Recommendations for window trim colour


Margaret asks:

We are looking for recommendations on the window trim colour. We recently replaced the front door with this bright red colour. Here are some of the swatch samples against the brick.



By your picture, I would narrow it down to either Almond or Monterey Sand. They are very similar colours and either would blend well with the brick. I think my final choice would be Almond, it has a bit more yellow in it and would blend well with the dominant yellow in the brick.

Choosing Colours and Materials for an Extension


Johanne asks:

Here is a current picture of the front of our house. We would greatly appreciate your expert advice on a choice of siding materials and colours that would make a good match with the current stone colour. What can you suggest for the shingles and the front of the house?

We are thinking of a material similar to Canexel, both in appearance and in cost. Do you think that using 2 different materials would be a good idea (a main material and a strip at the bottom as an enhancement)? Could vertical siding create an impression of length? Although Gentek offers stone style siding, is there another option available? The windows will be white. What would be the most appropriate colour for the front door, the soffit, the eavestroughs and other exterior finishing components?


Here is a door that we like very much. Can it fit with nice colours of materials for the outside that match with the existing stone? Or should we choose a white door? a burgundy colour for the door? Thanks a lot for helping us find the right materials and colours for the roof, walls, etc. of our house to complete our extension project.


If possible, I would also be most grateful to know which is the closest place to Quebec City where we can buy the material.


For your extension, I would not suggest that you go with a different type of stone or brick unless you were going to match the exact stone on the original home.This would make it too busy. I would suggest a vertical siding in a neutral tone like Gentek’s Pebble and Sandalwood or even Monterey Sand.This would help the extension blend with the original home. Using vertical siding would be a nice accent to add more dimension and the look of height to the home.

With respect to the door, there are two ways you can go. Some people like their door to be the focal point of their home so they go with a bold colour. With your home, you could definitely go with a burgundy door with the colours I mentioned above to get that bold effect. Other people want their door to blend in more. If this is the case for you, the door itself is nice, but I would chose something closer to the siding colour you chose.

As I mentioned above, I would not go with a siding that is too busy because of the stone. A simple textured CanExel siding or a Vertical Vinyl Siding would be the way to go with your extension.

As for a retailer, any BMR location in Quebec carries Gentek products.

Replacing Siding on Dormers


Shelley and Gary ask:

We are planning to replace the dormers siding with Novishake Cedar Shake or Perfect Shake Panel or Staggered Edge Shake. We want to know which one you would recommend for these three dormers. We also want to know what colour you would suggest for the dormers and the siding of the house. We were going to replace the siding of the house later in the year. We considering 8’ Cedar Shake to replace the siding rest of the house. We would like the colours to blend or enhance the stone. Should the dormers be a slightly darker colour then the rest of the house? Thank you in advance for your advice. Shelley and Gary.

Shelley and Gary


I would suggest that you replace it with the Perfect Shake Panel. The other two may be a bit busy with the stone. If you would like them to blend better, I would suggest you go with Almond or Montery Sand. These colours would blend well with the lighter/yellower tones in the brick.

I would like to say, I do like the neutral tone that you have already in the dormers. I would suggest Pebble or Wicker in the Perfect Shake, if you would like to go with something that contrasts.

I hope this helps.