlit Moss with Almond Trim- Vertical Siding in Gable #siding

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Siding, trim, and shutters


Vince asks

I would like to update my siding at the front of the house plus add siding around the front entrance area. I am putting a cypress colour ledgestone natural veneer on the brick surrounding the garage door and bay window. Any input for siding, trim, and shutters colours would be very much appreciated.

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I might suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift for your siding and then use either Mountain Arbor or Moonlit Moss (whichever is closest to your Cypress colour) for the soffit, facsia, trim and shutter. This would bring together the ledgestone, brick and roof colours of your home.


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Danny – I Would Like to Add More Detail, Colour, and Texture


Danny asks,

See attached picture. In the picture the detached garage on the left has been photo-shopped in place. This detached garage is still under construction. When completed I will want detached garage, attached garage and house to complement or match each-other. Once detached garage is built I will be finishing it with siding and also changing the siding on my house to match. At the same time I am also prepared to change shingle color. I would like to add more detail, color, textures, or add another element such as specialty siding or trims to break up all the boring single color siding on my house. I will be keeping the white roof eve trim. Any suggestions? So far, I like dark colors old world blue and chestnut brown but I am open to anything? I also like the dark purple color I’ve seen around. My neighbors house is a dark grey so I cannot use that as a primary color. Please help with some suggestions that will update and give my house some street appeal.


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There are many options you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home. My first instinct is to tell you to install stone on the bottom portion of the home. I would go up as high as the railing on the front porch. Once you chose the stone you like, you can then chose from there a colour for the siding. Most stone has many different tones in them so you will have many options. I would chose something like Versetta Stone’s Sterling colour as the stone and then either Windswept Smoke or Moonlit Moss as the vinyl siding colour. This would give you the added texture of designer element you are looking for. As well, you would be able to keep your roof colour and white for the eaves.

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Matt – Planning on Residing My House with Gentek Vinyl Siding Sequoia


Matt asks,

I am planning on residing my house with Gentek vinyl siding Sequoia. In the attached photos of the front of the house the cedar trees and bricks will be removed. A patio will be put in their place. The bricks will also be removed on either side of the garage door. The roof shingles are new and will stay. The soffit and fascia are brown and will also stay.

Could your designer team suggest color scheme and anything else they might do?



Coordinating with the brown of the soffit and fascia and the brown roof shingles, I would suggest Moonlit Moss or Mountain Arbor for the siding on the home. Using one of these colours would allow you to keep the garage door colour as it is and the existing windows would look good as well. You could go bold with the front door and paint it black. You would need to replace or repaint the trim around the door to black or white to make this work.

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